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Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 25%

The Lost City (2005)

"Garcia's overindulgence is punishing but I didn't come to the theatre to be soaked in soap opera sentiment."

Posted Mar 30, 2006

Jules Brenner

2 55%

Go for Zucker! (Alles auf Zucker!) (2006)

"too weighted with overdressing and fat to travel all that well."

Posted Mar 27, 2006

Jules Brenner

3 77%

Music From the Inside Out (2005)

"These obviously very talented musicians haven't been chosen for their charisma, but their experience and perspective reveals much about the passion and technique of performance."

Posted Mar 27, 2006

Jules Brenner

4 51%

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

"A crime puzzle that pulls the wool over your eyes with cast talent and a peppy style you'll love... if you don't mind a slashed carotid or two."

Posted Mar 23, 2006

Jules Brenner

5 86%

Inside Man (2006)

"The cop gets a lesson he never expected and we get a many layered, out-of-genre experience."

Posted Mar 21, 2006

Jules Brenner

6 82%

Gilles' Wife (La Femme de Gilles) (2005)

"It comes off as reaching too far for originality, a sense that is only tied up with a ribbon by a completely dumb and desperate twist ending."

Posted Mar 15, 2006

Jules Brenner

7 73%

V for Vendetta (2006)

"A fierce rival to any comparable fan followship."

Posted Mar 14, 2006

Jules Brenner

8 13%

Haven (2006)

"Oversteerage on the editing table takes this mystery-puzzle wannabe out to sea and off course."

Posted Mar 9, 2006

Jules Brenner

9 18%

Shadowboxer (2005)

""Mr. and Mrs. Smith" in an altered consciousness--one that'll bring arthouse habituees to attention, if not to their feet, out of respect for courage and originality."

Posted Mar 5, 2006

Jules Brenner

10 55%

16 Blocks (2006)

"The weary Willis and the whiner Def outnumbered and outgunned in a maze of concrete and heavy traffic by desperate cops gone very bad."

Posted Mar 1, 2006

Jules Brenner

11 26%

The Zodiac (2006)

"Chambers struggles for a connective tie to the audience to justify a worn-out subject, but this script isn't the vehicle to get him anywhere."

Posted Feb 27, 2006

Jules Brenner

12 90%

Duck Season (Temporada de patos) (2006)

"Not gripping nor challenging, but comically insightful and the kind of interlude you're glad to have been invited to."

Posted Feb 18, 2006

Jules Brenner

13 61%

Find Me Guilty (2006)

"Lumet's systematic approach limits the dramatic potentials of a gang of mob bosses in one room with a jurist as grand capo."

Posted Feb 17, 2006

Jules Brenner

14 40%

Winter Passing (2006)

"Exaggerated drama about emotional disability after a family-fracturing loss provides a performance piece for Deschanel's depth and Will Ferrell's other side."

Posted Feb 15, 2006

Jules Brenner

15 78%

Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family (2005)

"Fascination turns into overkill well before that time is exhausted, as we are along with it. "

Posted Feb 10, 2006

Jules Brenner

16 19%

Firewall (2006)

"If this be high tech, I'd just as soon have my highly-derived thrillers stick to old-fashioned, smelly, touchy, feely analog plotlines."

Posted Feb 9, 2006

Jules Brenner

17 92%

Darwin's Nightmare (2005)

"The irony of guns for fish isn't Darwin's nightmare, it's Tanzania's."

Posted Feb 6, 2006

Jules Brenner

18 82%

Tsotsi (Thug) (2006)

"This 6-day process in the transformation of a ruthless gang leader moved by an unexpected social attachment is a brilliant study of evolving character and visual artistry."

Posted Feb 5, 2006

Jules Brenner

19 14%

London (2006)

"A muscular ensemble piece with an accomplished cast wringing out their best in an emotionally strained screenplay.""

Posted Feb 2, 2006

Jules Brenner

20 92%

Fateless (2006)

"Interest becomes dreariness in this 140 minute fatality of tedious storytelling."

Posted Jan 22, 2006

Jules Brenner

21 72%

Bubble (2006)

"The first-time performances create a naturalistic style that's pure in its shallowness."

Posted Jan 18, 2006

Jules Brenner

22 51%

Manderlay (2006)

"If you liked "Dogville," you won't want to miss this Danish Cake of minimalism."

Posted Jan 7, 2006

Jules Brenner

23 22%

I Love Your Work (2005)

"a pointless stew"

Posted Jan 1, 2006

Jules Brenner

24 50%

The White Countess (2005)

"Fiennes' wearisome verbal affectation suggests an emulation of Franklyn Delano Roosevelt in a sound byte for Pathe' news."

Posted Dec 24, 2005

Jules Brenner

25 85%

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2006)

"A satire that touches deeply even as it amuses so richly."

Posted Dec 23, 2005

Jules Brenner

26 74%

The Matador (2006)

"Rarely does an ensemble cast of such limited numbers create such charm and entertainment derived from plot and character."

