Rating Title | Year Quote Author
1 78%

Veronica Mars (2014)

"The movie is clearly more for the diehard fans and they likely will get more out of this experience than the mildly curious."

Posted Mar 9, 2014

Edward Douglas

2 42%

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

"An epic spectacle filled with fantastic visuals that ultimately works as a worthy follow-up."

Posted Mar 3, 2014

Edward Douglas

3 60%

Non-Stop (2014)

""Non-Stop" is director Jaume Collet-Serra's latest complete failure at creating believable suspense."

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Joshua Starnes

4 96%

The Lunchbox (2014)

"A very special film that transcends its origins; despite its simple premise, it's a story that could really only take place in Mumbai."

Posted Feb 25, 2014

Edward Douglas

5 65%

Bad Words (2014)

"Jason Bateman's delivery and his direction turn the movie into something more thoughtful and entertaining than it might have been going by the initial set-up."

Posted Feb 24, 2014

Edward Douglas

6 32%

The Monuments Men (2014)

"George Clooney seems to want to find a new perspective on something big--World War II--by looking at it from a small, specific point of view. Instead, all he's managed is to make World War II seem small."

Posted Feb 7, 2014

Joshua Starnes

7 92%

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

"Truly one of [Wes Anderson's] most inspired films, as much influenced by classic cinemas as it maintains his own sense of style and pace. "

Posted Feb 6, 2014

Edward Douglas

8 47%

The Pretty One (2014)

"Plenty of moviegoers out there enjoy these sorts of films--usually at festivals--but I honestly have no idea what anyone else might get out of watching this. "

Posted Feb 4, 2014

Edward Douglas

9 8%

Cavemen (2014)

"If I read this screenplay, I'd probably immediately ban Dean and Herschel from Hollywood."

Posted Feb 4, 2014

Edward Douglas

10 96%

The LEGO Movie (2014)

"The results are thoroughly entertaining and anyone who has ever played with the blocks or the recent video games will find something to enjoy."

Posted Feb 3, 2014

Edward Douglas

11 33%

Labor Day (2014)

"Labor Day could have been a beautiful love story. It also could have been a tense thriller. Trying to be both makes it tonally tricky and not an easy movie to love."

Posted Jan 31, 2014

Edward Douglas

12 22%

That Awkward Moment (2014)

"Sometimes comes off as uneven due to a semi-convoluted plot, but the cast brings their all to the material and eventually, it does win you over."

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Edward Douglas

13 0%

Best Night Ever (2014)

"These quote-unquote filmmakers have nothing to offer the world of comedy or film and I've given up trying to figure out why people keep giving them money. "

Posted Jan 29, 2014

Edward Douglas

14 4%

I, Frankenstein (2014)

"I, Frankenstein isn't just a bad movie--it is an abysmally awful one. Someone in production should have realized it didn't work in the script phase and put a stop to it before it went this far. "

Posted Jan 23, 2014

Edward Douglas

15 78%

Big Bad Wolves (2014)

"Two talented genre filmmakers to keep an eye on, especially if they're able to break away from far too familiar genre territory and try something even more different with their third movie."

Posted Jan 19, 2014

Edward Douglas

16 18%

Devil's Due (2014)

"We have to assume, even hope, that a movie this bad will finally wring the death knell for found footage horror... but sadly we'd probably be wrong."

Posted Jan 17, 2014

Edward Douglas

17 33%

Freezer (2014)

"No one involved with the making of this movie should be allowed to work again. "

Posted Jan 16, 2014

Edward Douglas

18 82%

Maidentrip (2014)

"To create something so epic while also maintaining itself as a small and intimate film is something that's difficult to accomplish. Somehow Schlesinger is able to pull off that feat."

Posted Jan 16, 2014

Edward Douglas

19 3%

The Legend of Hercules (2014)

"Not a terrible movie as much as a redundant one since we've already seen much of the source material and most of that does it better than this mostly ripped-off cliché fest."

Posted Jan 10, 2014

Edward Douglas

20 94%

Her (2013)

"An exquisitely conceived and executed fable about the need for, and difficulty of, human connection."

Posted Jan 9, 2014

Joshua Starnes

21 45%

Raze (2014)

"A genre film that literally pulls no punches that will thrill fans of Tarantino and Rodriguez's recent revenge movies-- true "grindhouse" through and through."

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Edward Douglas

22 56%

The Best Offer (2014)

"A beautiful film marred by a weak script that tries to dive headlong down the Hitchcock rabbit hole without offering any of the tension or suspense that might have made it a worthwhile journey."

Posted Dec 31, 2013

Edward Douglas

23 50%

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

"An absolute joy of a film and a masterpiece in terms of storytelling, Ben Stiller has become a serious director who seems like he's capable of doing anything."

Posted Dec 24, 2013

Edward Douglas

24 29%

Grudge Match (2013)

"Isn't a terrible movie, it's just a lot of fluff that serves very little purpose beyond 100 minutes of forgettable entertainment."

Posted Dec 24, 2013

Edward Douglas

25 94%

Her (2013)

"Like all relationships, it's a complicated film that's hard to love but impossible to hate, and though it gets better once it overcomes its painfully dull first hour, it still feels uneven at best."

