Box Office Guru Wrapup: Hobbit Rules Robust Christmas Weekend
A wide assortment of flashy choices brought large numbers of moviegoers out to the multiplexes driving the box office to the best Christmas holiday weekend in five years. Holding onto the crown for a second straight frame was the concluding Middle Earth chapter The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies which dipped 24% to an estimated $41.4M pushing the total to $168.5M after 12.5 days. That puts the final film of the trilogy 20% ahead of last year's The Desolation of Smaug and even with 2012's An Unexpected Journey after the same number of December days. Tentpole sequels normally tumble in their second weekends but the holidays helped soften the blow in this case. With an $89.2M international haul this weekend, the worldwide tally now stands at $573.6M with a billion dollars likely by the end.

Yearly Ketchup: The Freshest Stories of 2014
Few industries enjoy taking really, really, really long extended holiday vacations quite like Hollywood. So when we get to this time of the year, there's really not much in the realm of "movie development news" to discuss, especially not in a weekly column which normally includes 10 different stories. So, this week and next, we're going to instead review 12 of the year's top stories, presented to you in monthly chronology. The year-in-review begins with the "Fresh Developments" which here also serve (mostly) as the "Top Stories" of the year. Our retrospective begins with one of the year's biggest stories, which was...

Viewer's Guide: 2014 New Year's Specials and Marathons
We get it. Some of you will require about a week to recover from your holiday dinners and family get-togethers. Some of you are just over the whole partying-on-New-Year's-Eve thing. Some of you are misanthropes who just want to be left alone to eat potato chips and watch a fictionalized apocalypse unfold on your television. Well, all of you are in luck, because we've compiled a handy list of notable TV programming to finish the year from the comfort of your couch. Read on to see who will be airing what in the days leading up to December 31, as well as the various special broadcasts that will air on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Video: Mark Wahlberg Says The Gambler Is a Story of Empowerment
Rupert Wyatt directed The Gambler, starring Mark Wahlberg, Michael K. Williams, and Brie Larson. Although it features the standard roulette wheels, blackjack games, and fist fights that you might expect, it also has a message of empowerment and honesty.

Parental Guidance: Into the Woods, Big Eyes, and More
We know a lot of families are going to be looking for wholesome entertainment that everyone can enjoy together this week. It just so happens that there are a number of new releases that might fit the bill, and as always Christy Lemire has the lowdown on exactly how family-friendly they all are.

Critics Consensus: The Interview Earns Mixed Reviews
Merry Christmas! we've got unlikely CIA operatives (The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco), a resilient war hero (Unbroken, starring Jack O'Connell and Domhnall Gleeson), an indebted English professor (The Gambler, starring Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman), fractured fairy tale characters (Into the Woods, starring Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick), and a subjugated artist (Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz). What do the critics have to say?

Video: Why Hasn't There Been an MLK Movie Yet?
Ava DuVernay's film Selma stars David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Wilkinson. Grae Drake speaks to them about why they believe there hasn't been a feature length film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and why now is the perfect time for one.

Tim Roth, Carmen Ejogo, and Common also weigh in on whether or not they had any reservations about taking on roles that featured real-life figures.

Weekly Binge: Downton Abbey
Welcome to the Weekly Binge, where we take a closer look at the shows that are worth your time. This week, we take a trip back in time to the waning days of the British aristocracy. Here's what you'll need to know before you spend some time at Downton Abbey.

Now Streaming: The Boxtrolls, The Drop, and More
This week on streaming video, we've got a stop-motion animated film from the people who brought you Coraline and ParaNorman, a Certified Fresh crime thriller starring Tom Hardy, and a couple of uplifting stories from the UK. Then we've got a pair of noteworthy new choices on Netflix. Read on for the full list.

New on DVD & Blu-Ray: The Good Lie, The Trip to Italy, and Pride
It's a fairly limited week for home video releases, but the good news is that all three of the big new films available are smaller Certified Fresh films that probably deserve bigger audiences. They include a drama co-starring Reese Witherspoon, a British comedy sequel, and an acclaimed dramedy based on true events. Then, we've also got a couple of seasons of television for those interested. Read on for details.

CBS Sitcoms Key Monday Ratings Victory
A "Big Bang Theory" repeat and new episode of "Mike & Molly" lead the competition.

The Interview Will Get a Limited Theatrical Run
"Freedom has prevailed," tweets star Seth Rogen.

Star Trek 3 Dates for July 8, 2016
The news comes a day after Justin Lin was named the film's new director.

Adam Sandler Named Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor
Part of a rough few weeks for Sandler's PR team.

Kim Dickens to Lead Walking Dead Spinoff
The "Friday Night Lights" vet is zombie bound.

The 10 Worst Christmas Day Releases of the Past 30 Years
Heading to the cineplex has grown into a Christmas Day tradition over the years, encouraged by a rising tide of December 25 releases that includes some of the more critically acclaimed films of the last few decades -- as well as some of the most infamous stinkers. In honor of the latter tradition, we've sorted through 30 years of Hollywood's Christmas gifts to filmgoers, and arranged a list of the releases that were pelted with the biggest lumps of critical coal. Can't make it to the theater this week? Here are 10 times when staying home for the holidays turned out to be a pretty good idea.

Video: Emily Blunt is a Disturbingly Aggressive Salesperson
All Grae Drake wanted was for James Corden and Emily Blunt of Into the Woods to sell her some beans. She figured, "I'm no idiot kid wandering around in the woods like Jack. I'm a hardened journalist. This time, it won't be so easy for them to unload these beans." And then, Emily Blunt showed her just how far she was willing to go to get rid of the beans. And it was terrifying.

Justin Lin Directing Star Trek 3
Action in the stars, anyone?

Netflix to Distribute New Pee-Wee Herman Movie
The new project, which Judd Apatow will produce, is set to start filming next year.

7 Christmas Movies So Bad, They're Bad
For every Elf and A Christmas Story, there are dozens of duds like Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls and The Santa Clause 3 to put a damper on your cinematic fun. Here are seven holiday movies that even the most nostalgic lens can't stop from being terrible.