Posted Dec 21, 2005

Jules Brenner

27 51%

The Family Stone (2005)

"Nothing like a little poignancy to mask a distasteful Christmas brew. But Rachel McAdams is hot."

Posted Dec 19, 2005

Jules Brenner

28 78%

Munich (2005)

"If this is a valid detailing of how the Israelis actually operate, then its primary virtue is in that revelation because sympathetic involvement isn't much provided by the script."

Posted Dec 17, 2005

Jules Brenner

29 89%

Cache (Hidden) (2005)

"Haneke, who tends toward big-themed allegory, has devised an original mystery hidden within a challenging technique."

Posted Dec 16, 2005

Jules Brenner

30 76%

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005)

"This and "The Polar Express," side by side at your multiplex for many Decembers to come."

Posted Dec 14, 2005

Jules Brenner

31 67%

Mrs. Henderson Presents (2006)

"Subplots subbing for a story line is an effort with little payoff."

Posted Dec 13, 2005

Jules Brenner

32 10%

Aeon Flux (2005)

"Theron makes a mark in the video game action flick genre with this, and thereby widens her portfolio. As though she needed to."

Posted Dec 10, 2005

Jules Brenner

33 62%

The New World (2005)

"Malick joins worlds old and new by combining harsh realities of human nature with mystical, hungry passion."

Posted Dec 6, 2005

Jules Brenner

34 84%

King Kong (2005)

"If it receives no other award, it virtually demands recognition for its screenplay--a spectacular that takes us to a very unexpected region of the heart."

Posted Dec 5, 2005

Jules Brenner

35 82%

Walk the Line (2005)

"I can no longer ask, "why doesn't some daring soul do a bio of a country singer?" For the moment, I'm satisfied, and relieved."

Posted Dec 2, 2005

Jules Brenner

36 76%

Transamerica (2006)

"My congratulations to Huffman for the best damned sex-change operation *result* in medical history!"

Posted Nov 29, 2005

Jules Brenner

37 81%

The President's Last Bang (2005)

"In the end, the film develops an amusing entertainment out of dire circumstances."

Posted Nov 27, 2005

Jules Brenner

38 87%

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2006)

"Director and writer take pains to adapt Nazi interrogation records into an accurate and well crafted tale of civil courage and a selfless portrayal by Julia Jentsch."

Posted Nov 26, 2005

Jules Brenner

39 44%

Casanova (2005)

"Casanova will seduce comedy-hungry audiences who need only be receptive to its handsome, farcical charms."

Posted Nov 24, 2005

Jules Brenner

40 90%

Capote (2005)

"Hoffman's convincing characterization with wispy tonality of voice, effeminate manner, and social wit is not accompanied by a narrative content to match."

Posted Nov 23, 2005

Jules Brenner

41 35%

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

"Though Spielberg once almost took the helm, the picture that we have here indicates that Marshall was the perfect man to bring Arthur Golden's amazing best seller to the screen."

Posted Nov 22, 2005

Jules Brenner

42 72%

Syriana (2005)

"Jamming too much into its 2 hours, pursuers of truth and controversy on film may well erect a statue to Clooney for bringing such material to us in an unadorned package."

Posted Nov 20, 2005

Jules Brenner

43 82%

The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

"The handy parade of enablers for an old, personable traveler smacks of fantasy, but his devotion to achievement will make you root for the outcome."

Posted Nov 19, 2005

Jules Brenner

44 76%

Match Point (2005)

"A taut and finely crafted piece of work that superbly fits the literary tastes of the country in which it's set. Allen's high class mystery pretty much beats them at their own game."

Posted Nov 18, 2005

Jules Brenner

45 64%

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)

"This is a slow track of wish-fullfillment fantasy and all who come through the turnstiles will wear a happy face."

Posted Nov 15, 2005

Jules Brenner

46 46%

Rent (2005)

"I haven't seen this much tightly packed multi-talent squeezing the melodic and emotional juices out of a ripe theme since Fame in 1980."

Posted Nov 15, 2005

Jules Brenner

47 73%

Pulse (Kairo) (2005)

"Horror... as an obscure premonition of digital destiny."

Posted Nov 12, 2005

Jules Brenner

48 88%

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

"Newell sees to it that the characters who made the 147 minute final cut fully realize Rowling's invention."

Posted Nov 11, 2005

Jules Brenner

49 90%

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (2005)

"A vehicle that somehow manages to provide period and modern amusement with some wit and tribulation. But it also looks like a make-work project for available British thesps."

Posted Nov 9, 2005

Jules Brenner

50 64%

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic (2005)

"I admire her cunning wit, her sensual appeal, her satiric creativity, her canny technique, her sensual appeal, and her courage. I'd watch her sit-com anyday."

Posted Nov 9, 2005

Jules Brenner

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