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Jon Imber's Left Hand ()

" Aside from an homage to the art, the spirit of the film is the spirit of Jon and, in his wife's words, 'that purity [that] came out of him, so much love.' "

Posted Mar 31, 2015

Donald J. Levit

2 19%

Serena (2015)

" 'Serena' may be an overwrought and sometimes jumbled melodrama, but it's also a visual treat. "

Posted Mar 28, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

3 100%

Of Horses and Men (2015)

" In the life force and in death, the two species coexist, complement and mirror one another. "

Posted Mar 27, 2015

Donald J. Levit

4 91%

The Salt of the Earth (2015)

" Years are of necessity telescoped into a hundred nine cinema minutes, through selected representative images. "

Posted Mar 27, 2015

Donald J. Levit

5 91%

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

" 'Ever After' presents a plucky Cinderella for today's women and beyond. "

Posted Mar 20, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

6 77%

Fury (2014)

" Unexceptional in repeating what has already been done often and often better, 'Fury' is salvaged by some of the visually most intense narrative combat footage ever. "

Posted Mar 18, 2015

Donald J. Levit

7 100%

Paris, Texas (1984)

" The acting, Robby Müller cinematography, music and tone carry the day ... "

Posted Mar 18, 2015

Donald J. Levit

8 No Score Yet

Split Second (1992)

" The film's flaming torch of a film score has the power to keep you wide awake at night. And the camerawork features some misty blue highlights, which come across as darkly beautiful. "

Posted Mar 15, 2015

Richard Jack Smith

9 88%

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2015)

" The script posits sadness but can be uplifting and gives rise to various interpretations, ending in dream or warm fuzzy fulfillment of a vision. "

Posted Mar 15, 2015

Donald J. Levit

10 85%

Cinderella (2015)

" Production values are outstanding, the actors give very watchable performances, and the glorious royal ball sequence simply takes your breath away. "

Posted Mar 14, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

11 100%

Seymour: An Introduction (2015)

" This cinema study is a gentle tribute from one friend to the other. "

Posted Mar 12, 2015

Donald J. Levit

12 21%

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

" Composer Brian Tyler makes room for subtle character shadings in between the displays of orchestral magnificence. "

Posted Mar 11, 2015

Richard Jack Smith

13 63%

Maps to the Stars (2015)

" If the mission given to cast members involved depicting the worst of human nature, then mission accomplished, for sure. "

Posted Mar 8, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

14 28%

Wild Card (2015)

" Action scenes tend to ignite without preamble, a technique that's difficult to reconcile. "

Posted Mar 8, 2015

Richard Jack Smith

15 98%

Boyhood (2014)

" Sorry I'm a party pooper for a film most think is super. "

Posted Mar 5, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

16 92%

Grey Gardens (1975)

" Old-money outcasts, or dropouts by lifestyle choice, the Beale ladies are not condescended to, smirked at or exhibited. "

Posted Mar 5, 2015

Donald J. Levit

17 95%

Stage Door (1937)

" The entire cast is stellar, including little knowns Lucille Ball -- "my big break"-- Eve Arden, "real discovery" Andrea Leeds, Jack Carson, and a 14-year-old Ann Miller who lied about her age. "

Posted Feb 27, 2015

Donald J. Levit

18 90%

The Hunting Ground (2015)

" 'The Hunting Ground' captures a movement whose time may have come and is long overdue. "

Posted Feb 26, 2015

Donald J. Levit

19 No Score Yet

Three Holes, Two Brads, and a Smoking Gun ()

" Actor James Wilder excels as a washed up screenwriter in this fascinating psychological thriller. He takes charge of the screen and never lets go. "

Posted Feb 22, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

20 29%

Out Of The Dark (2015)

" Filmed in Colombia, 'Out of the Dark' boasts splendid location shots by cinematographer Isaac Vila, and the color palette he chose adds to the atmospheric nature of this unusual ghost story. "

Posted Feb 20, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

21 89%

The Abyss (1989)

" 'The Abyss' seems dogged by an array of pacing issues. Although the Special Edition clarifies certain narrative elements, the film meanders through its genre clichés. "

Posted Feb 7, 2015

Richard Jack Smith

22 95%

Whiplash (2014)

" This is a movie you cannot forget. No wonder the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated the film for Oscars in five categories. "

Posted Feb 6, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

23 60%

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

" Although 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' overstays its welcome, the story and characters remain indelible. "

Posted Jan 30, 2015

Richard Jack Smith

24 73%

American Sniper (2015)

" I believe 'American Sniper' could be the most important, contemporary war picture of the last five years. "

Posted Jan 26, 2015

Richard Jack Smith

25 19%

Strange Magic (2015)

" I couldn't help falling in love with 'Strange Magic.' It's one of the most delightful animated musicals I've ever seen. Great songs , a fun story and fascinating animation. Yay! "

Posted Jan 26, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

26 96%

Red Army (2015)

" Game clips are exciting and illustrate East-West differences of style and ways of thinking, but the real though subsurface subject is the breakup of the USSR and the forging of present-day Russia. "

