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1 57%

La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person) (2008)

"Mr. Honoré rejuvenates the age-old love triangle story on the surface, but underneath, it's still the same heavy-handed morality at play."

Posted Sep 4, 2009

Beverly Berning

2 75%

Julie & Julia (2009)

"Meryl Streep's performance brings Julia Child to vivid life ... As Nora Ephron herself has said: "She plays all of us better than we play ourselves.""

Posted Sep 1, 2009

Beverly Berning

3 89%

Séraphine (2009)

"We are ... made privy to the very reverie, that state of almost beatific hypnosis, where artists find sanctuary and are compelled to create."

Posted Jul 19, 2009

Beverly Berning

4 75%

Julia (2009)

"I recommend going to see it, but don't blame me when you feel like you've downed a fifth of vodka afterwards."

Posted Jul 11, 2009

Beverly Berning

5 49%

Whatever Works (2009)

"Whatever Works is reminiscent of Allen's much-loved films about relationships in Manhattan in which comedy vies with angst, with a soupçon of Jewish humor."

Posted Jun 27, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

6 49%

Whatever Works (2009)

"I am a huge Woody Allen fan, but I had a hard time with Whatever Works."

Posted Jun 27, 2009

Beverly Berning

7 44%

The Proposal (2009)

"Sandra Bullock is the paragon of a romantic comedy heroine ... So why does she find herself the star power behind so many romcom stinkers?"

Posted Jun 20, 2009

Beverly Berning

8 98%

Avaze gonjeshk-ha (The Song of Sparrows) (2009)

"Achingly poetic in a way that recalls the Italian neo-realism of The Bicycle Thief."

Posted Jun 12, 2009

Les Wright

9 96%

Herb & Dorothy (2008)

"As the film progresses, we become captivated by the enchanted existence [Herb and Dorothy Vogel] have made for themselves."

Posted Jun 12, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

10 67%

Away We Go (2009)

"With Away We Go, Mendes has fallen through the rabbit hole and discovered connubial bliss."

Posted Jun 6, 2009

Beverly Berning

11 93%

L'Heure d'été (Summer Hours) (2009)

"Assayas has made a masterpiece with the restrained strokes of a contemplative and intelligent artist."

Posted May 29, 2009

Beverly Berning

12 52%

Easy Virtue (2009)

"I enjoyed Easy Virtue with its witty dialogue, great character acting and the mother-in-law from hell."

Posted May 28, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

13 61%

Adoration (2008)

"Adoration's ending may feel a little too artificial, a little too idealistic, but there is still something lovely about where these people end up."

Posted May 23, 2009

Beverly Berning

14 89%

O' Horten (2007)

"I like a wry, deadpan social comedy as much as the next person, but I need a little more than O'Horten's minimalist palette to get me going."

Posted May 23, 2009

Beverly Berning

15 37%

Angels & Demons (2009)

"Langdon ... comes off as a stuffy, self-important egghead with no sense of humor. He's no Indiana Jones."

Posted May 23, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

16 91%

Every Little Step (2009)

" ... wonderfully entertaining and emotionally genuine ... Every Little Step actually improves on the original."

Posted May 8, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

17 48%

Battle For Terra (2009)

"Battle for Terra is a CG-animated sci-fi film with amazing 3-D effects, but the clichéd plot is only 1-D."

Posted May 1, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

18 77%

Valentino: The Last Emperor (2009)

"In this time of economic distress, watching the twilight of Valentino's enormous success, and the extravagant lifestyle it funded, doesn't feel like it's worth a lot of tears."

Posted Apr 11, 2009

Beverly Berning

19 90%

Hunger (2009)

"Hunger is an intense movie-going experience, one that will leave you both drained and uplifted."

Posted Apr 6, 2009

Beverly Berning

20 89%

Adventureland (2009)

"The plot mechanics are a drag because Adventureland is at its best when it's in laid-back, hanging out mode."

Posted Apr 2, 2009

Scott Von Doviak

21 81%

Prima Ballerina (2009)

" ... in its simplistic, by-the-book delivery, Ballerina does give an inkling of the blood and sweat hidden underneath the ethereal beauty of classical dance."

Posted Mar 27, 2009

Beverly Berning

22 89%

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 (2008)

"Made on a shoestring budget, but with vision, heart and talent, Rafferty has created an action-packed, yet thoughtful film."

Posted Mar 26, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

23 72%

Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

"With spot-on performances and a creative screenplay by Megan Holley, Sunshine Cleaning is funny, sweet and full of insight. It's a small film with a big heart."

Posted Mar 22, 2009

Emily S. Mendel

24 81%

Delirious (2007)

"Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt are easily the best odd couple the movies have seen since Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon."

Posted Mar 15, 2009

Beverly Berning

25 73%

Tokyo! (2008)

"Tokyo!, in lineage with (the yes, middling) New York Stories, however actually manages the exceedingly rare accomplishment of getting all three of its episodes right."

Posted Mar 11, 2009

George Wu

26 65%

Watchmen (2009)

" ... a total immersion experience."