Posted Dec 22, 2013

Edward Douglas

26 75%

Lone Survivor (2014)

"A solid effort from director Peter Berg in turning Marcus Luttrell's story into a edge-of-your-seat military thriller that never feels over-the-top or sensationalistic."

Posted Dec 20, 2013

Edward Douglas

27 50%

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty wants to be a modern fable, trying to manage the difficult feat of tugging on heartstrings without yanking on them, but the innate silliness of the fantasy elements threatens to cover up how good it is."

Posted Dec 18, 2013

Joshua Starnes

28 77%

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

"A brilliantly witty take on the world of the stock market that's on par with Scorsese classics like Goodfellas and Casino."

Posted Dec 17, 2013

Edward Douglas

29 75%

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

"Enough quotable quips and laughs to enjoy the movie as a whole ... but when it goes off the rails and starts getting silly, it has a hard time recovering."

Posted Dec 17, 2013

Edward Douglas

30 64%

August: Osage County (2013)

"Despite a first-rate cast and the original playwright adapting his own Pulitzer winning drama August: Osage County's overwrought melodrama centers around a woman so boorish you wouldn't want to spend two minutes, let alone two hours, with her."

Posted Dec 13, 2013

Joshua Starnes

31 93%

American Hustle (2013)

"A dark comedy with a dash of crime drama and a crime drama with a healthy sense of humor, American Hustle defies easy categorization as it offers up a twisty plot and some of the year's best performances."

Posted Dec 12, 2013

Joshua Starnes

32 80%

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

"A definite must-see for long-time Disney fans."

Posted Dec 10, 2013

Edward Douglas

33 74%

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013)

"A welcome return to form for Peter Jackson that should help remind everyone why they loved 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy so much."

Posted Dec 7, 2013

Edward Douglas

34 53%

Out of the Furnace (2013)

"Other than some decent performances from Bale and Harrelson, this feels like it could have been executed better. "

Posted Dec 4, 2013

Edward Douglas

35 61%

Hours (2013)

"A solidly-directed thriller that could easily appeal to a wider audience than the arthouse crowd."

Posted Dec 2, 2013

Edward Douglas

36 94%

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

"One of the Coen Brothers' more enigmatic offerings ... gets major points for the authentic folk music and an unforgettable committed performance by Oscar Isaac."

Posted Dec 2, 2013

Edward Douglas

37 42%

Oldboy (2013)

"A few minor changes and another strong, rounded performance by Josh Brolin helps Spike Lee's remake overcome some of the problems inherent in revisiting known source material."

Posted Nov 27, 2013

Edward Douglas

38 89%

Frozen (2013)

"Frozen is Disney's latest entrant into its classic fairy-tale animation history and mostly lives up to its formidable ancestry even as it tweaks said ancestry's nose."

Posted Nov 26, 2013

Joshua Starnes

39 42%

Homefront (2013)

"Another dumb action movie with a couple of fun fight sequences, none of which make up for the weak cliché-filled story that tries too hard to be a serious drama."

Posted Nov 25, 2013

Edward Douglas

40 92%

Philomena (2013)

"Philomena is one of those movies that plasters a big smile on your face with its sense of warmth and the originality of its storytelling."

Posted Nov 21, 2013

Edward Douglas

41 60%

Ender's Game (2013)

"Butterfield and Ford are supported by an excellent cast."

Posted Nov 19, 2013

Scott Chitwood

42 89%

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

"Significantly better than the first movie ... leaving you breathlessly waiting for the next chapter."

Posted Nov 19, 2013

Edward Douglas

43 92%

Nebraska (2013)

"More in line with About Schmidt than Sideways, Alexander Payne's latest is a warm and witty look at the relationship between fathers and sons..."

Posted Nov 15, 2013

Edward Douglas

44 65%

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

"Thor: The Dark World is a bombastic sequel which celebrates everything the first film did well while still not knowing what to do with its poor mortals."

Posted Nov 7, 2013

Joshua Starnes

45 65%

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

"An entertaining blend of fantasy and science fiction ... it's not the perfect sequel but it gets pretty damn close."

Posted Nov 5, 2013

Edward Douglas

46 34%

The Counselor (2013)

"In all this philosophizing and frequently excellent dialogue, no one has been able to come up with a good idea on where it should go."

Posted Oct 25, 2013

Joshua Starnes

47 49%

Carrie (2013)

"It's all very true to the book, but we've had the straightforward adaptation of Carrie already; if you really are going to go back over old ground, at least go by a different route."

Posted Oct 18, 2013

Joshua Starnes

48 97%

12 Years a Slave (2013)

"Brutal and relentless, it's hard to recommend 12 Years a Slave whole-heartedly even though it's incredibly well directed and acted across the board. "

Posted Oct 15, 2013

Edward Douglas

49 97%

Gravity (2013)

"On the outside Gravity is much like the rest of its ilk - a diagram of the intensity of the human survival instinct; on the inside it is a meditation on the attraction and horror of isolation told with such grace as to take your breath away."

Posted Oct 3, 2013

Joshua Starnes

50 93%

Captain Phillips (2013)

"Paul Greengrass has created another gripping thriller with clear intentions to create as realistic a portrayal of actual events as possible."

Posted Sep 27, 2013

Edward Douglas

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