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Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 75%

Greenberg (2010)

"Noah Baumbach's newest serio-comedy is many things, but the word that I keep coming back to is brave."

Posted Mar 17, 2010

Joanna Langfield

2 53%

Green Zone (2010)

"Why did they dumb down a very complex and fascinating real story?"

Posted Mar 10, 2010

Joanna Langfield

3 43%

Brooklyn's Finest (2010)

"Intense. That's what Antoine Fuqua does best and his fast cutting, depressed cop story is nothing if not intense."

Posted Mar 3, 2010

Joanna Langfield

4 51%

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

"Like Alice, Tim Burton uses his trip down the rabbit hole to reassert his "muchness". There is much to look at, as a result, but not much about which to wonder."

Posted Mar 3, 2010

Joanna Langfield

5 69%

Shutter Island (2010)

"Up for having a master filmmaker mess with your head? Then this is the movie for you."

Posted Feb 16, 2010

Joanna Langfield

6 34%

The Wolfman (2010)

"When all you can deliver is an expensive, effect-heavy horror flick that's just plain boring, it's time to rethink things a bit."

Posted Feb 11, 2010

Joanna Langfield

7 18%

Valentine's Day (2010)

"Charm will only get you so far. In this case, even the most charming (and huge) cast can only do so much with this corny compilation."

Posted Feb 10, 2010

Joanna Langfield

8 37%

From Paris with Love (2010)

"John Travolta kicks that pesky schizophrenic script out of his way to serve up yet another, perfectly entertaining badass."

Posted Feb 3, 2010

Joanna Langfield

9 56%

Edge of Darkness (2010)

"The most interesting component to this Mel Gibson vehicle happens off screen. This movie is a totally thrill-less thriller."

Posted Jan 27, 2010

Joanna Langfield

10 48%

The Book of Eli (2010)

"Ready or not: here it comes. The first kick ass apocalyptic action flick, designed for both the comic book and True Believer set. Well, you can't say this decade in movies hasn't started out with a bang!"

Posted Jan 13, 2010

Joanna Langfield

11 37%

Nine (2009)

"Coming off his spectacular Chicago, Rob Marshall has hit the wall with this musical version of Frederico Fellini's autobiographical 8 1/2."

Posted Dec 21, 2009

Joanna Langfield

12 57%

It's Complicated (2009)

"Really? Complicated? Nothing so complex going on here at all, in what is essentially another chapter in the Nancy Meyers brand."

Posted Dec 21, 2009

Joanna Langfield

13 70%

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

"It's not going to rock your world, but Guy Ritchie's take on the classic detective series has got a lot going for it. Most notably, of course, it's got Robert Downey, Jr. and that's just fine with me."

Posted Dec 21, 2009

Joanna Langfield

14 91%

Crazy Heart (2009)

"Sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel to steer right into the heart. Scott Cooper's Crazy Heart does just that."

Posted Dec 14, 2009

Joanna Langfield

15 83%

Avatar (2009)

"Imperfect as it is, Avatar is still essential viewing for anyone who cares about the future of the movies."

Posted Dec 14, 2009

Joanna Langfield

16 32%

The Lovely Bones (2009)

"When I first heard Peter Jackson was to direct the film version of this delicate best seller, I was, shall we say, surprised. However, when I saw the actual movie, I got it. Jackson wanted to play with heaven."

Posted Dec 9, 2009

Joanna Langfield

17 76%

Invictus (2009)

"Clint Eastwood has developed an almost ego-less directorial style that is quite remarkable. With Invictus, Eastwood's got quite the story to tell."

Posted Dec 9, 2009

Joanna Langfield

18 91%

Up in the Air (2009)

"Today, this story of people who are hired to fire other people brings a timely punch to the gut that, almost by accident, adds a resonance that's hard to shake."

Posted Dec 1, 2009

Joanna Langfield

19 46%

Everybody's Fine (2009)

"Some might say poetic. Some might say, "oh please.""

Posted Dec 1, 2009

Joanna Langfield

20 68%

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009)

"One of the happiest surprises of this woman on the verge delight is that Pippa Lee's private lives are not what you'd think they are."

Posted Nov 23, 2009

Joanna Langfield

21 75%

The Road (2009)

"Let's be honest: go to see this apocalyptic drama, you're not going for a good time. This desperate and determined story of survival isn't the super effected tilt-a-whirl of, say, the hugely popular disaster epic, 2012."

Posted Nov 23, 2009

Joanna Langfield

22 82%

Broken Embraces (2009)

"Not every time a filmmaker and his muse collaborate is it going to be a cause for celebration. Broken Embraces is a perfect example of that disappointing truth."

Posted Nov 18, 2009

Joanna Langfield

23 39%

2012 (2009)

"Like all its predecessors, this carefully choreographed entertainment offers nothing new. But there sure is a lot of it."

Posted Nov 10, 2009

Joanna Langfield

24 91%

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

"I was all set to enjoy a good sob over this one. Amazingly enough, I, who cries at commercials, didn't shed a tear."

Posted Nov 3, 2009

Joanna Langfield

25 51%

The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

"Satire is never easy. The promise of this wartime comedy made me pine for classic movies such as Catch-22 and Mash: two savvy armed service send-ups that hit the mark all the way."

