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1 64%

Doll & Em: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" Doll & Em is a light, sometimes silly trifle of a series, though at its heart is a formidable portrait of a female friendship complicated by success, competition and insecurity. "

Posted Mar 18, 2014

Alison Willmore

2 88%

It Felt Like Love (2014)

"More than anything else, It Felt Like Love successfully turns the coming-of-age formula into a foreboding nightmare."

Posted Mar 17, 2014

Eric Kohn

3 65%

Bad Words (2014)

"Jason Bateman has described his directorial debut, "Bad Words," as "'Bad Santa' with spelling bees," a comparison so evident in the material that it's practically a remake."

Posted Mar 13, 2014

Eric Kohn

4 36%

Believe: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" While Cuarón has recently told some giant stories on the big screen, this one feels appealingly intimate despite its backdrop of conspiracies "

Posted Mar 7, 2014

Alison Willmore

5 52%

Resurrection: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" Resurrection shouldn't need to pad out episodes with implications of buried affairs and a possible murder. That they're likely not going to be is disappointing, but not surprising in the tradition of network television trying to take on ambitious ideas. "

Posted Mar 5, 2014

Alison Willmore

6 65%

The Red Road: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" The Red Road feels like it might play better as one giant movie than as something doled out week to week. "

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Alison Willmore

7 79%

Lamb Of God's As The Palaces Burn (2014)

"Like the music at its center, "As the Palaces Burn" foregrounds deep-seated anguish and finds tenderness at its core. "

Posted Feb 26, 2014

Eric Kohn

8 25%

Mind Games: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" It's the promise of a more complex dynamic between the two [Ross & Clark] that could make Mind Games more than a pleasant diversion, and allow Slater and Zahn, two very capable actors, to dig a little deeper into these roles. "

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Alison Willmore

9 97%

The Americans: Season 2 (TV, 2014)

" Joe Weisberg's series doesn't feel easily sustainable for years, but that's part of what's so enjoyable about it, the high wire tension it manages in keeping the Jennings in a precarious position while allowing them to stay unexposed "

Posted Feb 21, 2014

Alison Willmore

10 91%

Omar (2014)

"By focusing on an everyman, Abu-Assad immediately makes Omar's claustrophobic lifetyle immediately relatable - which tinges his ultimate hardships with palpable dread. "

Posted Feb 19, 2014

Eric Kohn

11 52%

The Legend of Suriyothai (2003)

"Someone does shout, "Get the men and arm the elephants!" Sadly, this alone doesn't make you think of Cecil B. DeMille as the press notes would like you to. "Hercules and the Captive Women" comes more to mind."

Posted Feb 9, 2014

Brandon Judell

12 100%

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter ()

"It's the rare case of a story that's inspirational and devastating at once."

Posted Feb 7, 2014

Eric Kohn

13 100%

7 Boxes (2014)

"Paraguayan action-thriller-romance hybrid 7 Boxes is a rollicking good time at the movies that offers breathtaking action and suspense, humor and appealing characters all in one visually flashy package."

Posted Feb 6, 2014

Boyd van Hoeij

14 92%

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

"Over the years, Wes Anderson's movies have steadily developed a lush, eccentric world that operates on its own terms, and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" excels at exploring it. "

Posted Feb 6, 2014

Eric Kohn

15 85%

House of Cards: Season 2 (TV, 2014)

" [It] depicts D.C. politics as a mess of personal vendettas... and then along comes Frank with his brisk, conscience-free willingness to take on what's needed to get things done -- he may be a ruthless sociopath, but there's something to admire there. "

Posted Feb 5, 2014

Alison Willmore

16 70%

Love & Air Sex (2014)

"Poyser doesn't do anything we haven't seen before, but the familiar ingredients are done just right."

Posted Feb 4, 2014

Eric Kohn

17 32%

The Monuments Men (2014)

"A tame, affable overview of the events minus much of their depth."

Posted Feb 4, 2014

Eric Kohn

18 100%

Archer: Season 5 (TV, 2014)

" This new season has been reassuring proof that Archer can explore new territory while remaining true to itself. "

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Alison Willmore

19 57%

Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" To dream of being irresistible, heroic and fearless, after all, is not such a hard to understand thing. Its how that desires were borne of personal dramas and failings that "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond" never quite pins down. "

Posted Jan 29, 2014

Alison Willmore

20 58%

Black Sails: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" But there's an intelligence to its treatment of the Nassau community and whether a settlement based on lawlessness and a shadow economy is sustainable -- one that takes the series in some complicated and unexpected directions. "

Posted Jan 22, 2014

Alison Willmore

21 89%

Looking: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" For a show that in so many ways feels new, Looking is invitingly mellow -- it doesn't set out to define gay life in 2014, but in trusting its characters and the different paths they're on, captures a sense of how the world has and continues to change. "

Posted Jan 21, 2014

Alison Willmore

22 88%

Cheap Thrills (2014)

"Ahead of its satiric aims, Cheap Thrills ultimately delivers its titular promise again and again."

Posted Jan 21, 2014

Eric Kohn

23 ——

Little Feet ()

"Barely an hour long and blatantly made on the cheap, Alexandre Rockwell's "Little Feet" conveys greater emotion and poignancy than most movies released last year; it's also a terrific start to this one."