Posted Jan 23, 2015

Donald J. Levit

27 73%

American Sniper (2015)

" Simplistic and repetitive, but Bradley Cooper delivers another very watchable Oscar-nominated performance. "

Posted Jan 19, 2015

Betty Jo Tucker

28 70%

What If (2014)

" Elan Mastai's screenplay comes across as consistenty funny. His characters are quirky and their situation seems easy to relate to. "

Posted Jan 6, 2015

Geoff Roberts

29 71%

Big Eyes (2014)

" Unfortunately, the miscasting of a key role in 'Big Eyes' makes many scenes appear unreal. "

Posted Dec 28, 2014

Betty Jo Tucker

30 No Score Yet

The Glass Ceiling (Le Plafond de verre) (2006)

" 'GC' undercuts itself during its own last half, a series of enthusiastic on-the-job-site gushings from those men and women who have made it and are pleased. "

Posted Dec 21, 2014

Donald J. Levit

31 91%

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

" Top-notch performances, exceptional cinematography, and masterful direction combine to make this film something special indeed. "

Posted Dec 17, 2014

Betty Jo Tucker

32 98%

Song Of The Sea (2014)

" In depths of wells and the North Atlantic, chapels and caves, woods and even urban places, the land is permeated with magic, little people, transformations, Celtic twilight. "

Posted Dec 12, 2014

Donald J. Levit

33 50%

Tip Top (2014)

" Director Serge Bozon is not sure whether he intends a linear or non-linear sex rib-tickler or noir thriller, a female buddy cop caper or a social comment. Or all of them. "

Posted Dec 10, 2014

Donald J. Levit

34 96%

Ida (2014)

" A sober tale of individual identity through family and religious faith and the working out of personal guilt. "

Posted Dec 5, 2014

Donald J. Levit

35 90%

Wild (2014)

" Although inspirational and thought-provoking, 'Wild' is gruellng to watch. But powerful performances by Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern won me over completely. "

Posted Dec 3, 2014

Betty Jo Tucker

36 96%

She's Beautiful When She's Angry (2014)

" The anger and the beauty are stirring in this picture about the origins and the growth of modern, 'second wave' feminism. "

Posted Dec 1, 2014

Donald J. Levit

37 97%

Two Days, One Night (2014)

" Marion Cotillard tackles the role of Sandra in a forthright and compelling manner. She shares her emotional struggle with us. "

Posted Nov 28, 2014

Richard Jack Smith

38 No Score Yet

Jûjiro (Crossways) (1928)

" This wonderful silent movie reflects the angled, bottom-lit, skewed, dream-nightmare rain-soaked streets and interior sets of 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.' "

Posted Nov 27, 2014

Donald J. Levit

39 84%

Antarctica: A Year on Ice (2014)

" A stunning look at the beauty and challenges of Earth's most mysterious continent. "

Posted Nov 26, 2014

Betty Jo Tucker

40 84%

Antarctica: A Year on Ice (2014)

" 'Antarctica: A Year on Ice' is only for the very fortunate very few to experience in the flesh, but here on the screen for the lucky many, in warmth and comfort. "

Posted Nov 21, 2014

Donald J. Levit

41 54%

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)

" The physicality of the violence in 'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance' spirals beyond control. "

Posted Nov 19, 2014

Donald J. Levit

42 No Score Yet

Hermitage Revealed ()

" Viewer-friendly titles identify works on-screen, and the Edmund Jolliffe score is appropriate to mood and not just de rigueur window dressing. "

Posted Nov 16, 2014

Donald J. Levit

43 24%

Jessabelle (2014)

" Ghosts, nightmares and Voodoo -- that's horrortainment to me, and 'Jessabelle' passes the test. "

Posted Nov 16, 2014

Betty Jo Tucker

44 72%

Interstellar (2014)

" Christopher Nolan allows his imagination to run riot, yet many times the actors explain what's happening like a terrible tour guide. . . and the images rarely speak for themselves. "

Posted Nov 16, 2014

Richard Jack Smith

45 78%

Üç Maymun (Three Monkeys) (2008)

" Talky without many words, a slow revelation of situation, character depth and relationships within a reduced framework, that taken together will remind the thoughtful of the Ingmar Bergman approach. "

Posted Nov 13, 2014

Donald J. Levit

46 81%

The Homesman (2014)

" The people in 'The Homesman' grow in stature and, in spite of their clichéd-ness, into viewers' friends. "

Posted Nov 13, 2014

Donald J. Levit

47 72%

Interstellar (2014)

" There is no sound in space, but 'Interstellar' blasts its music, hammers in three voiceovers its centennial birthday boy Dylan Thomas message, and overstays its welcome. "

Posted Nov 10, 2014

Donald J. Levit

48 41%

Horns (2014)

" Although starting with a titillating concept and intriguing opening scenes, the story then goes downhill, and those silly looking horns don't help. "

Posted Nov 1, 2014

Betty Jo Tucker

49 77%

St. Vincent (2014)

" Bill Murray delivers an award-worthy performance in this thoroughly entertaining film. "

Posted Oct 25, 2014

Geoff Roberts