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1 21%

360 (2012)

"See it for its willingness to take you somewhere you don't expect."

Posted Aug 3, 2012

Marshall Fine

2 83%

You've Been Trumped (2012)

"The star is still Trump. Why this gigantic turd with legs remains the object of fascination to so many speaks unfortunate volumes about the plummeting IQ of the mass audience."

Posted Aug 3, 2012

Marshall Fine

3 8%

The Babymakers (2012)

"Things you do to yourself with one hand: That's a running theme in this movie and, really, the perfect metaphor for the film itself. "

Posted Jul 31, 2012

Marshall Fine

4 70%

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

"Less a date movie than a chick flick, if only because it may inspire the kind of relationship conversations that guys rarely want to have. "

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Marshall Fine

5 97%

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2012)

"A compelling documentary about the Chinese contemporary artist who seems to spend his life on a blade's edge, dancing on a knife that's in the hands of the government."

Posted Jul 26, 2012

Marshall Fine

6 78%

Killer Joe (2012)

"Friedkin unleashes a strong cast on this darkly funny and violent tale of weak-minded people who think they're smarter than they are."

Posted Jul 25, 2012

Marshall Fine

7 79%

Ruby Sparks (2012)

"Paul Dano seemingly lacks any real charisma of his own; it's not that he disappears into these roles but that these roles disappear when he steps into them. "

Posted Jul 24, 2012

Marshall Fine

8 95%

Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

"Unlike most nonfiction films, which tend to focus on uncovering misdeed and outrage, this one leaves you joyous and moved..You'll come away with a lump in your throat. "

Posted Jul 23, 2012

Marshall Fine

9 94%

The Queen of Versailles (2012)

"A rise-and-fall story that will have you laughing and shaking your head - in pity, disgust and, occasionally, outrage - at the very same time."

Posted Jul 20, 2012

Marshall Fine

10 5%

30 Beats (2012)

"The actors barely seem to dip their toes into these scenes, even when they're involved in a ménage a trois or an elaborate bondage scheme."

Posted Jul 20, 2012

Marshall Fine

11 29%

Red Lights (2012)

"The conclusion is unsatisfactory - indeed, it's frustrating and disappointing...By the end of the film, you'll either be confused, angry or both."

Posted Jul 18, 2012

Marshall Fine

12 52%

Grassroots (2012)

"A smarter movie than you expect...It's probably naïve, but it's also enjoyable and even a little thought-provoking."

Posted Jul 17, 2012

Marshall Fine

13 88%

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

"At times, the action is so massive and thunderously clunky that I might as well have been watching one of the Transformers movies."

Posted Jul 16, 2012

Marshall Fine

14 65%

Trishna (2012)

"Gorgeously shot and acted with aching tragic truthfulness, Michael Winterbottom's film is a romance of depth and feeling."

Posted Jul 13, 2012

Marshall Fine

15 63%

Union Square (2012)

"This is a film that bores into you, mostly because of Sorvino's performance, which starts out at a level of white heat and never cools below incendiary."

Posted Jul 12, 2012

Marshall Fine

16 28%

Crazy Eyes (2012)

"A hard sell unless you've got an appetite for self-destruction. Haas makes Crazy Eyes surprisingly digestible."

Posted Jul 10, 2012

Marshall Fine

17 74%

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (2012)

"This movie understands the way a friendly contest can turn deadly serious, the way something trivial suddenly takes on life-changing importance."

Posted Jul 9, 2012

Marshall Fine

18 51%

Savages (2012)

"Too much of the film showcases its pretty stars' shortcomings - and they're almost significant enough to sink the film. "

Posted Jul 6, 2012

Marshall Fine

19 73%

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

"Solid and entertaining, taking a familiar story and polishing it up for a new audience."

Posted Jul 5, 2012

Marshall Fine

20 75%

Collaborator (2012)

"An assured directorial debut for actor Martin Donovan (who also wrote the script), funny and tense, featuring a riveting performance by David Morse."

Posted Jul 3, 2012

Marshall Fine

21 43%

To Rome with Love (2012)

"Enjoyable but minor Woody Allen, a film that keeps you watching and chuckling, if not exactly laughing out loud."

Posted Jun 21, 2012

Marshall Fine

22 98%

The Invisible War (2012)

"Tough, heroic stuff - heroic on the part of the women who are brave enough to come forward to speak to Dick's camera. "

Posted Jun 20, 2012

Marshall Fine

23 56%

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

"Sweet, funny and sad, a little film whose charms are numerous but which never overshadow the larger issues at hand."

Posted Jun 19, 2012

Marshall Fine

24 78%

Brave (2012)

"Pixar has its groove back, after the deadly misfire of Cars 2...amazing to look at...genuinely funny."

Posted Jun 18, 2012

Marshall Fine

25 20%

That's My Boy (2012)

"Saying this isn't the worst Sandler comedy ever is like saying, "This isn't the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had.""

