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1 83%

The Rape of Europa (2007)

"You don't have to be an art lover to shed a few tears over the excellent human spirit involved in protecting such art treasures from violent, despotic greed. And, for their proper restitution."

Posted Sep 23, 2007

Jules Brenner

2 74%

Outsourced (2007)

"What might have been a cheap imitation of the endless studio vehicles for top stars is, really, something that will entertain you with its own, rough-edged and more modest, merits."

Posted Sep 20, 2007

Jules Brenner

3 35%

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

"They wrote themselves into a corner from the git go by making the central relationship one that couldn't be consummated."

Posted Sep 19, 2007

Jules Brenner

4 82%

Into the Wild (2007)

"Penn's 140 minute conveyance of the story is rambling and structurally unsteady but every essential ingredient is there, which we put together with a lingering impression of poetry and pain."

Posted Sep 19, 2007

Jules Brenner

5 96%

Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea (2004)

"A sad but interesting sociological study of a not completely abandoned desert outpost that seems to be saying, "where there's water there will be humanity.""

Posted Sep 16, 2007

Jules Brenner

6 36%

Sleuth (2007)

"You're in an ether between a stage play's suspension of disbelief and film realism."

Posted Sep 13, 2007

Jules Brenner

7 94%

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

"Director Affleck's noirishly stylized film weighs heavily under a dense vision of lies, secrets and corrupt agendas that will have you running for a breath of air by the time it ends."

Posted Sep 12, 2007

Jules Brenner

8 89%

Forever (2007)

Posted Sep 12, 2007

Jules Brenner

9 43%

The Brave One (2007)

"Foster's achievement is maintaining her humanity and keeping us on her side at all times."

Posted Sep 11, 2007

Jules Brenner

10 67%

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

"It's great fun... until it gets tedious."

Posted Sep 10, 2007

Jules Brenner

11 41%

December Boys (2007)

"The absence of a seasoned lead figure is a decisive flaw, with the same to be said about the writing. The religious inserts only make it blasphemous to the gods of cinema."

Posted Sep 10, 2007

Jules Brenner

12 74%

Private Property (Nue propriete) (2007)

"Lafosse gives it an arbitrary rest without clearing up a few mysteries, which unfortunately means he doesn't have to acknowledge or deal with them."

Posted Sep 5, 2007

Jules Brenner

13 72%

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006)

"Disappointment followed by optimism is the name of Garlin's game. It's not going anywhere in particular, but getting there proves funny and harmless enough."

Posted Sep 3, 2007

Jules Brenner

14 73%

In the Valley of Elah (2007)

"Haggis, with an exemplary cast, explores shadowy secrets of men in the ranks with a determined brush, tipped with heart-piercing irony."

Posted Sep 1, 2007

Jules Brenner

15 88%

3:10 to Yuma (2007)

"Crowe couldn't convey the concept of a predatory animal in control while under restraint any more unsettlingly if he was cannibal Hannibal Lector."

Posted Aug 31, 2007

Jules Brenner

16 14%

War (Rogue Assassin) (2007)

"This assignment may have provided Statham a decent payday, but it's not his shining hour."

Posted Aug 29, 2007

Jules Brenner

17 81%

Fong juk (Exiled) (2006)

"Self-aware episodes of unpredictable fortune and fatality. Add to that mirthful fantasy. You will not get hurt watching this film."

Posted Aug 26, 2007

Jules Brenner

18 53%

The Hunting Party (2007)

"Shepherd and company have found a way to cast the issues of justice and politics into a minor role, the better to keep us absorbed in the agile Gere/Howard action satire."

Posted Aug 20, 2007

Jules Brenner

19 69%

Year of the Dog (2007)

"A risible piece of work with laughs that are likely to remain silent and inside, but they reach you."

Posted Aug 19, 2007

Jules Brenner

20 81%

Delirious (2007)

"Off beat in the best sense of the term; surprisingly successful with a theme that could easily have gone down the gully hole of corn; "Delirious" delivers."

Posted Aug 14, 2007

Jules Brenner

21 76%

Stardust (2007)

"They might have saved something for a sequel but the sorcery of the enterprise is the three-ring fun of the showy inventions and Pfeiffer's merry milking of the villainy cow."

Posted Aug 13, 2007

Jules Brenner

22 36%

Descent (2007)

"A hollow fabrication in the pursuit of someone's sick idea of redemption. I didn't pay to see it... but I want my wasted time back."

Posted Aug 11, 2007

Jules Brenner

23 74%

Sunshine (2000)

Posted Aug 11, 2007

Jules Brenner

24 29%

Trade (2007)

"However lofty the film's intent, it's hard to ignore the flaws in its making nor the protagonist's own criminality relative to a captor's religious hypocrisy."

Posted Aug 10, 2007

Jules Brenner

25 67%

Right at Your Door (2007)

"If Gorak had made his characters more engaging he might have commanded a suspense level worthy of an Armageddon."

