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Question 1

which 3 members of x-men die in 'x-men the last stand'

Question 2

Which actor plays the role of Pyro in both X-MEN United and X-MEN The Last Stand movies?

Question 3

which x-men star swore not to join the cast again for a 3rd sequal after 'the x men united' but eventually came back on 'the last stand'

Question 4

In X-Men 3, in the Danger Room at the beginning,what was the name of the large robot,the x-men were fighting against?

Question 5

In 'X-Men 3:The Last Stand', when the X-Men heard about the cure, who was the X-Man that wanted to go with the cure?

Question 6

In X-Men 3, The X-Men split from Magneto because of a new-found "cure" for the mutant gene. It turns out that this cure has come from an actual mutant. What is the name of this character?

Question 7

Who were the two main antagonists for X-Men: The Last Stand (A.K.A X-Men 3)

Question 8

Who plays wolverine in the x-men and x-men 2?

Question 9

In X-Men 2, Early in the film, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) arrives at the supposedly abandoned research facility that Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) told him about at the end of the first 'X-Men' film. Finish the first two words of its name, as seen on the plaque that Wolverine discovers: "Alkalai __________." what word?

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