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Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 86%

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

"This is a film that weaves its fascinating magic and leaves all other questions for another time."

Posted Oct 18, 2012

John Bleasdale

2 83%

They Live (1988)

"Carpenter sweeps aside political preaching to allow the film to finish on a note of humour when the aliens are finally revealed for what they are."

Posted Oct 10, 2012

Lisa Williams

3 91%

Holy Motors (2012)

"I would rather go too far with Carax than stick to the comfort zone of our present cinematic environment."

Posted Oct 4, 2012

John Bleasdale

4 85%

Santa sangre (Holy Blood) (1990)

"Promoted with the apt slogan 'Forget everything you have ever seen', Jodorowsky's film takes no prisoners, except maybe for purposes of torture."

Posted Sep 20, 2012

David Cairns

5 75%

Killing Them Softly (2012)

"The film places us in a world of creeping failure, a country in irredeemable decline, a country where even the criminal fraternity lack energy, imagination and balls."

Posted Sep 19, 2012

John Bleasdale

6 87%

Tabu (2012)

"Elegantly weaving together colonial history, past cinema and personal memories, it unashamedly touches the heart, the most complicated muscle of the human anatomy."

Posted Sep 7, 2012

Pamela Jahn

7 95%

The Imposter (2012)

"As his story unfolds, one gets the uncomfortable sensation that a joke is being played. But on whom?"

Posted Aug 28, 2012

John A. Riley

8 88%

F for Fake (1974)

"Welles was to claim, 'I believe a work is good to the degree that it expresses the man who created it' and, by that standard, F for Fake must be a masterpiece."

Posted Aug 23, 2012

Paul Huckerby

9 78%

Killer Joe (2012)

"This, my friends, is the kind of movie they don't make anymore."

Posted Jun 28, 2012

Greg Klymkiw

10 93%

The Apartment (1960)

"When assessing his own work Billy Wilder described The Apartment as being the film with the fewest mistakes. And he is right: it is as near to perfect as is possible."

Posted Jun 15, 2012

Paul Huckerby

11 95%

The Bad and the Beautiful (1953)

"Charles Schnee's whip-smart script, packed with sharp one-liners and passionate dialogue is a pitch-perfect accompaniment to the noir-ish look of Robert Surtees's cinematography."

Posted May 24, 2012

Eithne Farry

12 85%

The Raid: Redemption (2012)

"It's early days yet, and there are still some excellent films to come, but already I think I've found my film of the year."

Posted May 17, 2012

Toby Weidmann

13 96%

Port of Shadows (Le Quai des Brumes) (2012)

"What is often forgotten when discussing poetic realism is how entertaining the films are, and none is more so than Le Quai des Brumes."

Posted May 3, 2012

Paul Huckerby

14 75%

Blackthorn (2011)

"A Western in possession of a social conscience, but without lapsing into preaching or patronising, this is an unassuming film in some ways, but ultimately it's self-assured, elegiac and sometimes strikingly beautiful."

Posted Apr 13, 2012

John A. Riley

15 94%

Himizu (2013)

"Despite the freakishness of the plot, there is a mournful tone that the use of Mozart and Samuel Barber reinforces. This is a satirical and in some ways despairingly angry film."

Posted Apr 12, 2012

John Bleasdale

16 65%

This Must Be The Place (2012)

"A lot of it is terrific stuff, but there's just too much here to be digestible, too much to be resolved satisfactorily."

Posted Apr 5, 2012

Mark Stafford

17 99%

Le Havre (2011)

"Such a heart-warming tale in any other hands could so easily become schmaltzy (a Spielberg remake would be awful), but the deadpan delivery and endless idiosyncrasies counterbalance this tendency."

Posted Apr 4, 2012

Paul Huckerby

18 97%

La Grande illusion (Grand Illusion) (2012)

"La Grande Illusion retains its power as an example of European camaraderie and co-operation."

Posted Apr 3, 2012

Alison Frank

19 91%

Into The Abyss (2011)

"The honesty of the flesh, the absurdity of the sacred, the enduring equivalence of meaninglessness that all men share. Into the Abyss: a Tale of Death, a Tale of Life finds its foothold here."

Posted Mar 30, 2012

Emily McMehen

20 ——

Black Bread (Pa Negre) ()

"While history is important to the narrative, the director cleverly subverts the audience's expectations, slowly revealing a much more nuanced and layered film, with a disturbing mystery at its core."

Posted Mar 8, 2012

Sarah Cronin

21 74%

Rampart (2012)

"The film is shown from Brown's point of view, with Woody Harrelson, dominating every scene and giving the performance of his life, somehow imbuing this violent, bigoted misanthrope with personality, charm and humour."

Posted Feb 24, 2012

Paul Huckerby

22 100%

Laura (2005)

"A thrilling, absorbing and original example of the genre; it's also beautifully shot, pure escapist entertainment."

Posted Feb 23, 2012

Sarah Cronin

23 90%

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

"Sean Durkin's debut is a creepy, tense and ambiguous piece of work."

Posted Feb 2, 2012

Mark Stafford

24 71%

Carnage (2011)

"Polanski's craftsmanship makes this chamber piece one of his more accomplished films."

Posted Feb 1, 2012

John Bleasdale

25 100%

Tatsumi (2012)

"Highly recommended for the graphically inclined, worthwhile viewing for the curious, now check out the books."

Posted Jan 13, 2012

Mark Stafford

26 88%

Margin Call (2011)

"It's a smart, entertaining film, and an impressive debut from the director."

