what breed of horse is this

you got to find out what breed of each horse is

Question 1

The closing line "It is said that Snake women copulate with horses, she says she doesn't, so I call her 'Doesn't Like Horses'," was in which film?

Question 2

In 'Gladiator', when Maximus is talking to Lucius (boy), what are the names of the two horses (his horses) on his chest plate?

Question 3

In Ben Hur, the horses Ben Hur used in the Chariot Race, what did Shiek Ilderim name his horses after?

Question 4

During filming of The Wizard of Oz (1939), several horses had their coats dyed green for scenes in the Emerald City. Director Victor Fleming complained several times about the Yellow Brick Road being turned green whenever the horses urinated as the dye had been absorbed into their bladders.

Question 5

Rob Zombie Director of The Devils Rejects also Made a New Heavy Metal Album, What is it called?

Question 6

The _______ kept Samara up at night?

Question 7

During Buffalo Bill's "tuck" dancing scene, what was the name of the song he was dancing to?

Question 8

What is Sandra Bullock allergic to [ she found out while working on a film ] ?

Question 9

What does Cole like to do in Deloverly ?

Question 10

In Crimson Tide, at the beginning Lt.Comm Hunter & Capt Ramsey were talking about what kind of animals, Capt Ramsey said they were 'fascinating animals'?

Question 11

In the movie-musical CAMP, what does newcomer Vlad sing at his audition?

Question 12

What happened when Frau Blucher's name was said in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein?

Question 13

in the tv show 'red dwarf' lister wants to move to fiji but what is he going to breed there?

Question 14

what animal does marcus feast on in the stables in underworld evolution ?

Question 15

What is one of the things Marnie loved in Marnie ?

Question 16

In what 1988 movie were Ringwald and her 'Pretty in Pink' love interest reunited?

Question 17

In the movie "Young Frankenstien", what happened every time Marty Feldman said "Frau Bruja!"

Question 18

What kind of horses were living on the ranch in the beginning in the movie Flicka?

Question 19

Which song is used in both "Silence of the Lambs" and "Clerks II"?

Question 20

In Smokey and the Bandit, what was painted on the side of the Snowman's trailer?

Question 21

In the movie "Fear" starring Mark Whalberg, what song is heard during the ferris wheel scene?

Question 22

What important item do the Warriors of Gondor lose just before storming the Black Gate in Lord of the Rings The Return of the King?

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