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1 14%

Year One (2009)

"Year One is a slapdash concoction with an overreliance on scatological gags and a long lag time between laughs. I freely admit that. Yet I have a certain affection for this movie, if only because of its conceptual simplicity."

Posted Jun 19, 2009

Dana Stevens

2 51%

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

"It's easy to imagine why Pelham's producers wouldn't want Scott's professional but dull picture to be compared with the 1974 classic."

Posted Jun 11, 2009

John Swansburg

3 95%

Nurse Jackie: Season 1 (TV, 2009)

" This is a character study, and the pleasures are in the performances, chiefly Falco's as a person more strung-out than Dr. House and more crackling than an impatient diner waitress. "

Posted Jun 8, 2009

Troy Patterson

4 67%

Away We Go (2009)

"Away We Go is like a disappointing term paper by a promising student."

Posted Jun 5, 2009

Dana Stevens

5 26%

Land of the Lost (2009)

"Land of the Lost is an enjoyable regression to Saturday mornings gone by, as junky and sweet as a strawberry Pop-Tart."

Posted Jun 5, 2009

Dana Stevens

6 79%

The Hangover (2009)

"This kind of 'one crazy night' tale relies on drum-tight structure to work. Without it, The Hangover sputters to a sentimental halt."

Posted Jun 5, 2009

Dana Stevens

7 98%

Up (2009)

"What's marvelous about Up is how confidently it assumes the audience will smartly follow wherever it wants to take us."

Posted May 28, 2009

Dana Stevens

8 64%

The Girlfriend Experience (2009)

"Though the result is thematically slight, it's structurally sophisticated enough to reward a second viewing (or at least, unlike Grey's previous work, to be watched all the way through)."

Posted May 22, 2009

Dana Stevens

9 33%

Terminator Salvation (2009)

"A good summer movie isn't just an uninterrupted crescendo of cacophony. You need stuff in between the fireballs and the cyborgs."

Posted May 21, 2009

Dana Stevens

10 88%

Glee: Season 1 (TV, 2009-2010)

" At its best, Glee is not just entertaining but elating, dramatizing Breakfast Club-quality teen angst with the aid of tight production numbers covering new and classic popular songs. "

Posted May 19, 2009

Troy Patterson

11 46%

Management (2009)

"Despite the essential implausibility of the story, Management remains for the most part as endearing as its leads."

Posted May 15, 2009

Dana Stevens

12 66%

The Brothers Bloom (2009)

"One question rings hollowly in the brain for the length this painfully twee romp: What hath Wes Anderson wrought?"

Posted May 15, 2009

Dana Stevens

13 37%

Angels & Demons (2009)

"If nothing else, Angels & Demons proves that, as McGuffins go, a cylinder of antimatter is more fun than the Holy Grail."

Posted May 14, 2009

Dana Stevens

14 73%

Rudo y Cursi (2009)

"I won't tell you who wins the Rudo/Cursi showdown, but when it comes to the Cuarˇn brothers, my money's on Alfonso."

Posted May 8, 2009

Dana Stevens

15 95%

Star Trek (2009)

"Abrams' cannily constructed prequel respects (for the most part) the rules of that world and, more importantly, retains the original Star Trek's spirit of optimism, curiosity, and humor."

Posted May 7, 2009

Dana Stevens

16 ——

Golden Girls - The Complete First Season (2004)

Posted May 1, 2009

Troy Patterson

17 38%

X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009)

"Even by the standard of a fourth-in-a-series summer blockbuster, Wolverine is remarkably lame."

Posted Apr 30, 2009

Dana Stevens

18 84%

Tyson (2009)

"It's a movie that's thought-provoking without being intelligent and candid without being truthful. The same aesthetic choices that [director] Toback seems convinced will set his documentary apart are also what diminishes its credibility."

Posted Apr 24, 2009

Dana Stevens

19 84%

State of Play (2009)

"Instead of luring us down an ever-darker and twistier path, it strands us in a tedious and ill-designed maze."

Posted Apr 16, 2009

Dana Stevens

20 98%

Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2009)

"Anvil!'s deep kinship with Spinal Tap is more than circumstantial. Both films are, at heart, portraits of a lifelong collaboration between two musicians as dedicated as they are delusional."

Posted Apr 10, 2009

Dana Stevens

21 65%

The History Boys (2006)

Posted Apr 10, 2009

Dana Stevens

22 57%

Parks and Recreation: Season 1 (TV, 2009)

" The show is just good enough to keep you turning back in to see her [Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope] unwarranted optimism curdle. "

Posted Apr 9, 2009

Troy Patterson

23 51%

Observe and Report (2009)

"Observe and Report tickets should come with a free breath mint, because however hard you've been laughing, that ending leaves a seriously bad taste in your mouth."

Posted Apr 9, 2009

Dana Stevens

24 89%

Adventureland (2009)

"Adventureland, Greg Mottola's tale of coming of age in Pittsburgh in 1987, has the note-perfect melancholy of a classic young adult novel."

Posted Apr 3, 2009

Dana Stevens

25 91%

Sugar (2008)

"The most remarkable thing Sugar does is give American viewers a sense of how our country must seem to a newly arrived immigrant, without caricaturing or condescending to either guest or host."

Posted Apr 2, 2009

Dana Stevens

26 95%

Goodbye Solo (2009)

"There's hope yet for world cinema if an Iranian-American director can take the premise of an Iranian film, set it in North Carolina, cast the lead roles with an African fashion model and Elvis Presley's former bodyguard, and produce something utterly new."

