Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 25%

Reindeer Games (Deception) (2000)

Posted Mar 22, 2013

Emanuel Levy

2 ——

L' Amore (Ways of Love) (1948)

Posted Mar 22, 2013

Emanuel Levy

3 40%

Toys in the Attic (1963)

"Dean Martin is miscast in this adaptation of Lillian Hellman's melodramatic play about a con man and the women in his life. "

Posted Mar 8, 2013

Emanuel Levy

4 67%

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972)

Posted Mar 5, 2013

Emanuel Levy

5 31%

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

"More high-calorie, low-sense, audiovisual CGI stimulation arrives in the form of this fifth and most roundly unsatisfying entry in the previously lithe and fun videogame franchise."

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Brent Simon

6 38%

The Guilt Trip (2012)

"Small stakes and consistently tame inclinations mark screenwriter Dan Fogelman's effort, which gives off an ambling vibe that would be more at home in an independent production."

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Brent Simon

7 32%

1941 (1979)

"This wannabe satire of WWII is the first and one of the few commercial flops in Spielberg's otherwise distinguished and popular output. "

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Emanuel Levy

8 4%

Playing for Keeps (2012)

"What could have been a more complicated and contemporary suburban spin on Alfie feels like a lazy and anonymous daydream postcard of discord and resolution."

Posted Dec 8, 2012

Brent Simon

9 82%

The Chosen (1981)

"Based on Potok's book, this well acted fammily drama set in Brooklyn after WWII, centers on the friendship between two Jewish boys who beong to different ideological factions"

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Emanuel Levy

10 92%

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Posted Jul 26, 2012

Emanuel Levy

11 ——

Erratum ()

"With strong acting and confident direction from Lechki, the film manages to strike a balance between the understated and melodramatic"

Posted Nov 19, 2011

Laurence Boyce

12 ——

Gaby: A True Story (1987)

"Norma Aleandro received an Oscar nomination for this sentimental family drama"

Posted Jun 8, 2011

Emanuel Levy

13 ——

The Barker (1928)

"Betty Compson was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in this carnival-set melodrama"

Posted May 5, 2011

Emanuel Levy

14 ——

Helden (Arms and the Man) (1958)

"A decent version of G.B. Shaw's play, this movie was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar."

Posted May 4, 2011

Emanuel Levy

15 82%

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

"Soderbergh's most commercial film to date is a star-driven, semi-successful, slightly better remake of the 1960 origianl feature."

Posted Apr 28, 2011

Emanuel Levy

16 92%

Born Free (1966)

"A popular family film, also known for its Oscar-winning score and song"

Posted Apr 26, 2011

Emanuel Levy

17 90%

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)

"Take it or leave it: Greeanway's contemporary Jacobean drama, about greed, adultery and cannibalism, is brutal, provocative and visually brilliant."

Posted Apr 23, 2011

Emanuel Levy

18 ——

Boom Town (1940)

"A fun comedy-adventure, starring MGM's top talent, Clark Gable and Spence Tracy, not to mention Claudette Colbert"

Posted Apr 2, 2011

Emanuel Levy

19 43%

Naughty Marietta (1935)

"Nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, this is the first of eight but not the best teaming of Eddie Nelson and Jeannette MacDonald."

Posted Mar 29, 2011

Emanuel Levy

20 92%

Incendies (2011)

"Canadian Villenueve's fourth feature, which is nominated for the foreign lingo Oscar, is an emotionally powerful tale about an extraordinary woman in a Middle East country, ravaged by war and genocide."

Posted Jan 25, 2011

Emanuel Levy

21 85%

About Schmidt (2002)

"Alexander Payne's poignant serio comedy is a sharply observed character study, featuring Jack Nicholson in a towering performance as an ordinary American embarking late in life on a journey of self-discovery."

Posted Jan 19, 2011

Emanuel Levy

22 78%

Apache (1954)

"Burt Lancaster joins a long line of white actors who played native Americans in this brutal Western, directed by the young Robert Aldrich, who was forced to change the ending."

Posted Jan 19, 2011

Emanuel Levy

23 32%

How Do You Know (2010)

"Though daling with a relevant issue, James L. Brooks' new serio comedy suffers from uneven writing, tentative approach to narrative and characters, hesitancy about specific ending, and slow pacing."

Posted Dec 15, 2010

Emanuel Levy

24 91%

Riff-Raff (1993)

"Laced with humor, this is a humanistic tribute to the survival with dignity of the British working class"

Posted Dec 2, 2010

Emanuel Levy

25 28%

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

"Independently and internationally produced CG animated comedy Planet 51 has the visuals to compare with bigger budgeted Hollywood studio offerings but not the storytelling spark."