Posted Jan 10, 2014

Eric Kohn

24 89%

Girls: Season 3 (TV, 2014)

" Like Hannah herself, it no longer feels like it's trying quite so hard to experience edgy things just for the sake of material, so that both its shocks and its missteps come across as earned. "

Posted Jan 9, 2014

Alison Willmore

25 81%

The Spoils of Babylon: Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" There's something admirable about Piedmont and Steele's fondness for mining for humor in the way a production is shot rather than in its content "

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Alison Willmore

26 84%

True Detective : Season 1 (TV, 2014)

" It has all the elements to be something eerie and excellent... like something thrillingly uncertain, not far from home and yet like no place you've ever seen. "

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Alison Willmore

27 44%

Cold Comes The Night (2014)

"Chun treats the material with a sophistication that brings its pulpy scenario down to earth. "

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Eric Kohn

28 100%

Parks and Recreation: Season 6 (TV, 2013-2014)

" It's great to see Leslie hang on in NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup, just as she's risen through the ranks of Pawnee city government. Nice girls, it seems, can overcome their irritating reputations if they work hard enough and long enough. "

Posted Jan 6, 2014

Alyssa Rosenberg

29 92%

Community: Season 5 (TV, 2013-2014)

" I, for one, am thrilled that the show is back and back-to-form. "

Posted Jan 6, 2014

Alison Willmore

30 93%

Treme: Season 4 (TV, 2013)

" I'm sorry to see it go, except that it went out on such a perfect note of bittersweet complexity -- like the culture it celebrates and mourns and suggests will endure anyway, it's something to have been relished even as it's come to a close. "

Posted Jan 2, 2014

Alison Willmore

31 94%

Archer: Season 4 (TV, 2013)

" Archer and company haven't grown up so much as they've grown, slowly, richer and more rounded. "

Posted Jan 2, 2014

Alison Willmore

32 75%

Lone Survivor (2014)

"Without delving much into the paradoxes of modern warfare, "Lone Survivor" embodies them."

Posted Dec 23, 2013

Eric Kohn

33 78%

All The Light In The Sky (2013)

"A minor effort in a filmography largely composed of them, "All the Light in the Sky" is nonetheless satisfying on the terms it establishes early on."

Posted Dec 20, 2013

Eric Kohn

34 91%

12 O'clock Boys (2014)

"Set to a lively soundtrack, 12 O'Clock Boys expresses the paradox of the sport -- its surface coolness and inherent recklessness -- as a single, troublesome package."

Posted Dec 19, 2013

Eric Kohn

35 94%

The Past (2013)

"Farhadi's new work confirms his unique ability to explore how constant chatter and anguished outbursts obscure the capacity for honest communication. "

Posted Dec 19, 2013

Eric Kohn

36 84%

Upstream Color (2013)

"By abandoning the need for specific interpretation, Carruth nails the fundamental inscrutability of the universe while remaining in awe of it the whole way through."

Posted Dec 17, 2013

Eric Kohn

37 77%

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

"A brazen three-hour cinematic bender of sex and drugs set to the tune of financial chaos, "The Wolf of Wall Street" is undoubtedly the craziest movie of Martin Scorsese's career."

Posted Dec 17, 2013

Eric Kohn

38 98%

Starred Up (2014)

"Pushing beyond the brutal exterior of his material, Mackenzie reveals the tender story of estrangement beneath, but never forces the sentimentality."

Posted Dec 11, 2013

Eric Kohn

39 86%

Un Conte de Noël (A Christmas Tale) (2008)

"The result is a massively overstuffed stocking of joy and bitterness, but one that more than meets the holiday movie genre's prerequisites for purification."

Posted Dec 6, 2013

Leo Goldsmith

40 65%

Mob City: Season 1 (TV, 2013)

" [It] comes across as larger than life and a little empty, maybe because the tropes it's built on are so well worn they're almost impossible to read as anything other than parody. "

Posted Dec 5, 2013

Alison Willmore

41 69%

Almost Human: Season 1 (TV, 2013-2014)

" What's most noteworthy... is how comfortably it fits alongside a certain type of forward-looking big screen effort both Abrams and others have been churning out lately. "

Posted Dec 5, 2013

Alison Willmore

42 72%

Getting On: Season 1 (TV, 2013)

" It's one of the most highly unlikely excellent shows I've seen. "

Posted Dec 5, 2013

Alison Willmore

43 80%

Betas: Season 1 (TV, 2013)

" It is, like Alphas, a solid show, one that actually shows more promise if also more of tendency to include thudding moments of "timeliness." "

Posted Dec 5, 2013

Alison Willmore

44 72%

Alpha House: Season 1

" Alpha House isn't entirely success, but it's certainly watchable, and comedies tend to take more time to find their center than dramas. "

Posted Dec 5, 2013

Alison Willmore

45 93%

American Hustle (2013)

"Russell turns the pursuit of the American dream into the ultimate escapism."

Posted Dec 4, 2013

Eric Kohn

46 42%

Oldboy (2013)

"A capable riff on Park's original that only tweaks a handful of noteworthy ingredients. "

Posted Nov 26, 2013

Eric Kohn

47 88%

The Punk Singer (2013)

"The Punk Singer generally overcomes its rough production values by realizing the energy of Hanna's achievements in terms of her passion and physical prowess."

Posted Nov 26, 2013

Eric Kohn

48 71%

Weekend Of A Champion (2013)

"Stewart knows his stuff, but his confidence is accompanied by the lingering sense that something could go wrong at any moment."

Posted Nov 20, 2013

Eric Kohn

49 92%

Philomena (2013)

""Philomena" eventually turns into a thoughtful treatise on the way the past has the power to dictate our actions and feelings in the present."

Posted Nov 19, 2013

Eric Kohn

50 89%

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

"The latest installment is an unquestionably tense return to the grim setting of the first movie, with a fair share of slickly devised action sequences, that raises the stakes with the prospects of a greater rebellion. "

Posted Nov 19, 2013

Eric Kohn

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