Film School Rejects

Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 72%

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

"A thrilling, emotional film with baby fat sticking out of its spandex."

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Scott Beggs

2 98%

Fargo: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" What I find to be best about Fargo... is how well it builds the world in which it's set rather convincingly and rather quickly. "

Posted Apr 16, 2014

Christopher Campbell

3 59%

Dom Hemingway (2014)

"Like the rambling speech that opens Dom Hemingway, Richard Shepard's initially amusing, genre-less piece of filmmaking tragically expends its virtues thin by about the 30-minute mark."

Posted Apr 14, 2014

Sam Fragoso

4 85%

Mad Men: Season 7 (TV, 2014-2015)

" Characters, settings, and levels of cool are all swapped out indiscriminately, leaving us to piece together the real situation only as fast as Hornbacher and Matthew Weiner (on script duty) allow it. "

Posted Apr 14, 2014

Adam Bellotto

5 53%

Heaven Is for Real (2014)

"Christian films are often criticized for preaching to the choir, but this one intends to make that choir think deeper about what's being preached."

Posted Apr 14, 2014

Christopher Campbell

6 47%

Rio 2 (2014)

"Rio 2 feels less like a new adventure and a lot like an excuse to do more of the same."

Posted Apr 11, 2014

Neil Miller

7 89%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

"It's one hell of a proper action thriller. A full-speed man-on-the-run story with layers of intrigue and violent stakes."

Posted Apr 8, 2014

Neil Miller

8 68%

Love & Air Sex (2014)

"I patiently await a movie about air sex that's really about air sex, because that at least has some entertainment potential."

Posted Apr 8, 2014

Dan Schindel

9 97%

The Last of the Unjust (2014)

"Lanzmann is so close to this topic that he can't seem to understand what is and isn't necessary to give the audience what they need."

Posted Apr 8, 2014

Dan Schindel

10 23%

Need For Speed (2014)

"Need for Speed is so busy and loud that, if not watched vigilantly, it could be mistaken for something fun. But it is a shambling lemon."

Posted Apr 8, 2014

Dan Schindel

11 79%

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

"Overall, it's a thoroughly decent outing with the beloved cloth creatures."

Posted Apr 8, 2014

Dan Schindel

12 96%

Silicon Valley: Season 1

" At least Silicon Valley neatly skewered [fictional corporation Hooli] and corporations like it in one single-serving episode. "

Posted Apr 7, 2014

Kate Erbland

13 93%

Mistaken for Strangers (2014)

"Mistaken for Strangers finds its footing in humor and good nature, and it's a thoroughly feel-good rock documentary with massive audience appeal, National fans or not."

Posted Apr 4, 2014

Kate Erbland

14 93%

Mistaken for Strangers (2014)

"Mistaken for Strangers is both Tom's Fitzcarraldo and his Burden of Dreams: a product and record of his ability to complete something ambitious and, thus, a test of his self-worth."

Posted Apr 4, 2014

Landon Palmer

15 98%

Game of Thrones: Season 4 (TV, 2014)

" At its best, the show is completely unpredictable and meticulously detailed in its orchestration of pain and agony. So far as we can tell, season four stands to be its finest frame yet. "

Posted Apr 3, 2014

Neil Miller

16 83%

Coherence (2014)

"The true strength of the film is its ability to keep you questioning and thinking ahead, working out what is happening and ultimately fuming over how frustratingly nuts it is."

Posted Apr 2, 2014

Michael Treveloni

17 45%

In the Blood (2014)

"It's good to see Carano get another crack at a lead role, but In the Blood is not good. It wastes her greatest gifts by trying to stretch her and the film's budget too thin."

Posted Apr 2, 2014

Rob Hunter

18 89%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

"I'm no comic or Marvel fanboy, but this is magnificent and wondrous entertainment."

Posted Mar 30, 2014

Rob Hunter

19 13%

God's Not Dead (2014)

"Dubious religious content aside, God's Not Dead is, above all, a dismal piece of filmmaking."

Posted Mar 29, 2014

Sam Fragoso

20 22%

Sabotage (2014)

"If your sole requirement for a "good" Schwarzenegger film is bullets, blood, and cigar smoke then head out to the theater now as this is the movie for you."

Posted Mar 27, 2014

Rob Hunter

21 80%

Hide Your Smiling Faces (2014)

"Ultimately, it's difficult to avoid drawing comparisons to Stand By Me. And yes, there are many. But Hide Your Smiling Faces is a unique and thoughtful film."

Posted Mar 26, 2014

Caitlin Hughes

22 77%

Noah (2014)

"The good news is that this is the best Russell Crowe performance we've gotten in quite a while."

Posted Mar 21, 2014

Nathan Adams

23 73%

The Den (2014)

"The Den isn't up to the level of format/genre classics like the first two [rec] films, but it's easily one of the best FF-like movies to hit screens in the last five years."

Posted Mar 20, 2014

Rob Hunter

24 84%

Teenage (2014)

"While it's heavy on the archival footage, it's very accessible, cleverly constructed and even quite entertaining."

