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Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 96%

Two Days, One Night (2014)

"Cinephiles, do we have any idea how blessed we truly are?"

Posted Sep 11, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

2 83%

Rich Hill (2014)

"There is something strange lingering throughout the film: hope."

Posted Aug 4, 2014

Larisa Kline

3 69%

No God, No Master (2014)

"Nobody in No God, No Master actually utters the phrase "those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it," but that sentiment is the subtext of nearly every line of dialogue in this historical drama about the Palmer Raids."

Posted Jun 3, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

4 49%

Maleficent (2014)

"But comparing Wicked and Maleficent points out the problem: Maleficent is really just an inversion of a fairy tale, not a deconstruction."

Posted Jun 3, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

5 59%

Running From Crazy (2013)

"Kopple is one of my favorite directors because she believes in her audience's intelligence."

Posted Apr 26, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

6 100%

Cement Suitcase (2014)

"The nicest thing about Cement Suitcase is that it allows Franklin some measure of self-knowledge and agency in choosing how to be influenced"

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

7 89%

Private Violence ()

"As with most complicated questions, "Why don't they just leave?" has more than one answer."

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

8 100%

Our Man in Tehran ()

"Taylor, Sheardown, Clark, and MacDonald all speak of their actions as though they were neither particularly heroic nor exceptional. They simply asked, "What's the right thing to do?""

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

9 46%

Heaven Is for Real (2014)

"This film looks inward, using Colton's story to ask Christians to think through what they really believe, rather than focusing all their energy on how to get non-Christians to believe it too."

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

10 78%

Veronica Mars (2014)

"The plot is about clearing Logan. But the movie itself is about Veronica coming to terms with her identity."

Posted Mar 11, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

11 21%

Son Of God (2014)

"So to review Son of God requires as much commentary on the experience theatergoers are buying as the film itself."

Posted Mar 1, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

12 97%

The Last of the Unjust (2014)

"With each new look come new questions, and harder answers."

Posted Feb 5, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

13 22%

Gimme Shelter (2014)

"Although the film has a strong pro-life message, it doesn't reduce Christian faith or social justice to just that one issue."

Posted Jan 24, 2014

Kenneth R. Morefield

14 50%

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

"Let us now praise average men."

Posted Dec 26, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

15 92%

Philomena (2013)

"There's probably not an adjective in the thesaurus that hasn't been deservedly laid at Dench's feet, and Coogan is right there with her."

Posted Nov 24, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

16 18%

The Christmas Candle (2013)

"In both plot and theology, it is on the side of tradition, but Richmond's antagonism is not treated as a character defect."

Posted Nov 23, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

17 71%

Blood Brother (2013)

"There is a tension created by the film as we have to wrestle with our own cynicism about people who make grand sacrifices, their reasons for making them, and the ways in which others tell their stories."

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

18 77%

The Invisible Woman (2013)

"If only the whole movie had been about Catherine and from her point of view, it might have been a story worth telling."

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

19 65%

Great Expectations (2013)

"But Newell's version stands out: its emotional core is not so much in the romance between Pip and Estella as in Pip's moral development and how the love story informs and complicates it."

Posted Nov 8, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

20 50%

Grace Unplugged (2013)

"Grace Unplugged may be a film that only a Christian could love, but there seemed to be plenty of Christians loving on it in the audience."

Posted Oct 5, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

21 93%

This Is Martin Bonner (2013)

"... exquisite character development, observant filmmaking, and storytelling that just might change the way people live."

Posted Oct 2, 2013

Jeffrey Overstreet

22 94%

Museum Hours (2013)

"As we learn how to look at the Kunsthistorisches' masterpieces, we're also learning how to watch this movie. ... And better: we're learning how to look at our lives."

Posted Oct 2, 2013

Jeffrey Overstreet

23 82%

Prisoners (2013)

"Rife with biblical allusions and ostensibly grounded in an old fashioned exploration of good vs. evil, Prisoners is more than just your standard kidnapping thriller."

Posted Sep 23, 2013

Brett McCracken

24 97%

12 Years a Slave (2013)

"In many ways, Northrup, an educated free man, is the ideal avatar for the modern audience. He, like us, does not come to slavery naturally or easily."

Posted Sep 16, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

25 42%

Closed Circuit (2013)

"We're probably not inspired by these characters to be better people, but we are reminded through them of how much harder it is to stand by our principles in life's biggest moments when we haven't had much practice doing so day to day."

Posted Aug 30, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

26 99%

Short Term 12 (2013)

"I don't expect to see a better film this year than Short Term 12."

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Alissa Wilkinson

27 72%

Pacific Rim (2013)

"While I can't quite convince myself that it is the equivalent of a four-star meal that some of its geeking fan boys want it so desperately to be, I concede that it is, at the very least, edible."

