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1 74%

Cold Souls (2009)

"The film is at times hilarious, and yet it is surprisingly melancholy. Giamatti is an astounding actor, as anyone would know who saw his recent portrayal of John Adams, and he here gives a sterling performance, one that is ferociously comic and anarchic,"

Posted Jul 21, 2009

Paul Fischer

2 19%

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

"Bay's most unrestrained and ridiculous to date. The male teenage cinematic equivalent of snorting cocaine off a hooker's ass."

Posted Jun 23, 2009

Garth Franklin

3 33%

Terminator Salvation (2009)

"Falls mighty short against James Cameron's filmmaking proficiency and the sharp blade of fickle fanboy nostalgia"

Posted Jun 11, 2009

Garth Franklin

4 65%

Is Anybody There? (2009)

"With two direct and developed lead performances from Michael Caine and young Bill Milner, it seems unfair to watch their efforts wasted on an uneven, unsatisfying picture like the tear-jerker Is Anybody There?"

Posted Jun 1, 2009

Brian Orndorf

5 89%

Adventureland (2009)

"It's fantastic to observe Adventureland reach out and seek a timeless youthful uprising feel, but the film's eventual realization is a crushing disappointment."

Posted May 24, 2009

Brian Orndorf

6 51%

Observe and Report (2009)

"Ronnie's corruption is not an easy journey to absorb, but Observe and Report is committed to the hellish descent all the way."

Posted May 14, 2009

Brian Orndorf

7 37%

Angels & Demons (2009)

"A tighter, more agreeable, decidedly more polished, and wider appealing movie that only occasionally drops into the traps of the last film"

Posted May 11, 2009

Garth Franklin

8 38%

X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009)

"Falling somewhere between noble failure and modest success, 'Wolverine' is ultimately a generic Summer film actioneer that will quickly be forgotten"

Posted Apr 30, 2009

Garth Franklin

9 95%

Star Trek (2009)

"Reintroduces critical elements the franchise has not seen in years - cultural relevance, suspense, and a fresh sense of wonder"

Posted Apr 13, 2009

Garth Franklin

10 27%

Fast & Furious (2009)

"A film that ultimately feels more like a cobbled together rent-a-car than a sleek Euro-styled crotch magnet"

Posted Mar 31, 2009

Garth Franklin

11 33%

Knowing (2009)

"A few may find revelation in this awkward fusion of 'Left Behind' meets 'Close Encounters', but most will simply find grave disappointment"

Posted Mar 21, 2009

Garth Franklin

12 65%

Watchmen (2009)

"A wildly ambitious, often frustrating, but ultimately successful experiment that will divide audiences."

Posted Feb 27, 2009

Garth Franklin

13 25%

Friday the 13th (2009)

"This 'Friday' is simply a pointless exercise beyond paying off Michael Bay's seventh mortgage"

Posted Feb 13, 2009

Garth Franklin

14 59%

The International (2009)

"A timely yet cold drama that's exquisitely produced but mechanical and off-base in intent and execution. As for the plot? 'Terrorism, brought to you by Citibank'"

Posted Feb 11, 2009

Garth Franklin

15 55%

Australia (2008)

"A flawed, formulaic family crowd pleaser that barely succeeds as campy anachronistic period fluff. Will go down as a self-indulgent disappointment in many corners"

Posted Nov 19, 2008

Garth Franklin

16 64%

Quantum of Solace (2008)

"Nothing less than a crushing disappointment - a barely plotted, poorly filmed, hyper-edited and most of all utterly flat vehicle"

Posted Nov 15, 2008

Garth Franklin

17 79%

Red Eye (2005)

"Quick but satisfying."

Posted Oct 18, 2008

Garth Franklin

18 36%

Igor (2008)

"Ultimately the film can only dream of having the magic, personality and charm of the Tim Burton efforts it so obviously plagiarises"

Posted Oct 6, 2008

Garth Franklin

19 45%

Lakeview Terrace (2008)

"Drums up the odd moment of effective mild suspense before succumbing to standard genre shenanigans"

Posted Oct 6, 2008

Garth Franklin

20 26%

Eagle Eye (2008)

"An overcooked, far-fetched, break-neck paced thriller that has plenty of action but little time for anything else"

Posted Oct 6, 2008

Garth Franklin

21 61%

The Duchess (2008)

"Focuses far too much on the cold accuracy of details than actually emotionally involving the audience in the story. Sumptuous but barren"

Posted Sep 29, 2008

Garth Franklin

22 14%

Mirrors (2008)

"An ultimately uninteresting work that serves as a potential low point for one of the more promising genre filmmakers in recent times"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

23 91%

Transsiberian (2008)

"This is a slow, deliberate and carefully thought out piece for adults who like to savour rather than devour their thrills"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

