White Men Can't Jump

How Well Do You Know This Movie?

Question 1

What is the logo on Sidney Deanes cap at the beginning of the film?

Question 2

What is the name of Sidneys wife?

Question 3

When Sidney and Billy go hustling in Watts, Robert offers to play them for cash and his girlfriends 'Diamond' which Sidney describes as a piece of shit. how much does he say it's worth?

Question 4

Raymond tries to hold up the store and fails. he then ends up selling his gun to the proprietor. How much does he get for it?

Question 5

When Sidney and Billy hustle Raymond out of his cash, Raymonds playing partner compares to Billy to which Ice Hockey player

Question 6

After winning on jeopardy, how much money does Gloria give Billy off her winnings to buy clothes?

Question 7

What is Gloria's last name?

Question 8

Gloria goes to play jeopardy. She picks a category called 'Foods that start with the letter Q'. According to Billy how many foods that start with Q does she know?

Question 9

In order for Robert to let Billy onto the Lot to see Gloria, he makes a deal with him. If he sinks a basket he gets on, he misses Robert gets his car. What flag is on the backboard when he sinks the basket?

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