Posted Mar 10, 2009

Les Wright

27 59%

Phoebe in Wonderland (2009)

"Elle Fanning, the ten-year-old sister of Dakota, can act like nobody's business, and it is her remarkable ability that carries an otherwise artistic mess of a movie."

Posted Mar 9, 2009

Beverly Berning

28 93%

Aanrijding in Moscou (Moscow, Belgium) (2008)

"Barbara Sarafian's performance in this incongruously scintillating little film is a joy."

Posted Mar 4, 2009

Les Wright

29 65%

Watchmen (2009)

"The approach is depressingly literal, and none of the scenes build on what has come before -- they're just meticulously reconstructed Scenes From Watchmen."

Posted Mar 4, 2009

Scott Von Doviak

30 93%

Of Time and the City (2009)

" ... a filmic ode to Liverpool that is both elegiac and cantankerous in the way of all old men looking back."

Posted Feb 24, 2009

Beverly Berning

31 96%

The Class (2008)

"At the heart of The Class is an exciting rapport between a teacher and his students, one in which language and ideas are constantly being tossed about and questioned."

Posted Feb 11, 2009

Beverly Berning

32 85%

Wendy and Lucy (2008)

"For all its arthouse starkness, it packs a wallop. Michelle Williams' performance is incandescent."

Posted Jan 30, 2009

Beverly Berning

33 66%

Che: Part One (The Argentine) (2009)

" ... a revelation, an enlightening analysis of a man whose devotion to a political movement defined his life."

Posted Jan 22, 2009

Beverly Berning

34 72%

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

" ... a melancholic reminder of the transience of life, and the mutability of this mortal flesh."

Posted Dec 30, 2008

Beverly Berning

35 67%

Cadillac Records (2008)

"Cadillac Records has impressive performances by multi-talented actors, heart, soul, and of course, music that just won't stop."

Posted Dec 10, 2008

Emily S. Mendel

36 64%

Quantum of Solace (2008)

" ... a darker continuation of the Casino Royal story line ... a good fast-paced action film, but not a great Bond film."

Posted Nov 18, 2008

Emily S. Mendel

37 68%

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

"If you want a film that is big and true and tough, go see Synecdoche. And then go see it again, because it's so rich with ideas that you can't possibly get them all the first time around."

Posted Nov 7, 2008

Beverly Berning

38 59%

W. (2008)

"Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men) gives a brilliant performance as George W. Bush, who was so far over his head that one almost felt sorry for him at times."

Posted Nov 7, 2008

Emily S. Mendel

39 88%

I've Loved You So Long (2008)

"... a powerful performance by Kristin Scott Thomas ... a performance of great honesty and craftsmanship."

Posted Oct 31, 2008

Beverly Berning

40 68%

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

"The most ambitious, challenging, frustrating and thrilling American movie since I'm Not There - maybe since Mulholland Drive."

Posted Oct 24, 2008

Scott Von Doviak

41 ——

Two Lives...Plus One (2008)

" ... a very funny and often quite poignant story of a middle-aged woman who decides to change her life, much to her family's surprise and chagrin."

Posted Oct 17, 2008

Beverly Berning

42 59%

W. (2008)

"Since we're dealing with Oliver Stone, a point worth making once is worth making a hundred times, in 100-point boldface type, until not even the dimmest bulb in the audience can possibly miss it."

Posted Oct 16, 2008

Scott Von Doviak

43 78%

Burn After Reading (2008)

"While the end of Burn After Reading dribbles away, we realize that we don't care very much about the characters and their futures."

Posted Sep 30, 2008

Emily S. Mendel

44 74%

La Fille Coupée en Deux (The Girl Cut in Two) (A Girl Cut in Two) (2008)

" ... a deeply cynical film that makes no pretense about the status of women in society."

Posted Sep 18, 2008

Beverly Berning

45 90%

Le fils de l'épicier (The Grocer's Son) (2008)

"Despite its rather well worn premise of a prodigal son returning to his family home, this charming French film actually feels quite fresh and original."

Posted Sep 10, 2008

Beverly Berning

46 96%

Persepolis (2007)

"You will laugh, you will be moved to tears, and you may even come away thinking the human race might actually survive without killing each other off, because there are stories like [this] to remind us that, deep down, we're all pretty much the same."

Posted Sep 8, 2008

Beverly Berning

47 75%

Elegy (2008)

" ... another Hollywood-delivered message declaring the ultimate rightness of romantic love between a 65-year-old man and a woman who is decades younger."

Posted Sep 5, 2008

Beverly Berning

48 76%

A Jihad for Love (2008)

"To be called a monster and then be stoned to death is pretty much as bad as it can get."

Posted Aug 29, 2008

Les Wright

49 82%

Trumbo (2007)

" ... a beautifully directed and passionate homage to the dignity of one man against the indignity of the times."

Posted Aug 19, 2008

Beverly Berning

50 87%

Frozen River (2008)

"Nothing comes easy in this movie except admiration for its ambitions and accomplishments."

Posted Aug 4, 2008

Harry Chotiner

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