Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 98%

Starred Up (2014)

"It offers no easy answers and takes no sides: the result is one of the most engrossing, exciting and explosive prison films the UK has ever produced."

Posted Mar 21, 2014

Ali Gray

2 89%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

"Exactly what we expect from Marvel now and, as such, this is the first film in its catalogue that doesn't feel particularly fresh or exciting."

Posted Mar 21, 2014

Matt Looker

3 85%

Under the Skin (2014)

"Under The Skin finds grace even in moments of raw horror, composed by a filmmaker who can legitimately call himself a master of the art."

Posted Mar 11, 2014

Ali Gray

4 23%

Need For Speed (2014)

"Exposition is light, action is quick, stunt-driving is awesome ... this film really does convince that there is a... uh... requirement for haste."

Posted Mar 9, 2014

Matt Looker

5 60%

Non-Stop (2014)

"It is crucial that a film of this genre can convince you it is smarter than you are. Non-Stop fails, but makes an admirable effort to distract you with silliness."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Ali Gray

6 54%

Cuban Fury (2014)

"I could honestly stare at Nick Frost's face for hours: he is literally a human teddy bear."

Posted Feb 15, 2014

Ali Gray

7 48%

RoboCop (2014)

"A hybrid creation that isn't quite sure which it really is - an original entity or a manufactured automaton. Very much like... well, you get the analogy."

Posted Feb 6, 2014

Matt Looker

8 56%

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

"The world has changed since Tom Clancy's heyday - cinema doesn't need Jack Ryan any more."

Posted Jan 20, 2014

Ali Gray

9 77%

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

"Spend three hours on Scorsese's Wall Street, and he'll have you convinced: greed isn't just good - it's great."

Posted Jan 18, 2014

Ali Gray

10 49%

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

"It's hard to hold a grudge ... when the film delivers such a triumphant story filled with just as much hilarity as wonder."

Posted Dec 27, 2013

Matt Looker

11 29%

The Family (2013)

"Every time Luc Besson uses a bullet in a body as a punchline, a real joke somewhere out in the wild dies."

Posted Nov 24, 2013

Ali Gray

12 78%

Filth (2014)

"Required to run the gamut from sympathetic, troubled victim of circumstance to sweaty, coke-fuelled rage monster, McAvoy is a horrifically enjoyable revelation."

Posted Nov 24, 2013

Ali Gray

13 43%

The Call (2013)

"It seems at odds with itself thanks to a generous helping of tropes from two distinctly different genres: fast-paced action thriller and creepy serial killer horror."

Posted Nov 20, 2013

Matt Looker

14 93%

Captain Phillips (2013)

"It spends as much time on true-to-life protocols as thrills and spills. And it's a film in which Tom Hanks sweats unattractively from his man-boobs. Talk about uncompromising"

Posted Nov 20, 2013

Matt Looker

15 65%

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

"Though it uses some spotty logic and galactic-sized plot contrivances to get it over the finish line, Thor: The Dark World is never less than breathlessly entertaining."

Posted Oct 24, 2013

Ali Gray

16 81%

Don Jon (2013)

"Though Don Jon succeeds in being funny at every turn, it is less successful in being a movie with something important to say."

Posted Oct 21, 2013

Ali Gray

17 93%

All Is Lost (2013)

"All Is Lost is a movie that is understated, yet still manages to play out on a staggeringly huge canvas; the personal and the universal one and the same."

Posted Oct 6, 2013

Ali Gray

18 9%

Runner Runner (2013)

"In poker terms, Runner Runner is the player who wins an average stack of chips, bets moderately, cashes out even and leaves before the game gets interesting."

Posted Sep 26, 2013

Ali Gray

19 89%

Rush (2013)

"Rush falls short of greatness due to a final layer of artifice lacquered over the screenplay: that's the Peter Morgan difference."

Posted Sep 11, 2013

Ali Gray

20 58%

Riddick (2013)

"An obvious throwback to the stripped-back, small-scale sci-fi of Pitch Black... a fun flick with all the right intentions."

Posted Aug 31, 2013

Ali Gray

21 47%

We're The Millers (2013)

"A movie with a solid comedic concept at its core but one that is forced to go through the necessary motions until it rolls to a stop."

Posted Aug 24, 2013

Ali Gray

22 29%

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

"Kick-Ass 2 is fun, but it isn't always funny."

Posted Aug 15, 2013

Ali Gray

23 30%

The Lone Ranger (2013)

"The Lone Ranger is a curio on a gigantic scale; a colossal, misunderstood mistake that will win you over with weird if only you'll let it."

Posted Aug 7, 2013

Ali Gray

24 86%

Alan Partridge (2014)

"For a character who has survived 20 years on every broadcasting medium under the sun, it's remarkable that Alan has never outstayed his welcome."

