Young Guns 1 and 2

Its all about cowboys and stuff!

Question 1

How many Regulators were left by the end of Young Guns and Young Guns 2?

Question 2

How many of the Original actors from Young Guns showed up in Young Guns II?

Question 3

Who among the following was not in the cast of "Young Guns"?

Question 4

Which film didn't feature Charlie Sheen??

Question 5

Who Did Christian Slater Play in YOUNG GUNS II.

Question 6

What was the name of Billy "The Kidd"'s gang in "Young Guns"?

Question 7

the tagline is "Six reasons why the west was wild". name the movie

Question 8

who killed billy the kid in young guns 2?

Question 9

In Young Guns, the papers report, incorrectly, that Billy is

Question 10

Where was the town of Lincoln filmed in the movie Young Guns?

Question 11

What movie is this quote from? ' I never stole a horse from someone I didnt like. Did I like him? Hell no; I loved the son of a bitch. You asked me if I have scars? Yessir, I have my scars.

Question 12

In Young Guns, Billy the Kid's reason for the carnage he caused is

Question 13

Who plays Pat Garrett in Young Guns II?

Question 14

Who was the Mexican/Navajo in Young Guns reffered to as?

Question 15

Which 'Lost' star was in young guns?

Question 16

What was Emilio Estevez's Character's real name in "Young Guns"?

Question 17

Who directed the movie Young Guns?

Question 18

In the movie Young Guns, who is the first "Regulator" to die?

Question 19

Tom Cruise had a part in the 1988 movie Young Guns?

Question 20

Which actor did not appear in the sequel of the movie young guns?

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