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The Life We've Chosen

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Amanda holds Alex hostage and tells Nikita she will release Alex in exchange for Ari (recurring guest star PETER OUTERBRIDGE). Michael assigns Nikita and Sean to handle the exchange of prisoners, but Ryan adds Owen to the team at the last minute, which makes Michael suspicious. While in captivity, Alex befriends a fellow prisoner named Larissa (guest star OLGA FONDA How I Met Your Mother) and vows to break them both out of the jail, which ultimately conflicts with Nikitas plan, forcing Alex to … More

Genre: Drama
Network: CW
Air Date: Mar 15, 2013
Directed By:
Written By:


Maggie Q
as Nikita
Shane West
as Michael
Noah Bean
as Ryan Fletcher
Dillon Casey
as Sean Pierce
Olga Fonda
as Larissa
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