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Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 89%

The Descendants (2011)

"A quirky, methodical detour through tropical paradise."

Posted Nov 14, 2011

Mark Sells

2 78%

Melancholia (2011)

"A deeply meditative film with stunning visuals, Melancholia brilliantly captures the chaos and calm before the storm."

Posted Nov 9, 2011

Mark Sells

3 68%

Tower Heist (2011)

"Presents nothing new in terms of story and can't always sustain its energetic pace, (but) it does provide a lot of action and plenty of laughs."

Posted Nov 4, 2011

Mark Sells

4 84%

Puss in Boots (2011)

"For a fairy tale slash prequel slash spinoff, Puss in Boots is the cat's meow."

Posted Oct 26, 2011

Mark Sells

5 90%

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

"An ambiguous, yet startling tale of post-cult trauma. "

Posted Oct 17, 2011

Mark Sells

6 85%

The Ides of March (2011)

"Smart and skillfully directed, The Ides of March depicts the ugly reality of modern day politics. "

Posted Oct 4, 2011

Mark Sells

7 83%

Warrior (2011)

"With great intensity, Warrior is a pleasant surprise, capturing the heart and spirit of a champion. "

Posted Sep 6, 2011

Mark Sells

8 77%

The Debt (2011)

"A nifty little puzzler that satisfactorily pays off."

Posted Aug 29, 2011

Mark Sells

9 100%

The Interrupters (2011)

"Demands your attention, all the while demonstrating what great documentary filmmaking is all about - a hopeful vehicle for change."

Posted Aug 24, 2011

Mark Sells

10 62%

Griff the Invisible (2011)

"With lots of charm and humor, Griff the Invisible is a quirky and sophisticated romance in disguise."

Posted Aug 16, 2011

Mark Sells

11 92%

Senna (2011)

"One of the most fascinating, yet sobering views on the sport of auto racing."

Posted Aug 8, 2011

Mark Sells

12 74%

The Whistleblower (2011)

"Powerful and purposeful. "

Posted Aug 1, 2011

Mark Sells

13 78%

Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

"One of the most clever and enthusiastic romantic comedies of recent memory."

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Mark Sells

14 80%

Life in a Day (2011)

"With meticulous editing by Joe Walker, Life in a Day is a wonderfully uplifting account of what it means to be human."

Posted Jul 20, 2011

Mark Sells

15 96%

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011)

"An abbreviated, yet exhilarating finale that is equally satisfying as it is bittersweet. "

Posted Jul 11, 2011

Mark Sells

16 84%

The Tree of Life (2011)

"An extraordinary achievement in storytelling that will captivate your inner sense of being. "

Posted Jul 6, 2011

Mark Sells

17 86%

Terri (2011)

"There is a tranquil beauty in Tobias Datum's cinematography and a wholesomeness in the film's main characters that rises about the cliches."

Posted Jun 28, 2011

Mark Sells

18 39%

Cars 2 (2011)

"Hits the gas with a simpler story about friendship, bolder visuals, good natured humor, and wall to wall action."

Posted Jun 20, 2011

Mark Sells

19 89%

Buck (2011)

"A fascinating look at one man's approach to life through horses, hard work, and compassion. "

Posted Jun 15, 2011

Mark Sells

20 82%

Super 8 (2011)

"While Super 8 lacks some of the emotional punch and heart so masterfully orchestrated by Spielberg, it does capture some of the magic, surprise, and excitement of his early works."

Posted Jun 6, 2011

Mark Sells

21 87%

X-Men: First Class (2011)

"Represents a successful reboot and a welcome return of the summer blockbuster."

Posted May 31, 2011

Mark Sells

22 60%

The Beaver (2011)

"Regardless of what you've read in the tabloids and have come to know about Mel Gibson off screen, on screen, he is still a man with many talents."

Posted May 17, 2011

Mark Sells

23 90%

Bridesmaids (2011)

"Playing out like a typical Judd Apatow film, Bridesmaids foregoes fantasy and instead, chooses the actions, language, and attitudes of real women."

Posted May 9, 2011

Mark Sells

24 77%

Thor (2011)

"An epic adventure of the classical sense, blending Norse mythology with human drama, romance, and a splash of hammer time!"

Posted May 3, 2011

Mark Sells

25 96%

13 Assassins (2011)

"There is plenty of blood in 13 Assassins, but Miike quietly builds his characters and their dilemmas, leading up to a grand spectacle of swordplay that includes a whopping 45 minute action finale. "

Posted Apr 25, 2011

Mark Sells

26 94%

The King's Speech (2010)

"A British production featuring meticulous period detail, outstanding performances from Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter, and inventive staging and visuals"

Posted Apr 23, 2011

Mark Sells

27 72%

Hanna (2011)

"Includes a pulsating soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers and tremendous fight and chase choreography that will absolutely, leave you on the edge of your seat. "

Posted Apr 23, 2011

Mark Sells

28 92%

Incendies (2011)

"Flashing backwards and forwards through time, the film includes enough emotional firepower and startling revelations to keep you guessing at every turn."

Posted Apr 23, 2011

Mark Sells

29 88%

Rango (2011)

"A smart, satirical, and expertly animated adventure aimed at adults and children alike."

Posted Apr 23, 2011

Mark Sells

30 49%

Super (2011)

"Gunn's unique approach, combining twisted humor, dark drama, and over-the-top violence, offers a great change of pace for audiences tired of mainstream comic book fare."

Posted Apr 23, 2011

Mark Sells

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