Posted Aug 5, 2013

Ali Gray

25 93%

Frances Ha (2013)

"An unlikely feelgood crowd-pleaser - Frances Ha is sweet, funny, darling and almost unbearably lovely. And thankfully, everyone enunciates."

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Ali Gray

26 69%

The Wolverine (2013)

"You'll be left wishing that it was a fun comic-book movie with some emotional weight, rather than a serious character study with a few exciting scenes."

Posted Jul 18, 2013

Matt Looker

27 89%

The World's End (2013)

"The film is as funny and original as Wright and Pegg's previous efforts, even if time and familiarity with the pair's comedy stylings has rendered it not quite as fresh."

Posted Jul 9, 2013

Matt Looker

28 72%

Pacific Rim (2013)

"Pacific Rim will go down as the year's ballsiest blockbuster - a movie for whom 'Go big or go extinct' isn't just a tagline, but a reason to be."

Posted Jul 8, 2013

Ali Gray

29 56%

Man of Steel (2013)

"You'll believe a man can frown. A lot."

Posted Jun 17, 2013

Matt Looker

30 56%

Man of Steel (2013)

"Batman is serious. Iron Man is funny. I'm perfectly fine with Superman just being badass."

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Ali Gray

31 84%

Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

"Whether you are a fully fledged Shakespeare scholar or an iambic pent-amateur, [this is a] film that concentrates first and foremost on keeping its audience entertained."

Posted Jun 12, 2013

Matt Looker

32 49%

The Great Gatsby (2013)

"Luhrmann basically invites us to the world's greatest party, but it's one that slowly sours over the course of the following two hours."

Posted May 24, 2013

Matt Looker

33 7%

The Big Wedding (2013)

"Absolutely every character ends the movie on an upbeat note, proving that weddings are the best situations for solving peoples' problems."

Posted May 23, 2013

Ali Gray

34 19%

The Hangover Part III (2013)

"Rather like a real hangover, Part III leaves behind a sour taste and a nasty feeling like you've done something you shouldn't have."

Posted May 22, 2013

Ali Gray

35 68%

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

"The action sequences are uniformly excellent and immaculately choreographed, although Justin Lin does edit the chase scenes with a touch too much haste and fury."

Posted May 13, 2013

Ali Gray

36 87%

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

"It goes quickly, it goes loudly and it goes spectacularly. The only problem is that it never seems to live up to the franchise's original mission statement and go boldly"

Posted May 4, 2013

Matt Looker

37 78%

Iron Man 3 (2013)

"A summer blockbuster that, in this era of saturating trailers and set-piece spoiling TV spots, genuinely takes you by surprise."

Posted Apr 24, 2013

Matt Looker

38 62%

Evil Dead (2013)

"This could easily have been the best demon possession film released in decades. Instead it is just a very effective, still-terrifying, evil retread."

Posted Apr 19, 2013

Matt Looker

39 48%

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

"Once the film stops taking itself too seriously and gives in to over-the-top entertainment, it becomes a vastly superior movie - albeit one with some head-shakingly stupid moments. "

Posted Apr 16, 2013

Matt Looker

40 54%

Oblivion (2013)

"A sci-fi that's always a little more inclined to have the heart racing instead of the grey matter working. As an upgrade from the cold, emotionless Tron: Legacy, however, it's outstanding."

Posted Apr 9, 2013

Ali Gray

41 28%

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

"The most fun I have ever had watching one of the worst films I have ever seen"

Posted Mar 27, 2013

Matt Looker

42 68%

Trance (2013)

"Trance is a film so twisty and slippery that it almost succeeds in making you lose interest in its outcome."

Posted Mar 26, 2013

Ali Gray

43 50%

Welcome to the Punch (2013)

"I wish all my local plods were brutal no-nonsense renegade cops."

Posted Mar 11, 2013

Matt Looker

44 41%

Parker (2013)

"Slick, refined and so polished you can damn near make out your reflection on Statham's forehead. "

Posted Mar 8, 2013

Ali Gray

45 59%

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

"It may not have much courage in its adherence to the 1939 classic, [but] the film still manages to find both a brain and heart somewhere along the way."

Posted Mar 1, 2013

Matt Looker

46 15%

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

"Ironically, despite its lack of humour, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a film destined to be remembered as a laughing stock."

Posted Feb 26, 2013

Ali Gray

47 86%

Manborg (2013)

"Manborg works first and foremost by being genuinely, legitimately funny."

Posted Feb 24, 2013

Matt Looker

48 62%

Hitchcock (2012)

"All we mostly get to see is the sad, silent contemplation of an old, weary, prosthetically constructed man"

Posted Feb 24, 2013

Matt Looker

49 86%

Wreck-it Ralph (2012)

"A very clever, delightfully funny and visually stunning Disney film. And yet we end up watching it having already seen its potential to be something much more enticing."

Posted Feb 24, 2013

Matt Looker

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