Posted Aug 7, 2007

Jules Brenner

26 56%

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

"A stimulating character study composed in the rarified air of satiric, good humor that takes off with side doses of social relevancy."

Posted Aug 6, 2007

Jules Brenner

27 94%

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

"A lone man outfoxing (and outboxing) whatever is thrown at him by the most powerful spy agency in the world is irresistible drama."

Posted Aug 1, 2007

Jules Brenner

28 75%

Sunshine (2007)

"While the scope is inter-planetary, it always gets down to the behavioral clashes among human (and/or non-human) species trapped in a confined space."

Posted Jul 30, 2007

Jules Brenner

29 94%

Into The Arms Of Strangers - Stories Of The Kindertransport (2000)

Posted Jul 28, 2007

Jules Brenner

30 68%

Disturbia (2007)

"The difficulty of keeping home confinement tense and vital for feature length proves a strain but works as a result of LaBeouf's zany energetic charm."

Posted Jul 27, 2007

Jules Brenner

31 70%

Black Sheep (2006)

"The main difference between this and other horror escapades is the sheep's wool mixed into its production of blood and guts."

Posted Jul 21, 2007

Jules Brenner

32 93%

This Is England (2007)

"With bad boy conviction and feisty demeanor, Turgoose ably shows us sharply responsive nerves bared to the erratic side of reactive behavior."

Posted Jul 20, 2007

Jules Brenner

33 57%

Transformers (2007)

"This director knows his Bay-bots audience as one that will give him all the space and self-indulgence he needs to carry out his high-volume boxoffice mission."

Posted Jul 15, 2007

Jules Brenner

34 88%

The Search for John Gissing (2001)

"Warring tactics in and out of a London boardroom suggest a Molière farce with the characters and plot to carry it off."

Posted Jul 12, 2007

Jules Brenner

35 46%

Cashback (2007)

"Would that the plotline came up to the poster's level of intriguing suggestiveness."

Posted Jul 11, 2007

Jules Brenner

36 79%

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

"It is dark, it is more grown up, and its approaching end can be felt."

Posted Jul 10, 2007

Jules Brenner

37 78%

1408 (2007)

"A story that supports it's interesting theme of eventuality: even the strongest doubter may one day come around to believe in King's world of warped reality."

Posted Jul 9, 2007

Jules Brenner

38 92%

Sicko (2007)

"Dr. Michael Moore -- that good old boy from Flint, Michigan -- is in."

Posted Jul 9, 2007

Jules Brenner

39 14%

Neverwas (2005)

"Never has so much talent come to so little because of a screenplay that's so adrift and aimless. Eckhart plays a psychologist with enough personal psychoses to keep himself preoccupied for a lifetime."

Posted Jul 4, 2007

Jules Brenner

40 66%

Snow Cake (2006)

"Director Marc Evans, working from Angela Pell's screenplay, pulls it off in a limited way but with emotional sensitivity and a solid cast."

Posted Jun 28, 2007

Jules Brenner

41 37%

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

"The silver surfer is an outstanding competitor for sci-fi superhumanity's best concepts and affords the series a sweeping interplanetary scale."

Posted Jun 27, 2007

Jules Brenner

42 64%

Broken English (2007)

"The contrivance factor is alive and well to the last frame."

Posted Jun 25, 2007

Jules Brenner

43 23%

Evan Almighty (2007)

"With God and Noah providing the animated sermon, the faithful fan base is bound to flock to the theatre pews. The studio has no reason to fear disrespectful numbers."

Posted Jun 21, 2007

Jules Brenner

44 70%

Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

"Having suffered a few no-doze moments, I'd comfortably suggest that lovers of hi-roller comedy will not want to miss this roundup of Ocean's adaptive set of schemers."

Posted Jun 18, 2007

Jules Brenner

45 ——

Run's House - The Complete Seasons 1-2 (2007)

"Rev. Run seems a man of god only as it's convenient, but his desire to pass on the right values to his kids is solid and sometimes eloquent."

Posted Jun 17, 2007

Jules Brenner

46 65%

Wondrous Oblivion (2006)

"The challenges of friendship across color lines."

Posted Jun 17, 2007

Jules Brenner

47 ——

Tropic of Gallagher Comedy Special (2007)

"The comedian's antics before a live studio audience will crack his fans up, though the rest of us will experience a 60-minute ho-hum moment."

Posted Jun 17, 2007

Jules Brenner

48 50%

Jump In! (2007)

"The 8 to 18-year old audience for whom this urban melodrama is intended won't be put off by the youthful cast's limited acting range, phony boxing choreography and the wavery storyline."

Posted Jun 17, 2007

Jules Brenner

49 ——

Kyle XY - The Complete First Season (2007)

"Someone mysterious is watching the boy with no belly button..."

Posted Jun 17, 2007

Jules Brenner

50 78%

You Kill Me (2007)

"It calls for more suspension of disbelief than suds in Frank's beer stein, but if you can join him on that barstool, the payoff is a brand of hilarity that could keep you in stitches. It's killer."

Posted Jun 15, 2007

Jules Brenner

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