Posted Jun 15, 2012

Marshall Fine

26 41%

Rock of Ages (2012)

"The soundtrack amounts to an accretion of the kind of cheesy globules that once clogged the arteries of the pop music charts ...did I have a good time watching it? Yeah. "

Posted Jun 14, 2012

Marshall Fine

27 95%

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012)

"As she talks about her work, the struggle to present it and her obvious commitment to it, you can't help but be transfixed by her vision, whether it appeals to you or not."

Posted Jun 13, 2012

Marshall Fine

28 83%

Your Sister's Sister (2012)

"Shelton has such sharp timing that it's hard to believe that each scene isn't carefully planned, instead of discovered in the moment. "

Posted Jun 12, 2012

Marshall Fine

29 28%

Bel Ami (2012)

"Robert Pattinson is a terrible actor...Put him at the center of an actual movie and he's revealed as an empty pretty boy, a black hole of talent. "

Posted Jun 11, 2012

Marshall Fine

30 35%

Lola Versus (2012)

"You mostly want to say to this young woman, "It's amazing what they can do these days with anti-depressants.""

Posted Jun 8, 2012

Marshall Fine

31 29%

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (2012)

"Everything is so on-the-nose that this film turns into the place where subtlety goes to die..rehashed generation-gap humor, with a shortage of jokes that actually work. "

Posted Jun 7, 2012

Marshall Fine

32 73%

Prometheus (2012)

"The ideas it unlocks ultimately are more intriguing than the movie itself. In other words, it's a movie that's more fun to think about afterward than it is to sit through."

Posted Jun 6, 2012

Marshall Fine

33 91%

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

"Celebrates the idea of taking a chance and accepting the unexpected, in ways that are quietly funny. "

Posted Jun 5, 2012

Marshall Fine

34 70%

Dark Horse (2012)

"A comedy of discomfort...Solondz once again takes a loser as his protagonist and dares us to feel sympathy for him. "

Posted Jun 4, 2012

Marshall Fine

35 82%

A Cat in Paris (2012)

"Its imaginative artistry - and brevity - keep you from dwelling on the shortcomings of its story-telling."

Posted Jun 2, 2012

Marshall Fine

36 54%

Wallander: The Revenge (2012)

"If you're not a Mankell aficionado prior to seeing it, the film itself won't send you running for his books - or even the other parts of the TV series."

Posted Jun 2, 2012

Marshall Fine

37 48%

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

"It's better than you expect - but its length and self-seriousness probably make it too stolid and dark for the fairy-tale demographic."

Posted May 30, 2012

Marshall Fine

38 27%

High School (2012)

"Dear Adrien Brody: Playing a crazy drug dealer is not as funny as being an Oscar-winner who shows up in a commercial for razor blades. "

Posted May 29, 2012

Marshall Fine

39 70%

Men in Black III (2012)

"A solid plot, one with credible sci-fi twists but also heart. It throws off the jokiness in which this series has been mired to create action-adventure in service to story. "

Posted May 24, 2012

Marshall Fine

40 25%

Mansome (2012)

"Reality TV lacks Spurlock's sly willingness to let the eccentric explain themselves, rather than letting them appear foolish. It's not deep, but then, it's about vanity."

Posted May 23, 2012

Marshall Fine

41 94%

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

"There's a certain giddy airlessness to Moonrise Kingdom ... And yet that cinematic hypoxia creates its own kind of high, if you can adjust to the altitude."

Posted May 22, 2012

Marshall Fine

42 75%

The Intouchables (2012)

"It's a distinctly American response to view this through the prism of race, simply because the characters are black and white - and a willful misreading of what it's about."

Posted May 21, 2012

Marshall Fine

43 41%

Lovely Molly (2012)

"This genre of horror film is played out - or at least this slight, rarely unnerving effort makes it seem so. "

Posted May 18, 2012

Marshall Fine

44 93%

Elena (2012)

"A story about someone creating her own personal hell and being forced to live in it. But hell doesn't seem particularly unnerving at the end."

Posted May 18, 2012

Marshall Fine

45 58%

Hysteria (2012)

"An engaging comedy of manners, about a time when its subject was not discussed by the well-mannered."

Posted May 17, 2012

Marshall Fine

46 87%

Polisse (2012)

"Gripping and powerful, an unsentimental look at a thankless job where the victories are hard fought and all too rare."

Posted May 16, 2012

Marshall Fine

47 57%

The Dictator (2012)

"A deft satire.. scabrous and deliciously observed, blending rudeness, visual gags, unexpected violence and other elements to create laughs. "

Posted May 15, 2012

Marshall Fine

48 22%

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

"A series of sketches, variations on a theme, none of them too long, none of them in any way original - and very little of it amusing. "

Posted May 14, 2012

Marshall Fine

49 56%

A Bag of Hammers (2012)

"May start out sounding like a goofy buddy comedy, but stick with it - and it will surprise you. In a good way."

Posted May 10, 2012

Marshall Fine

50 37%

Dark Shadows (2012)

"When Burton and Depp decided it would be fun to make a movie out of a campy '60s TV show, the correct response should have been: Didn't you see Wild Wild West? "

Posted May 9, 2012

Marshall Fine

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