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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Season 2

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Season 1
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Season 1


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Season Info

Having gone their separate ways at the end of Season One, the Mystery Inc. gang Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma will reunite once more to face their fears, unmask the bad guys, and get to the bottom of the secret curse and treasure of Crystal Co

Genre: Animation





Air date:

The Night the Clown Cried

With the gang split up, Crystal Cove is being tormented by an evil-man-baby called Crybaby Clown. Fred is off searching for his real parents. Shaggy is in military school. Scooby is locked up on a farm. Only Velma remains. She convinces Mayor Nettles to help get Mystery Incorporated back together. Mayor Nettles finds Scooby in the middle of a "jail break" from the farm and assists him in rescuing Shaggy from military school. Shag and Scoob meet up with Fred and head for Crystal Cove to reunite with Velma. The only missing element is Daphne...but Daphne has moved on. She's fallen in love with Bayler Hotner, a hunky young actor in town researching a movie role. And they're serious. Daphne is not coming back to Mystery Inc. Fred refuses to believe this and sets a trap for Crybaby Clown that needs all five members of Mystery Inc. When Daphne doesn't show, the trap fails...and for the first time, Mystery Inc. doesn't catch the monster!

Air date:

House of the Nightmare Witch

Velma and Hotdog Water are working for Mr. E in trying to acquire an item from a museum exhibit in Moscow. But, when they fail, Mr. E just buys the exhibit and has it shipped to Crystal Cove. The exhibit an evil Russian witch by the name of Baba Yaga and her chicken-legged house comes to life. The gang adds Hotdog Water as the new Daphne and hunt Baba Yaga in Crystal Cove's Haunted Forest of Doomonly to end up being the hunted. As it turns out, the chicken-legged house contains a few secrets: namely the mysterious Planispheric Disc Piece #3 and, a stash of priceless Faberge eggs. The gang solves the mystery by exposing that the Russian curator had disguised himself as Baba Yaga in order to smuggle stolen Faberge eggs into Crystal Cove. And now that the mystery's solved, our gang finds themselves in possession of Planispheric Disc Piece #3!

Air date:

The Night the Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom

In a daring airport rescue, set in Crybaby Clown's 747, the gang not only snags Crybaby Clown but saves Daphne, who was taken prisoner along with the therapist, hairdresser, plastic surgeon and publicist. Crybaby Clown is revealed to be none other than Bayler Hotner, who was gathering the perfect posse that would make him a superstar actor. Daphne slaps Bayler hard across the face and asks if she can come back to Mystery Inc. Of course, she can!

Air date:

Web of the Dreamweaver

As the gang gets deeper into the mystery of the Dreamweaver, they uncover the fact that Sheriff Stone and the three other citizens were avid practitioners of a fantasy role-playing game called Crypts & Creatures when they were young. The Dreamweaver was a monster created by then Crypt-Master Bronson Stone! Using their skills, Mystery Inc. cracks the mystery and realizes it's an inside job. One of Stone's old C&C-mates is actually the Dreamweaver out for revenge because his beloved level 99 Elf Mage was destroyed all those years ago! As a surprise at the end, Fred's real parents (Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves) return and introduce themselves to Fred and the gang!

Air date:

The Hodag of Horror

The gang figures out the mystery and sets a trap for the Hodag. The Hodag is revealed as none other than a trained monkey that steals for his master, Fussbuster! Fussbuster wanted the 500-year-old Spanish cheese that Shepherd had in the curio wagon. The gang traps both Fussbuster and Roberto and in the end, the 500-year-old Spanish cheese reveals its dark secret Planispheric Disc Piece #4! With the gang in possession of two pieces of the mysterious Planispheric Disc, a worried Professor Pericles approaches the members of the Old Mystery Inc. gang, searching for both new and old alliances.

Air date:

Art of Darkness

World-renowned modern artist Randy Warsaw is Crystal Cove's greatest art treasure. But, when Warsaw's greatest work of art, Junk, comes to life and tries to destroy Warsaw, Mayor Nettles asks the gang to investigate. Each member of Mystery Inc. is soon swept up in this crazy, beautiful art worldexcept for Daphne, who is labeled as boring by Warsaw and duly ignored. Velma becomes Warsaw's muse. Fred becomes Warsaw's living mannequin. Scooby is the new lead singer in the emo arthouse band. Shaggy is put to work carving food sculptures with his teeth. Everyone is happy.

