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The Mentalist (2008 - )

The Mentalist (2008 - )






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A celebrated psychic-turned-detective with a powerful gift for observation investigates crimes.more


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2014, CBS, 13 episodes

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2013, CBS, 22 episodes

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2012, CBS, 22 episodes

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2011, CBS, 24 episodes

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2010, CBS, 24 episodes

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2009, CBS, 23 episodes

The Mentalist: Season 1
Critics Consensus: The setup and episodic storytelling is far from original, but The Mentalist distinguishes itself from other procedurals mostly due to the talents of Simon Baker.

2008, CBS, 23 episodes

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Robin Tunney
as Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang
as Kimball Cho
Rockmond Dunbar
as FBI Agent Dennis Abb...
Owain Yeoman
as Wayne Rigsby
Joel Bissonnette
as Mitchell Reese
Malcolm McDowell
as Bret Stiles
Morena Baccarin
as Erica Flynn
William Forsythe
as Steve Rigsby
Diane Farr
as Amy Barron
Andrew Rothenberg
as Jack Hellion
Ray Wise
as Dennis Victor
Henry Thomas
as Tommy Lisbon
Neil Hopkins
as Isaac Goodwin
Emmanuelle Chriqui
as Lorelei Martins
Amanda Righetti
as Grace Van Pelt
Cameron Meyer
as Medical Examiner
Fred Koehler
as Tommy Olds
Shaun Toub
as Michael Moradi
Jim Holmes
as Dr. Wilson Bowman
Michael O'Neill
as Sheriff Nelson
Alastair Mackenzie
as Dr. Royston Daniel
Marguerite MacIntyre
as Heather Prentiss
Hana Hwang
as Annika
Callard Harris
as Tom Doverton
Tony Curran
as Dean Harken
Dina Meyer
as Abigail
Michael Gaston
as Gale Bertram
Michael Rady
as Luther Wainwright
Stephanie Erb
as Betsy Firth
Clayton Rohner
as Asher MacLean
Lisa Sheridan
as Dr. Brooke Harper
Mariette Hartley
as Elise Vogelson
Molly Hagan
as Elizabeth Hennings
Kyle Secor
as Father Peter DiBuono
Leslie Hope
as Kristina Frye
Gwendoline Yeo
as Alexandra
Sharon Lawrence
as Melba Walker Shannon
Sandrine Holt
as Elise Chaye
Joshua Bitton
as Rick Tork
Peter Onorati
as Oliver Westhoff
Hans Tester
as Vincent
Catherine Dent
as FBI Agent Susan Darc...
Craig Bierko
as Doc Duggan
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