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The Killing (2011 - 2014)

The Killing (2011 - 2014)





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Adaptation of a Danish-TV crime drama following investigations by homicide detectives in Seattle. The viewpoints include those of the police and suspects.more
Creator: Veena Sud


The Killing: Season 4
Critics Consensus: While its characters still intrigue and its atmosphere remains absorbingly dark, The Killing succumbs to silliness in its fourth season, straying into distractingly overwrought territory.

2014, AMC, 6 episodes

The Killing: Season 3
Critics Consensus: Though The Killing's third season doesn't do anything much differently than before, it continues to benefit from strong acting, and new viewers should be able to jump right in with ease.

2013, AMC, 12 episodes

The Killing: Season 2
Critics Consensus: The Killing's second season feels a bit tedious and unsure of where it wants to go, but it succeeds in keeping the audience on its toes, thanks to consistently fantastic acting and some strategic storytelling.

2012, AMC, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Killing is a slow burning mystery with an eerie, mutli-dimensional story propelled by thoughtful writing, believable characters, and realistic horror, even if its season finale was unsatisfying.

2011, AMC, 13 episodes

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TV Network: AMC
Premiere Date: Apr 3, 2011
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Veena Sud , Mikkel Bondesen
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Mireille Enos
as Sarah Linden
Bill Campbell
as Darren Richmond
Joel Kinnaman
as Stephen Holder
Joan Allen
as Colonel Margaret O'N...
Gregg Henry
as Carl Reddick
Sterling Beaumon
as Lincoln Knopf
Max Fowler
as Twitch
Tyler Ross
as Kyle Stansbury
Amy Seimetz
as Danette Leeds
Eitra Kennedy
as Benissimo Lee
Tyler Johnston
as Alexi Giffords
Allison Hossack
as Sally Ames
Kerry Sandomirsky
as Principal Meyers
Colin Lawrence
as Benjamin Abani
Gary Chalk
as Michael Oakes
Tasha Simms
as Helen Marek
Liam James
as Jack Linden
Cate Sproule
as Kallie Leeds
Ashley Johnson
as Amber Ahmed
Thomas Webb
as Amber Ahmed
Brandon Jay McLaren
as Bennet Ahmed
Peter Sarsgaard
as Ray Seward
Rowan Longworth
as Adrian Seward
Kacey Rohl
as Sterling Fitch
Brendan Sexton III
as Belko Royce
Elias Koteas
as James Skinner
Kristin Lehman
as Gwen Eaton
Gharret Paon
as Kris Echols
Brent Sexton
as Stan Larsen
Philip Granger
as Jablonski
Eric Ladin
as Jamie Wright
Jamie Anne Allman
as Terry Marek
Tom Butler
as Lesley Adams
Richard Harmon
as Jasper Ames
Hugh Dillon
as Frances Becker
Evan Bird
as Tom Larsen
Barclay Hope
as Michael Ames
Seth Isaac Johnson
as Denny Larsen
Aaron Douglas
as William "Billy" Hend...
Billy Campbell
as Darren Richmond
VJ Delos-Reyes
as Lyndon J. Rosales
Michelle Forbes
as Mitch Larsen
Lindsay Collins
as Mrs. Parsons
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