Air date:

The Gathering Gloom

While watching a free screening of an old Vincent Van Ghoul movie with half the town at Crystal Cove Cemetery, the gang is attacked by the Graveyard Ghoul! Wanting to investigate, the gang heads back to the cemetery the next day. The first person they see is an absolutely perfect suspect, Gorak the caretaker. He looks just like the Graveyard Ghoul and even hisses at them. But, not wanting to commit villain profiling, they broaden the investigation to include the Bjorklund house on cemetery grounds.

Air date:

The Night on Haunted Mountain

Climbing Mount Diabla out in the desert, two hikers are attacked by Lilith, a dark-winged Angel of Destruction. Back at Crystal Cove hospital, the gang talks to the climbers and sets out to solve this mystery. They travel to Scorpion Wells at the base of Mount Diabla to find a small trailer-town of very suspicious, and unfriendly characters. Lilith attacks driving the gang out of town. Unfazed, the Mystery Inc. gang climbs Mount Diabla to discover a crazed old-lady miner named Boron who claims Lilith is on the ship with her. Her ship.

Air date:

Grim Judgement

When a crazed ghostly puritan judge named Hebediah Grimm starts terrorizing Crystal Cove and judging its youth, the Mystery Inc. gang gets involved perhaps a little too deep. Ethan and Gary seem to be reaping the benefits of these strange attacks as they are rescuing and then dating some of the prettiest girls in school! This makes them prime suspects but both have ironclad alibisboth have been seen fighting against Hebediah! With their leads quickly running out, the gang turn to Fred's real parents, Brad and Judy, for help. These expert trap makers are overjoyed for a little time with Fred, and together, they all concoct a trap that nabs BOTH Hebediah Grimms! As it turns out, Ethan and Gary were both alternating as Hebediah Grimm in a real scream of a mystery. And, their motives? Girls. There were trying to get dates with girls! Only in Crystal Cove.

Air date:

Night Terrors

On a ski trip into the cold, snowy mountains, the Mystery Inc. gang gets diverted by a huge avalanche to have to stay the night at a creepy old library that was once the 1880s mansion of famed railroad baron and adventurer Oswald Burlington. The Burlington Library is full of mysteryand when the gang start seeing phantasms and monsters, they have to get to the bottom of those mysteries or they might just not make it off this mountaintop alive.

Air date:

The Midnight Zone

When Cassidy is attacked by deep-sea robots, the gang decides to help her unravel the mystery of who is sending them and why. This is going to call for a little deap-sea adventure!

Air date:

Where Stalks the Scarebear

The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc. gang to investigate the mystery of the Scarebear - a mutant bear that's terrorizing the town of Destroido.

Air date:

Wrath of the Krampus

The strange appearance of an evil goat man named Krampus has the Mystery Inc. gang in a race to find all the pieces of the Planispheric Disc.

Air date:

The Heart of Evil

When Dynomutt and Blue Falcon arrive in Crystal Cove, they team up with our Mystery Inc. gang to solve the mystery of a horrible Dragon-man Robot that's terrorizing the city. But, the Dragon is searching for somethingand manages to kidnap Blue Falcon and Scoobythinking that Scooby is Dynomutt!

Air date:

Theater of the Doomed

When Vincent Van Ghoul is put in charge of putting on the play about Crystal Cove's history, he panics and begs our Mystery Inc. gang to help him. The subject of the play? The Franciscan Friars that originally settled Crystal Cove and how their pet miniature donkey El Corto saved them all from destruction when the town slide into the sea some three centuries ago.

Air date:

Aliens Among Us

When Sheriff Stone confesses to the gang that he was abducted by aliens as a child, Mystery Inc. decides to look into his claims that aliens are now running around Crystal Cove taking high-tech devices (clearly trying to rebuild their crashed spaceship so that they can get off our planet and get back to their inter-galactic war thats happening all around us!) The gang is skeptical at first but circumstances keep leading them to believe the Sheriff. Strange things have been happening lately. Whos to say aliens arent real? Things get stranger still when the aliens steal Barty Blakes brand new high-tech electric car right out of the Blake mansion. The gang gives chase! Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy think theyve figured this mystery out. And, with a little sleuthing with Velma, they actually uncover the mystery. Turns out, there are no such things as alienswell, at least not in this episode!