Posted Nov 18, 2009

John Hazelton

26 79%

The Informant! (2009)

"Far more serious than either the broad trailer campaign or the exclamation mark in its title would indicate, the film can't quite decide its tone."

Posted Sep 9, 2009

Mike Goodridge

27 72%

I Love You Phillip Morris (2010)

"Obviously audacious for the gay romance at its core, it otherwise plays like a polished Hollywood picture starring Jim Carrey and will satisfy a certain percentage of his audience."

Posted May 14, 2009

Mike Goodridge

28 87%

Amreeka (2009)

"Newcomer Cherien Dabis directs Amreeka with a sure hand which takes the film beyond the cliches and sentimentality of the standard immigrant saga."

Posted May 14, 2009

David D'Arcy

29 94%

Samson and Delilah (2010)

"The honest naturalism of the two young leads is the main reason for the film's intense grip and power."

Posted May 14, 2009

Frank Hatherley

30 71%

Tetro (2009)

"Although it feels at times like a vanity project, some strong performances - most notably by Spanish actress Maribel Verdu, but also Vincent Gallo in the title role and newcomer Alden Ehrenreich - save all but Tetro's most cringeworthy lines."

Posted May 14, 2009

Lee Marshall

31 66%

Dead Snow (Død snø) (2009)

"Fun, funny and unabashedly bloody, this Norwegian zombie movie is a lively tongue-in-cheek celebration of horror-flick conventions."

Posted May 9, 2009

Tim Grierson

32 16%

Max Payne (2008)

"As shiny and hollow as its used shell cases, Max Payne doesn't have much to offer beyond a recycled noir attitude and a progressively violent, predictable story."

Posted Oct 17, 2008

Tim Grierson

33 13%

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

"A dispiritingly witless sequel with very little personality but a lot of frenetic comic banter and numbing set pieces."

Posted Jul 31, 2008

Tim Grierson

34 21%

The Hitcher (2007)

"The recent assembly-line remaking of recognizable horror titles continues with The Hitcher, a dreary updating of the 1986 Rutger Hauer thriller."

Posted Jul 28, 2008

Tim Grierson

35 2%

Epic Movie (2007)

"A painful regurgitation of memorable moments from recent Hollywood blockbusters, the spoof film Epic Movie is almost entirely devoid of laughs."

Posted Jul 28, 2008

Tim Grierson

36 72%

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

"Playing to his strengths, star and co-writer Will Ferrell reaps many good comic moments early on in Adam Mckay's feature to compensate for a sluggish second half."

Posted Jul 25, 2008

Tim Grierson

37 53%

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

"While not without its funny moments, this labored sequel ups the nudity and gross-out factor while diminishing the sweetness and evident camaraderie of its appealing leads."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

38 35%

Vantage Point (2008)

"Although based around a familiar, Rashomon-style concept, Vantage Point ratchets up its intensity so effectively that the lack of originality hardly matters."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

39 4%

The Hottie and the Nottie (2008)

"Tabloid curiosity Paris Hilton may be the main draw, but it's doubtful that even her celebrity will do much to raise the prospects of this aggressively moronic comedy."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

40 22%

The Eye (2008)

"Jessica Alba may be easy on the eyes, but a lack of dramatic heft makes her hard on The Eye."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

41 14%

Hitman (2007)

"Though stylishly shot and occasionally exciting, this adaptation of the popular video game can only go so far with its mindless violence and cardboard characters."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

42 37%

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007)

"The film may occasionally strain too hard for magical whimsy, but there's no disputing its sweetness or poignancy."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

43 17%

Saw IV (2007)

"This gruesomely efficient horror sequel shows noticeable wear and tear."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

44 28%

Saw III (2006)

"Staying mostly faithful to the successful blueprint of its two earlier installments, Saw III is an adequate sequel that works well enough on its own terms."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

45 15%

The Brothers Solomon (2007)

"Though not without its screwball charm, The Brothers Solomon suffers from a lack of comic inspiration long before the film reaches the third trimester."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

46 94%

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

"Director Ben Affleck displays sensitivity to his story's thematic undercurrents, but he hasn't yet developed the authorial voice needed to enliven the conventional plotting."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

47 67%

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

"Merrily amoral, shamelessly watchable and outlandishly funny, Shoot 'Em Up is not for all tastes, but those with a dark sense of humor will have a ball."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

48 14%

War (Rogue Assassin) (2007)

"A needlessly elaborate plot somewhat spoils the pairing of these martial-arts icons, but this sturdy B-movie thriller has enough style to overcome its formulaic trappings."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

49 16%

Underdog (2007)

"Underdog works best when spoofing superhero conventions, but the film goes to the dogs thanks to a drab story and frequent stabs at heartwarming bromides."

Posted Jul 23, 2008

Tim Grierson

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