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Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 98%

Jodorowsky's Dune (2014)

"The year's must-see doco for movie buffs."

Posted Sep 15, 2014

Tom Clift

2 97%

We Are the Best! (2014)

"Captures the dynamics of adolescent friendship to perfection. Funny and full of bluster, it's an exuberant tribute to punk rock spirit, and to the experience of being thirteen."

Posted Sep 15, 2014

Tom Clift

3 100%

Lasseter's Bones ()

"While you could argue that the film is slightly too long, and that Walker reads too much into things that feel inconsequential, it remains a fascinating look into an unrecognised slice of Australian history."

Posted Sep 11, 2014

Andrew McMurtry

4 95%

What We Do In The Shadows ()

"The biggest criticism of What We Do In The Shadows is that it's so unrelentingly funny that you'll miss half the jokes through laughing"

Posted Aug 31, 2014

Tom Clift

5 99%

Boyhood (2014)

"An indie film epic the likes of which have never been seen before. And yet, as with Before Midnight, it's the project's emotional authenticity that ensures that it really hits home."

Posted Aug 31, 2014

Tom Clift

6 49%

Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

"(Like) the magician who keeps banging his big silver hoops together hoping that a wondrous illusion will somehow reveal itself, there is a lot about Magic In The Moonlight that is not very magical at all."

Posted Aug 26, 2014

Simon Foster

7 85%

Predestination (2015)

"Predestination thrills and enthralls as its developments confront and confuse the viewer, but hindsight does this flawed, fascinating film no favours."

Posted Aug 26, 2014

Simon Foster

8 89%

Locke (2014)

"A masterful performance from Tom Hardy ensures this one-man show is enthralling from beginning to end."

Posted Aug 24, 2014

Tom Clift

9 96%

Ratatouille (2007)

"The breathtaking reveal of Paris, the legendary city of lights, is only one of the many delights of this exquisitely designed movie."

Posted Aug 24, 2014

Pauline Adamek

10 67%

Deepsea Challenge 3D (2014)

"Sea exploration is his passion, and Cameron's technical proficiency and deep sense of curiosity and adventure are profoundly impressive."

Posted Aug 21, 2014

Jarrod Walker

11 96%

20,000 Days on Earth (2014)

"The man, the myth, and the music could only have been captured in this way, in a revealing, thrilling doco-dramatisation hybrid that's part portrait, part peering into the artistic abyss."

Posted Aug 21, 2014

Sarah Ward

12 71%

The Inbetweeners Movie 2 ()

"If it is indeed the last we see of this outrageous friendship, the relentless gross-out jokes made and the nudity shown in this film will no doubt be imprinted in our brains for years to come."

Posted Aug 21, 2014

Ella Esposito Doolan

13 ——

In Search Of Chopin ()

"With its orchestral theme music, rich sense of detail, and emotive themes, In Search Of Chopin may just inspire a tear or two in the audience."

Posted Aug 21, 2014

Toli Papadopoulos

14 50%

The Reckoning (2014)

"Stylishly and crisply shot by Jason Thomas -- who reimagines Perth as a bleak, nighttime world of blurry lights and rolling freeways -- The Reckoning unfolds slowly but with great control."

Posted Aug 15, 2014

Erin Free

15 18%

And So It Goes (2014)

"When not saddled by the awkward narrative, Keaton and Douglas reveal a pleasing chemistry, though neither are doing anything new: Douglas growls while Keaton smiles, cries and sings."

Posted Aug 14, 2014

Colin Fraser

16 72%

Palo Alto (2014)

"Coppola clearly has the filmmaking gene. Further, by collaborating with James Franco (on whose stories the film is loosely based), she injects much-needed adult counterpoint. The casting is mostly good."

Posted Aug 14, 2014

Julian Wood

17 33%

The Expendables 3 (2014)

"For fans of the series, and of the action genre in general, the big, bustling, wildly entertaining The Expendables 3 hits all the right notes...and it hits them very hard. "

Posted Aug 12, 2014

Erin Free

18 82%

Begin Again (2014)

"Carney's script suffers from more than a few contrivances, but the charm of the performances - both spoken and sung - shines through"

Posted Aug 3, 2014

Tom Clift

19 94%

These Final Hours ()

"Zak Hilditch makes a scorching debut feature with this emotionally explosive apocalyptic drama."

Posted Jul 30, 2014

Tom Clift

20 91%

A Most Wanted Man (2014)

"Philip Seymour Hoffman brings the gravitas needed to add nuance to some conventional machinations. "

Posted Jul 30, 2014

Simon Foster

21 60%

Hercules (2014)

"It's certainly not the most memorable of films, but as a humorous blockbuster action Hercules is worth its weight in gold."

Posted Jul 24, 2014

Toli Papadopoulos

22 18%

Sex Tape (2014)

"Rather than exploiting its raunchy premise to offer up something honest, this evolves into a pretty textbook comedy. "

Posted Jul 16, 2014

Cara Nash

23 92%

Frank (2014)

""The question of why Frank's wearing a giant mask becomes deftly overshadowed by a host of potentially richer questions that turn the mirror on the audience.""

Posted Jul 9, 2014

Cara Nash

24 90%

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)

"Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is a textbook example of how to get a blockbuster right: you can have all the mind-blowing action set pieces that you want, but they must be populated with characters that you actually care about."