Posted Nov 3, 2009

Joanna Langfield

26 81%

Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009)

"Irresistible on so many levels, this rehearsal documentary delights, fascinates and frustrates."

Posted Oct 28, 2009

Joanna Langfield

27 72%

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

"The first half hour of Spike Jonze's stunningly emotional adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic is as fine a cinematic portrayal of childhood as you are likely to see. Too bad there's another hour to the movie."

Posted Oct 13, 2009

Joanna Langfield

28 94%

The Damned United (2009)

"Do you have to love soccer to love this movie? No. You just have to love good acting."

Posted Oct 7, 2009

Joanna Langfield

29 94%

An Education (2009)

"This coming of ager resonates: that's not an easy thing to do with a tried and true formula, either."

Posted Oct 7, 2009

Joanna Langfield

30 89%

A Serious Man (2009)

"By looking back, they have also expanded upon some of the themes they've played with in their most personal work before: this time, in a more mature, more evolved way."

Posted Sep 30, 2009

Joanna Langfield

31 58%

The Invention of Lying (2009)

"Ricky Gervais' elegant and ambitious comedy is profoundly funny. While not perfect, its sheer inventiveness makes this one a true treat."

Posted Sep 29, 2009

Joanna Langfield

32 84%

Whip It (2009)

"Oh my, ladies: how our fairy tales have changed! A league of rough and tumble women, skating, fighting, competing and whipping their art through otherwise terribly ordinary lives."

Posted Sep 29, 2009

Joanna Langfield

33 81%

Disgrace (2008)

"Of all the people one might think of, watching this appropriately disturbing film translation of Nobel Laureate J. M. Coetzee's heralded novel, I never imagined I'd be thinking of Michael Vick. But there you have it."

Posted Sep 16, 2009

Joanna Langfield

34 83%

Bright Star (2009)

"The brightest star in this leisurely retelling of the truth behind one of John Keats's most famous poems is not what it says, but how it looks."

Posted Sep 16, 2009

Joanna Langfield

35 48%

Taking Woodstock (2009)

"I suppose in a perfect world, it would be lovely to afford prestige filmmakers the opportunity to relax once in a while, to make a small, lightweight feel good movie, but Ang Lee's take on Woodstock is nothing short of disappointing."

Posted Aug 24, 2009

Joanna Langfield

36 88%

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

"Like all Quentin Tarentino movies, this feverish Jews-take-out-the-Nazis-during-World-War-II movie is really all about Quentin Tarentino. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing."

Posted Aug 19, 2009

Joanna Langfield

37 37%

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

"I'm someone who cries at commercials, yet this incessantly romantic love story left me curiously cold."

Posted Aug 11, 2009

Joanna Langfield

38 90%

District 9 (2009)

"Aliens and robots will get tushes in the seats, but what makes this blockbuster so outstanding is decidedly human."

Posted Aug 11, 2009

Joanna Langfield

39 75%

Julie & Julia (2009)

"Like a fallen soufflé, this movie delivers flavor but not the dizzying deliciousness it promises."

Posted Aug 4, 2009

Joanna Langfield

40 68%

Funny People (2009)

"There has always been an undercurrent of emotion in Judd Apatow's best work and with this, the somewhat ironically titled Funny People, the omniscient comic writer/director goes for the gut. Along with the jokes, that is."

Posted Jul 27, 2009

Joanna Langfield

41 84%

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

"It all starts with the books of course, but perhaps it is time to recognize the Potter films for the impressive franchise that it, too, has become."

Posted Jul 13, 2009

Joanna Langfield

42 68%

Brüno (2009)

"If Sasha Baron Cohen is an acquired taste, I'm sipping the Kool-Aid."

Posted Jul 1, 2009

Joanna Langfield

43 68%

Public Enemies (2009)

"So much of this gangster drama is so good, it is especially disappointing when so much of the rest of it is not."

Posted Jun 30, 2009

Joanna Langfield

44 48%

My Sister's Keeper (2009)

"While this little wrencher works, cinematically, perfectly well, the truth is, this one is going to piss off a whole lot of people."

Posted Jun 24, 2009

Joanna Langfield

45 51%

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

"Resistance is futile. Even though Tony Scott's hyper kinetic thriller is nowhere near as smart as it thinks, it's sure effective all the same."

Posted Jun 9, 2009

Joanna Langfield

46 26%

Land of the Lost (2009)

"Whatever it was these filmmakers were hoping to achieve, I very much doubt the reaction they were looking for was "weird"."

Posted Jun 2, 2009

Joanna Langfield

47 79%

The Hangover (2009)

"This tried and true plot line not only works, but works hilariously."

Posted Jun 1, 2009

Joanna Langfield

48 98%

Up (2009)

"The honesty of the story here, as beautifully depicted and acted by Asner and young Jordan Nagai is so real, so palpable, you almost forget you are watching an animated film at all."

Posted May 27, 2009

Joanna Langfield

49 33%

Terminator Salvation (2009)

"I'm sure it will be happy news in some circles when I say that director McG's addition to the franchise is a big, blasting, tush shaking video game of a movie. And, it will make a fortune."

Posted May 19, 2009

Joanna Langfield

50 46%

Management (2009)

"If this modest charmer doesn't finally make a star out of Steve Zahn, I don't know what will."

Posted May 12, 2009

Joanna Langfield

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