24 18%

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

"Even with the bar having been lowered by the vacuous, overblown prequels though, 'Clone Wars' takes things to crass new lows"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

25 54%

Mamma Mia! (2008)

"ABBA's legacy will stand the test of time far longer than this"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

26 13%

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

"Miscast, fumbled action sequences, flat humor, and one of the most disjointed and problematic scripts of a major movie this year"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

27 1%

Disaster Movie (2008)

"If Judd Apatow is the Jesus of modern comedy, Seltzer and Friedberg are the Anti-Christ - and sadly just as prolific"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

28 6%

Babylon A.D. (2008)

"Loses the few bits of intriguing groundwork it lays amidst a cacophony of mangled editing, lethargic performances, and an utterly unfocused and often contradictory narrative"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

29 9%

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

"Neutered, but pretty, and lacking any real development, this is the cinematic equivalent of a eunuch whose voice unfortunately broke pre-castration"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

30 43%

Death Race (2008)

"Like a monster car rally without a Truckosaurus in sight, this is more about the smashes and crashes than the vehicles themselves"

Posted Sep 11, 2008

Garth Franklin

31 85%

Ghost Town (2008)

"A gloriously entertaining, deliciously funny and genuinely moving film, Ghost Town deserves to be seen and savored."

Posted Sep 8, 2008

Paul Fischer

32 32%

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2) (2008)

"Cheaply shot, discernibly under-written, decently acted, unimaginatively directed, and ultimately pointless."

Posted Jul 24, 2008

Garth Franklin

33 94%

The Dark Knight (2008)

"A dark, ambitious, mature and gritty crime saga the likes of which Michael Mann or Martin Scorsese would be proud to call their own."

Posted Jul 7, 2008

Garth Franklin

34 71%

Wanted (2008)

"For any red-blooded, alpha male who loves to masturbate while armed - this is your movie"

Posted Jun 29, 2008

Garth Franklin

35 41%

Hancock (2008)

"A clumsily executed, forgettable mess that's too dark for kids, too dull for teens and too dumb for adults"

Posted Jun 28, 2008

Garth Franklin

36 17%

The Happening (2008)

"Excluding moments of chilling effectiveness, this could fairly be called his worst film. Even his saving grace of keen directorial acumen visibly loses cohesion on screen."

Posted Jun 12, 2008

Garth Franklin

37 67%

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

"Good enough for its fans and a decent enough actioneer for the rest of us."

Posted Jun 10, 2008

Garth Franklin

38 78%

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

"In spite of an over reliance on CG, and one too many obvious moments of George Lucas-involved tomfoolery, this is a great piece of studio-produced escapist entertainment"

Posted May 19, 2008

Garth Franklin

39 27%

What Happens in Vegas (2008)

"The formula is too contrived and the chemistry not enough for any genuine sparks to fly"

Posted May 12, 2008

Garth Franklin

40 39%

Speed Racer (2008)

"The actors are lost amidst the orgy of pixels writhing around like the special effects equivalent of a bukkake film"

Posted May 12, 2008

Garth Franklin

41 93%

Iron Man (2008)

"Its cast, principally Robert Downey Jr, and some solid direction from Jon Favreau breathe a lot of life and energy into an otherwise run-of-the-mill comic book origin movie."

Posted Apr 28, 2008

Garth Franklin

42 41%

27 Dresses (2008)

"Manages to cover every wedding film cliche in the canon, and does so without yielding any genuine laughs"

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Garth Franklin

43 16%

Untraceable (2008)

"Takes the two most cliched types of serial killer movie and tries to fuse them together to create a spark of something original - it doesn't work"

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Garth Franklin

44 37%

Rambo (Rambo IV) (2008)

"Those going in knowing what to expect will likely welcome this send-off"

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Garth Franklin

45 2%

Meet the Spartans (2008)

"One of the most painfully bad comedies I've ever had to endure, and I've seen the collected works of Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen, Ice Cube AND Cedric the Entertainer"

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Garth Franklin

46 11%

Fool's Gold (2008)

"Once the eye candy value wears off, there's precious little left to salvage from this awkward and only mildly diverting genre bender"

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Garth Franklin

47 77%

Cloverfield (2008)

"Cloverfield is simply a clever, albeit derivative, spin on a very predictable genre, and as such its easy to indulge in if you go with the inherit silliness."

Posted Jan 16, 2008

Garth Franklin

48 24%

Failure to Launch (2006)

Posted Jan 15, 2008

Garth Franklin

49 73%

In the Valley of Elah (2007)

Posted Jan 15, 2008

Garth Franklin

50 71%

Beowulf (2007)

"A feast of imagery coupled with magnificent drama, a rare cinematic marriage that is destined for box office gold and deservedly so."

Posted Jan 15, 2008

Garth Franklin

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