Posted Jul 14, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

28 7%

Grown Ups 2 (2013)

"Clearly this is the film to see if you have a long standing grievance about the way deer have been mistreated by humans and long to see them take their revenge."

Posted Jul 14, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

29 50%

White House Down (2013)

"Unable to do the conventional things better, White House Down, like many modern action films, tries to do the same thing louder and longer."

Posted Jun 30, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

30 65%

The Heat (2013)

"Writing jokes is hard. Writing potentially funny situations is marginally easier, but only because the potential doesn't have to be realized before the paycheck is cashed."

Posted Jun 30, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

31 98%

Before Midnight (2013)

"...We are not likely to get a more thoughtful or thought-provoking film than Before Midnight."

Posted Jun 14, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

32 38%

Admission (2013)

"[T]he cards are stacked so heavily for the eventual winning side that Portia doesn't have to grow or change to switch sides; she just has to open her eyes. "

Posted Mar 28, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

33 43%

The Call (2013)

""It all looks the same," Casey laments-which might, unfortunately, be taken as meta-commentary on the boilerplate movie she finds herself in."

Posted Mar 17, 2013

Kenneth R. Morefield

34 53%

Safe House (2012)

"Everybody fights and everybody lies in a thriller that tries to glamorize spies while demonizing their profession."

Posted Dec 30, 2012

Kenneth R. Morefield

35 51%

Contraband (2012)

"We are left to ponder why Andy is any less culpable or any more worth saving than anyone else."

Posted Dec 30, 2012

Kenneth R. Morefield

36 88%

Django Unchained (2012)

"As hellish as its moral universe may be, those whose stomachs can handle the descent will find that even in Tarantino's world-perhaps especially in his world-those moral questions still matter."

Posted Dec 25, 2012

Kenneth R. Morefield

37 29%

The Vow (2012)

"Ultimately the vision of love and marriage that is being presented here is a fairly routine, secular one, that it is love that binds us to a vow and not the other way around."

Posted Dec 7, 2012

Kenneth R. Morefield

38 66%

Cloud Atlas (2012)

"It is hard to think of another film in recent memory in which the accumulation of so much talent has rendered so little."

Posted Dec 7, 2012

Kenneth R. Morefield

39 70%

Men in Black III (2012)

"It's all acceptably diverting, not actively unpleasant like the 2002 sequel. There are no grand twists or revelations comparable to the truth about the "galaxy" in the original."

Posted May 25, 2012

Steven D. Greydanus

40 92%

Marvel's The Avengers (2012)

"The Avengers will surely rank among the best superhero movies, if not summer blockbusters, of all time."

Posted May 10, 2012

Russ Breimeier

41 38%

Blue Like Jazz (2012)

"Christian moviegoers will find much to challenge them, but those hoping Don's journey leads him to a clear understanding of the gospel might find it a bit unsatisfying."

Posted Apr 13, 2012

Josh Hurst

42 91%

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

"A genre-bending concoction of horror, action and comedy -- a big ball of Evil Dead, Scream, Matrix, The Hunger Games, Scooby Doo, Zombieland, and a lot of season 4 of Buffy."

Posted Apr 13, 2012

Todd Hertz

43 62%

We Have a Pope (2012)

"A premise in search of a thesis, a handful of scenes in search of a story."

Posted Apr 7, 2012

Steven D. Greydanus

44 25%

Wrath of the Titans (2012)

"Next to Perseus and his world, John Carter is as colorful as Tony Stark and Barsoom is as colorful as Pandora. "

Posted Mar 30, 2012

Steven D. Greydanus

45 84%

The Hunger Games (2012)

"A dark and engaging action/drama laced with social critique and dystopian sci-fi. But most of all, it's the story of a girl and crushed innocence."

Posted Mar 23, 2012

Todd Hertz

46 66%

The Woman in Black (2012)

"The best ghost stories, from The Uninvited to The Sixth Sense, play to the heart, if not always to the head. The Woman in Black is at its best when playing to the nerves."

Posted Feb 3, 2012

Steven D. Greydanus

47 43%

J. Edgar (2011)

"The sort of staidly respectable, competently directed biopic that gives a bad name to competently directed biopics, and possibly to respectability."

Posted Nov 22, 2011

Steven D. Greydanus

48 67%

Snowmen (2011)

"Funny, engaging, thought-provoking, meaningful, and one of the best family movies I've seen in a long time."

Posted Oct 24, 2011

Russ Breimeier

49 90%

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

"This movie haunted me for days; it felt like it left an icky residue on my mind and soul, and I didn't enjoy it. Those who like being creeped out by movies will disagree."

Posted Oct 24, 2011

Camerin Courtney