Posted Jul 9, 2014

Erin Free

25 89%

Calvary (2014)

"McDonagh has found a wonderfully satisfying balance between his skills as a writer of intimate, intelligent narratives, and the greater themes that confront the demons of his homeland."

Posted Jun 30, 2014

Simon Foster

26 18%

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

"Transformers: Age of Extinction has appalling dialogue, deplorable representations of women, un-self-aware action sequences, very little humour and racial stereotyping. In other words, it's a Michael Bay movie."

Posted Jun 23, 2014

Dov Kornits

27 92%

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

"It might ramp up the action and the emotional ties in the story but does very little with the original's main attribute: originality."

Posted Jun 22, 2014

Dov Kornits

28 91%

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

"Bold and ambitious, X-Men: Days Of Future Past is an admirably controlled thrill-ride tempered with perfectly shaded moments of arcing darkness."

Posted May 20, 2014

Erin Free

29 73%

Godzilla (2014)

"Godzilla is just another big budget slab of sound-and-fury where things like characterisation, logic, and good storytelling get quickly and effectively trampled."

Posted May 14, 2014

Erin Free

30 53%

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

"A satisfying follow-up to a film that cannily balanced its thrills-and-spills with teen angst, down-to-earth dramatic beats, and relatable family relationships."

Posted Apr 22, 2014

Erin Free

31 87%

Like Father, Like Son (2014)

"It's a set-up that's the stuff of sensationalist headlines, but under Kore-eda's measured watch, it becomes a tender, thoughtful and moving look at the complex bonds that underpin families"

Posted Apr 16, 2014

Cara Nash

32 94%

The History Of Future Folk (2013)

"It's out-of-this-world funny."

Posted Apr 14, 2014

Annette Basile

33 41%

Divergent (2014)

"If one can push past the fact that its world feels a little too familiar, this is a deftly executed slice of teen sci-fi. "

Posted Apr 7, 2014

Cara Nash

34 92%

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

"Often lazily and unfairly accused of crafting works that trump style over substance, Anderson's painstaking attention to detail here beautifully serves the story."

Posted Apr 7, 2014

Cara Nash

35 89%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

"Perfect paced, ingeniously scripted, and constantly compelling, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is, first and foremost, a top-tier thriller...which just happens to have a superhero in the middle of the action."

Posted Mar 30, 2014

Erin Free

36 80%

Generation Iron (2013)

"...just about enough memorable quotes, eloquence, personality, and pathos to divert even those of us with no interest in sport."

Posted Mar 30, 2014

Mark Demetrius

37 95%

The LEGO Movie (2014)

"At its core, The Lego Movie is an ode to imagination, creativity and busting outside the status quo, so it's wholly fitting that the film itself - from its storytelling through to its superb animation - embodies these qualities beautifully."

Posted Mar 30, 2014

Cara Nash

38 77%

Noah (2014)

"It's an often strange mix, but one that has an ultimately hypnotic quality, as Aronofsky digs not only into the richly freaky psychology of the tale, but also into its crammed hull of visual possibilities. "

Posted Mar 26, 2014

Erin Free

39 22%

Need For Speed (2014)

"Does high octane Grand Theft Auto-style racing carnage and leeringly pornographic shots of exotic sports cars screaming along at top speed really make up for a poorly written script? Why, yes...yes it does"

Posted Mar 11, 2014

Jarrod Walker

40 83%

Tracks (2014)

"The adaptation transposes the rhythms of her trek as a languid but never lingering odyssey, as anchored by Mia Wasikowska's relentless performance"

Posted Mar 4, 2014

Sarah Ward

41 42%

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

"300: Rise of an Empire is occasionally unintentionally funny. That said, it's also utterly mesmerising, visually gorgeous and totally compelling. "

Posted Mar 4, 2014

Anthony O'Connor

42 99%

Gloria (2014)

"If the film itself doesn't win viewers over with its refreshingly rounded story, Garcia's offering of a vulnerable and tenacious heroine will; make no mistake, audiences will be singing Gloria's name."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Sarah Ward

43 89%

The Wind Rises (2014)

"While critics and historians can debate the narrative's moral ambiguity, or lack thereof, the film's magic derives from an old director's memories of younger, more hopeful days."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

James Fletcher

44 53%

Out of the Furnace (2013)

"Out Of The Furnace is an all too rarely seen type of film: a big-feeling drama that proves that ambition doesn't have to be solely connected to the size of a film's budget and the number of special effects shots that it has."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Erin Free

45 60%

Non-Stop (2014)

"The film descends into the realm of implausibility, with a marked change in tempo and dialogue that demolishes any tension that the film worked so hard to create."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Thomas Derwin

46 93%

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

"This incredible film charts one man's determination to stay alive against astounding odds and, most tantalisingly, supporting the very people that he despised."

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Colin Fraser

47 91%

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

"The film would have benefited from more editing, but it is nevertheless a compelling, troubling and touching study of adolescence and same-sex relationships."

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Lex Hall

48 13%

Winter's Tale (2014)

"With an unbelievable romance, huge leaps in logic and a messy narrative structure, there's little to recommend about this film."

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Calum Wilson Austin

49 15%

Endless Love (2014)

"For all its flaws, Endless Love's saving grace is that it is not in fact endless and that you will get to leave the cinema sooner or later."

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Tina Giannoulis

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