Posted Mar 26, 2009

Dana Stevens

27 72%

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

"The multilayered picture tends to have a gently immersive effect, akin to a stroll through the world's most expensive diorama."

Posted Mar 26, 2009

Jessica Winter

28 84%

I Love You, Man (2009)

"Though the script doesn't always rise to their level, I Love You, Man is more than worth seeing for the chemistry between the shambling Segel and the endlessly inventive Rudd."

Posted Mar 20, 2009

Dana Stevens

29 64%

Duplicity (2009)

"Duplicity plays as a less-successful comic remake of Michael Clayton."

Posted Mar 19, 2009

Dana Stevens

30 77%

Better Off Ted: Season 1 (TV, 2009)

" I'd attribute its core mediocrity to the sense of risk aversion at the forefront of big-media minds as they all face the prospect of working in little media. "

Posted Mar 18, 2009

Troy Patterson

31 93%

Z (1969)

"Z combines the intellectual heft of revolution-themed films like The Battle of Algiers with the drop-dead cool of mod touchstones like Blow Out or Le Samoura´."

Posted Mar 13, 2009

Dana Stevens

32 72%

Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

"Adams and Blunt are just as determined to make this movie work as the Lorkowskis are to better their lot in life. Their luminescence and pluck, not to mention those two hypnotizing sets of eyeballs, carry the day."

Posted Mar 12, 2009

Dana Stevens

33 59%

Phoebe in Wonderland (2009)

"[Elle Fanning is] an astonishingly natural and unmannered actress who carries this rather ungainly movie on her narrow shoulders."

Posted Mar 6, 2009

Dana Stevens

34 65%

Watchmen (2009)

"Watchmen fans wondering whether their graphic novel has been ruined will be thrilled to see its key scenes reproduced with storyboardlike fidelity, but those who've never read it will be unlikely to understand what the big deal was in the first place."

Posted Mar 5, 2009

Dana Stevens

35 16%

Crossing Over (2009)

"All of its plot threads are equally dreadworthy."

Posted Feb 26, 2009

Dana Stevens

36 82%

Two Lovers (2008)

"The movie's occasionally risible sincerity is what sets the flawed but riveting Two Lovers apart from other recent films about young New Yorkers in love."

Posted Feb 13, 2009

Dana Stevens

37 53%

Dollhouse: Season 1 (TV, 2009)

" The show is quick and exciting in its particulars, slick and captivating in its details. "

Posted Feb 13, 2009

Troy Patterson

38 25%

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

"If you spin out the unintended analogy of Confessions of a Shopaholic to the current financial crisis, the film starts to mutate from a not-that-funny comedy into a tragic allegory."

Posted Feb 12, 2009

Dana Stevens

39 90%

Coraline (2009)

"Like Coraline in the doppelgńnger world, we swoon over all the neat stuff without ever making ourselves at home."

Posted Feb 6, 2009

Dana Stevens

40 83%

There's Something About Mary (1998)

"Wrackingly funny."

Posted Feb 3, 2009

David Edelstein

41 29%

New In Town (2009)

"For many Americans, the only believable part of New in Town may be its ominous premise: There's a rich jerk in town, and she's come to take away your job."

Posted Jan 29, 2009

Dana Stevens

42 79%

United States of Tara: Season 1 (TV, 2009)

" It will be interesting to see if future episodes address [the] trauma while maintaining the half-frivolous tone of this smart aleck's answer to Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and sundry other sitcoms about the voodoo of domestic happiness. "

Posted Jan 18, 2009

Troy Patterson

43 33%

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)

"As cheapo larks go, it's a winningly unassuming one: no stars, no big action set pieces. Just a fat guy, a near-empty mall, and a lot of really ridiculous ideas."

Posted Jan 16, 2009

Dana Stevens

44 59%

The Beast: Season 1 (TV, 2009)

" Some people can only howl at a line like that, and others, less sophisticated, will swing a fist in the air to cheer it, but I found it quite simple and most congenial to do both at the same time. "

Posted Jan 15, 2009

Troy Patterson

45 51%

Notorious (2009)

"The best way to remember Biggie Smalls is to listen to "Juicy" or "Things Done Changed" or any of the virtuosic autobiographical raps in which Christopher Wallace paints his own world with more immediacy and wit than Notorious ever manages to muster."

Posted Jan 15, 2009

Dana Stevens

46 72%

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

"Fincher's magic can't transform him from the coldly dispassionate misanthropist of Se7en, Fight Club, and Zodiac into a sentimental humanist, and it can't turn Brad Pitt into the kind of actor who can carry a movie like this."

Posted Dec 25, 2008

Dana Stevens

47 68%

Revolutionary Road (2008)

"Why does the movie feel as pleasantly deadening as the midcentury Connecticut suburb where it takes place?"

Posted Dec 24, 2008

Dana Stevens

48 62%

Valkyrie (2008)

"For a thriller with a thoroughly foreordained outcome, Valkyrie does a pretty good job at making the viewer's palms sweat."

Posted Dec 24, 2008

Dana Stevens

49 96%

The Class (2008)

"You walk out of the theater feeling unsettled, curious, and passionate to talk -- as if you just spent two hours in the best class you ever took."

Posted Dec 18, 2008

Dana Stevens

50 45%

Yes Man (2008)

"Perhaps Yes Man's writers got confused by the film's tag line, 'Yes Is the New No.' In honor of that convoluted axiom, here's my one-word review. Should you go see Yes Man?: Yes."

Posted Dec 18, 2008

Dana Stevens

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