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Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)

Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)






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Set in Stars Hollow, a storybook Connecticut town populated with an eclectic mix of dreamers, artists and everyday folk, Gilmore Girls is a humorous, heartfelt, multigenerational drama about friendship and family.more


Gilmore Girls: Season 8
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Season premieres in 2016
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2006, CW, 22 episodes

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2005, CW, 22 episodes

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2004, CW, 22 episodes

Gilmore Girls: Season 4
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2003, CW, 22 episodes

Gilmore Girls: Season 3
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2002, CW, 22 episodes

Gilmore Girls: Season 2
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2001, CW, 22 episodes

Gilmore Girls: Season 1
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2000, CW, 21 episodes

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Lydie Denier
as Monique Clemenceau
Dee Marcus
as Jackson Relative #7
Alexis Rhee
as Korean Relative #5
Greg Joung Paik
as Korean Relative #6
Jackon Douglas
as Jackson Melville
John D. Kim
as Korean Relative #9
Harriet S. Miller
as Mrs. Slutsky
Anita Finlay
as Marie Springsteen
Jay Krich
as Hunter
Bryna Weiss
as Young Lorelai Nurse ...
Philip Van Dyke
as Young Christopher
Arletta Collins
as Photographer
Adrian Sparks
as Doug Doose
Joe Fria
as Joe Mastoni
Jack Impellizzeri
as Delivery Man #1
William Forward
as Harris Fellows
Ted Redmann
as Louise Grant
Dahlia Martin
as Catarina
Jason Dugre
as Customer
Natalie Strauss
as Brian's Mom
Kelly Klein
as Soda Shop Employee
The Shins
as Themselves
Jill Brennan
as Carrie Duncan
Chris Flanders
as Shel Sausman
Lawrence Pressman
as Floyd Stiles
Lynda Scarlino
as Buff Otis
Smith Cho
as Girl #1
Jake Bern
as Ice Cream Guy
Bob Morrisey
as Bob Sutton
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