Air date:

The Horrible Herd

When Crystal Cove is threatened by a herd of horrible, mutated cattle, the Mystery Incorporated gang discover that it's an evil plot by Professor Pericles to destroy all of Crystal Cove leaving our heroes no place to hide the Planispheric Disc! Pericles wants it back, and he'll stop at nothing to get it. Corralling the issue head on, Mystery Incorporated raids the mutated cow-hive at Destroido, stealing the Queen Cow and saving the city of Crystal Cove from certain destruction.

Air date:

Dance of the Undead

When famous Ska band Rude Boy and the Ska-Tastics rise from the grave, they spread a dancing sickness throughout Crystal Cove. Their haunted Ska music threatens to make everyone in Crystal Cove dance themselves to death! With the rest of the gang falling under the terrible musical influence, it's up to Shaggy and Scooby to save the day.

Air date:

The Devouring

When a Gluten Demon rises up and attacks famous foodie Francilee Jackson, our gang has to try to stop this monster before it consumes all the bread, pasta and other tasty foodstuffs in Crystal Cove - perhaps the worst possible nightmare for Shaggy and Scooby! But, when Fred's hero, Dr. Rick Spartan joins the hunt, along with his faithful manservant Cachinga, the action escalates to a fevered pitch. In a gluttonous mega-match of street-shattering proportions, Shaggy and Scooby must out-eat the Gluten Demon before its too late.

Air date:

Stand and Deliver

A motorcycle-riding robber known as the Dandy Highwayman is kidnapping all the women of Crystal Cove, and now it's up to our heroes to put a stop to his rogue ways. When Daphne is taken, Fred loses it. Nobody steals his girl even if technically she's not actually his girl at the moment.

Air date:

The Man in the Mirror

Fred finds himself thrust into the future where the town of Crystal Cove is a wasteland and everyone has perished except for a very old Daphne. She keeps asking him to show her the location of the Planispheric Disc. Meanwhile, in present day, a totally different evil Fred mirrors every move with our gang... looking for the same Planispheric Disc.

Air date:

Nightmare in Red

Things are getting pretty strange for our heroes. It seems that the whole mystery of Nibiru is becoming more and more complex. Taking a stranger turn, our heroes allow themselves to be hypnotized so that they can enter the dreamworld. Here, Nova explains more of the truth about the ancient Annunaki race, the Evil Entity buried below Crystal Cove and the way to defeat him.

Air date:

Dark Night of the Hunters

Searching for the Heart of the Jaguar, the Mystery Incorporated gang heads south of the border to search the ancient Mayan ruins that hold the burial chamber of the Hunters of Secrets (the original Mayan Mystery Inc. group). When a horrible Priestess tries to stop them, they must solve the mystery behind it all while figuring out the true location of the Heart of the Jaguar. They ultimately grab an ancient spear buried with the Mayan Hunters of Secrets and take it with them back to Crystal Coveready to face the darkness ahead!

Air date:

Gates of Gloom

When the gang returns from the Yucatan Peninsula with the ancient spear they think to be the Heart of the Jaguar, they find the town empty! Everyone has been taken underground. Our heroes soon find the townsfolk in chains and digging a vast excavation policed over by Kriegstaffa bots. Professor Pericles and what's left of his Mystery Incorporated are there overseeing the dig. Theyre looking for the entrance down into the caverns where the cursed treasure and the Evil Entity are buried. Saving all the townsfolk from Pericle's evil clutches, our five young heroes gear up to follow Pericles and his motley crew through the gate and deeper down into the depths.

Air date:

Through the Curtain

Traveling through the underground caverns, our heroes trail Pericles and company. They soon learn why they've been collecting all four keys on their final journey down to face the Evil Entity. Reaching the treasure chamber before Pericles, they set about destroying the Evil Entity. But, they stop when the Evil Entity speaks to them. Revealing a secret that could change their lives forever.

Air date:

Come Undone

All heck breaks loose! Freed from his tomb, the Evil Entity heads to the surface to consume everyone around him and grow stronger. Starting with Crystal Cove! It's the end of the world! Our heroes must work together to ultimately realize the true Heart of the Jaguar and somehow stop the Evil Entity. But what happens next, no one could ever guess!

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