Posted Mar 19, 2014

Christopher Campbell

25 ——

The Heart Machine ()

"It's got old-fashioned paranoia tones and an atmosphere of alienation in a way that suggests this might be what it'd look like if Antonioni directed a Nora Ephron script."

Posted Mar 14, 2014

Christopher Campbell

26 83%

What We Do In The Shadows ()

"The funniest mockumentary film since Best In Show."

Posted Mar 13, 2014

Christopher Campbell

27 68%

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

"Wilson shines as the oldest brother of three in perhaps his best performance to date."

Posted Mar 12, 2014

Josh Radde

28 100%

Neighbors (2014)

"Tight and lean and eminently watchable, like Zac Efron's torso."

Posted Mar 10, 2014

Eric D. Snider

29 100%

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz ()

"A moving tribute and history lesson...Brian Knappenberger continues to deliver easily digestible docs on some of the most important movements and issues of our time."

Posted Mar 9, 2014

Christopher Campbell

30 77%

Veronica Mars (2014)

"There have been photo spreads in Entertainment Weekly of old TV casts brought back together that have provided as much satisfaction, for a whole lot less money."

Posted Mar 9, 2014

Christopher Campbell

31 91%

Kids for Cash (2014)

"A new kind of Scared Straight! for the post-Columbine generation."

Posted Mar 2, 2014

Christopher Campbell

32 11%

The Nut Job (2014)

"Weird as it may be with its dancing Korean pop star and all of its "nuts" wordplay, The Nut Job isn't a tough one to crack. Like most actual nuts, it's pretty bland."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Neil Miller

33 100%

Game of Thrones: Season 3 (TV, 2013)

" For season three, there was no other way to end. After The Red Wedding, an event so monumentally brutal that it instantly became one of the cornerstones of this show's very legacy, the only way to go would be softer, quieter, warmer. "

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Neil Miller

34 78%

Fatal Assistance (2014)

"Deeply powerful ... a No End in Sight for the 2010 Haiti earthquake."

Posted Feb 27, 2014

Christopher Campbell

35 96%

The Lunchbox (2014)

"Batra's directorial debut is no monumental step forward in the medium, but it does belong to a rare breed of movies that embraces the prospect of new and unforeseen love wholeheartedly, without cynicism or superficiality."

Posted Feb 27, 2014

Sam Fragoso

36 59%

Hank And Asha (2014)

"Hank and Asha is a cute, clever and compelling little film that both satisfies and reinvents the indie rom-com for a new generation used to developing relationships through digital and virtual means."

Posted Feb 27, 2014

Christopher Campbell

37 57%

Lucky Bastard (2014)

"It's a surprisingly effective little thriller that entertains with laughs, nudity, and a third act bloodletting that feels a bit like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Rob Hunter

38 15%

Endless Love (2014)

" This is not a film about love, and all the joy, pain and heartbreak that comes along with it; but it sure does feel endless."

Posted Feb 14, 2014

Sam Fragoso

39 70%

About Last Night (2014)

"[It's] typical rom-com fare, but it's a more enjoyable adaptation of the source material that's elevated by its smart direction, solid cast, and willingness to make sex and dating every bit as funny, charming, and sincere as it is in real life."

Posted Feb 14, 2014

Jason Zingale

40 10%

Vampire Academy (2014)

"Vampire Academy ultimately doesn't have much bite, but that doesn't stop it from trying to continually show its teeth."

Posted Feb 7, 2014

Kate Erbland

41 91%

12 O'clock Boys (2014)

"It's important to remember that not every day is a joy ride. 12 O'Clock Boys is also a portrait of a family."

Posted Jan 31, 2014

Daniel Walber

42 84%

Cheap Thrills (2014)

"Ultimately, Cheap Thrills is another film that should provoke some fascinating discussions about class, economy and the state of both in our country right now."

Posted Jan 21, 2014

Luke Mullen

43 98%

The Artist (2011)

"That the film is so convincing and so engaging despite the lack of dialogue is an unquantifiable triumph."

Posted Jan 13, 2014

Simon Gallagher

44 97%

The Hurt Locker (2009)

"If you have a chance to see it, you shouldn't hesitate to do so."

Posted Jan 13, 2014

Scott Beggs

45 3%

The Legend of Hercules (2014)

"Abominable even for a Hercules movie ... If this were truly the stuff of legend, that word would have the opposite meaning of what it's supposed to. "

Posted Jan 10, 2014

Christopher Campbell

46 39%

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

"It's not quite as scary as the four that came before. It is better written and acted though, and that alone is a triumph for a found-footage film."

Posted Jan 3, 2014

Rob Hunter

47 93%

No (2013)

"No is an open conversation about the very means by which we understand ourselves and our societies, the way that we internalize advertising and news footage. It's a manifestation of national memory."

Posted Jan 1, 2014

Daniel Walber

48 64%

2 Guns (2013)

"What it lacks in robots and superheroes it more than makes up for in laughs, gunplay and personality."

Posted Jan 1, 2014

Rob Hunter

49 98%

Blackfish (2013)

"Gabriela Cowperthwaite's new documentary Blackfish is a searing indictment of the entire killer whale-as-entertainment industry."

Posted Jan 1, 2014

Rob Hunter

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