Posted Jan 13, 2012

Sarah Cronin

27 79%

Shame (2011)

"Fassbender's performance is at once comic and tragic, ferocious and sensitive, strange but remarkably common, the brutal buffoonery of the male face in orgasm."

Posted Jan 10, 2012

John Bleasdale

28 89%

Prezít svuj zivot (teorie a praxe) (Surviving Life (Theory and Practice)) (2010)

"Eye-popping, disarming and playful, with a brisker pace than you might expect from this director."

Posted Dec 2, 2011

Mark Stafford

29 71%

Magic Trip (2011)

"There is much here to amuse, bemuse and tantalise; we get to see the inside of a particular bubble, with Ginsberg and Kerouac and the Grateful Dead, a nascent scene before it went global."

Posted Nov 19, 2011

Mark Stafford

30 83%

The Snowtown Murders (2012)

"Authentically, viscerally convincing in its performances and milieu, Snowtown throbs with tension and a deep sense of wrongness from its first reel onwards."

Posted Nov 16, 2011

Mark Stafford

31 97%

Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise) (1945)

"Even Truffaut conceded in the end: 'I have made 23 films, well, I would swap them all for the chance to have made Les enfants du paradis'."

Posted Nov 10, 2011

Eithne Farry

32 30%

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)

"If you can tune into its warped, droll humour and excessive brutality, this is one hell of an experience you are sure not to forget."

Posted Nov 3, 2011

Evrim Ersoy

33 87%

Miss Bala (2012)

"It's a gripping story told in the style of a very un-Hollywood thriller, with the action and suspense stemming from a disturbingly realistic portrayal of violence."

Posted Oct 28, 2011

Sarah Cronin

34 88%

The Silence (2013)

"A confidently paced film with a taut script that allows characterisation to develop with the performances rather than the dialogue."

Posted Oct 26, 2011

John A. Riley

35 84%

Contagion (2011)

"There is only one voice in Contagion and it is a rather empty one."

Posted Oct 21, 2011

Eleanor McKeown

36 85%

The Yellow Sea (2011)

"I was never bored, it's fast and funny and edge-of-the-seat tense; it's just that I'd still like to see the end of the film it started off being."

Posted Oct 19, 2011

Mark Stafford

37 90%

Hausu (House) (1977)

"Pushed the boundaries of the depiction of terror on screen and reveals the interest in the language of experimental filmmaking in genre and mainstream cinema of the time. "

Posted Oct 17, 2011

Alex Fitch

38 69%

Guilty Of Romance (2013)

"It's a film I primarily watched with my jaw in my lap wondering what the hell I was going to witness next."

Posted Sep 30, 2011

Mark Stafford

39 78%

Melancholia (2011)

"Because it's von Trier, there is a grim humour at work, but that doesn't mean he's unsympathetic or sneery."

Posted Sep 30, 2011

Frances Morgan

40 100%

The Swimming Pool (La Piscine) (1969)

"Deray does a deft job in capturing the hedonism and abandon of the period, where good looks and chic clothes conceal dark feelings that lurk beneath the surface, helped by a toe-tapping soundtrack by Michel Legrand."

Posted Sep 29, 2011

Lisa Williams

41 58%

Red State (2011)

"There are jagged tonal shifts and dramatic dead ends. It's messy, but it's thrilling, creepy and continually does things you don't expect."

Posted Sep 28, 2011

Mark Stafford

42 83%

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

"The sense of place and time is perfect: a pre-swinging London, rain-drenched and as cold as the war being fought."

Posted Sep 15, 2011

John Bleasdale

43 84%

Post Mortem (2012)

"Larraín keeps the action tightly focused on his small cast, closing in on a claustrophobic, macabre ending that works as a neat summary of all the deprivation and cruelty that has led up to it."

Posted Sep 9, 2011

Frances Morgan

44 82%

Trollhunter (2011)

"Enjoy it before the inevitable sequels and Hollywood remake sully its memory."

Posted Sep 7, 2011

David Cairns

45 94%

Days of Heaven (1978)

"The writing is witty, the story is told with a beguiling simplicity and the period is meticulously realised, not only in farming equipment and costume, but in attitudes and faces."

Posted Sep 1, 2011

John Bleasdale

46 ——

Silence has no Wings (Tobenai chinmoku) ()

"Silence Has No Wings seems to become ever more abstract the longer it goes on; it's a beautifully filmed allegory, a puzzle with reoccurring motifs that are slowly pieced together."

Posted Aug 17, 2011

Sarah Cronin

47 62%

Villain (Akunin) (2010)

"Lee has crafted a sparse, elegant portrait of loneliness, grief and desperation, with some brilliantly convincing performances adding to the film's appeal."

Posted Aug 16, 2011

Sarah Cronin

48 42%

The Taqwacores (2010)

"It has energy and humour and a nice bleached out look. And it throws a startling image or off-the-wall piece of dialogue at you every few minutes of its lean 83-minute running time."

Posted Aug 12, 2011

Mark Stafford

49 ——

Funeral Parade of Roses (1970)

"Ultimately, this is a film to watch and watch again."

Posted Aug 11, 2011

John Bleasdale

50 ——

Mujo (This Passing Life) (This Transient Life) (1971)

"The hyperactive camera makes this a movie that truly moves, something the director intended as an evocation of the titular concept of transience, or the Buddhist belief that everything in this world is fleeting."

Posted Aug 2, 2011

Tom Mes

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