• Genre: Drama
  • Air date: Apr 14, 2011
  • Network: CW





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The Last Dance

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The Last Dance

The Last Dance is the eighteenth episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries and the fortieth episode of the series.     


DANCING WITH DANGER - As the high school prepares to throw a 1960s Decade Dance, Elena starts receiving disturbing messages from Klaus via an unusual source. Bonnie tries to reassure Jeremy that she is strong enough to help Elena, but a worried Jeremy asks Stefan for advice. Caroline talks Matt into taking her to the dance. Expecting Klaus to show up at the dance, Damon and Alaric attend as chaperones, but Klaus is playing a complicated game that keeps them on the edge. Finally, Damon comes up with a new plan of action that shocks and upsets everyone.


Main Cast

  • Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce
  • Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
  • Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
  • Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert
  • Sara Canning as Jenna Sommers 
  • Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett
  • Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes
  • Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan
  • Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood
  • Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman/Klaus
  • Recurring Cast

  • Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson
  • Marguerite MacIntyre as Elizabeth Forbes
  • Gino Anthony Pesi as Maddox
  • Anna Enger as Dana
  • Mark Buckland as Chad
  • Guest Cast

  • Terrence Gibney as Mr. Henry
  • Trivia

  • Antagonist: Klaus.
  • Tyler does not appear in this episode.
  • Jenna does not appear in this episode.
  • Klaus appears in this episode in Alaric's body.
  • Damon and Elena dance in this episode, this is the second time they dance in the series since they first danced in Miss Mystic Falls.
  • Elena undaggers Elijah in this episode to help kill Klaus.
  • Bonnie fakes her death to protect Elena.
  • Damon was the only one aware of Bonnie's plan to fake her death.
  • Foreshadowing: Klaus says that he preferred the '20s over the '60s (as a party theme). The next decade dance in Do Not Go Gentle would use a 1920's speakeasy theme.
  • This is the second decade dance after the '50s Decade Dance as seen in Unpleasantville.
  • Errors

  • In scene where Bonnie is dead and has her eyes shut is actually wrong, a dead person's eyes can not actually be shut without the use of tools and equipment.
  • Cultural References

  • The Beatles an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960.
  • "Save the Last Dance for Me " is a song by The Drifters in which a man tells his beloved that at the end of the day, they will be together. "So you can go, dance, flirt, but at the end, save the last dance for me" Things need to happen at the right time, there are relationships that could work and perhaps will work, just not right now. (that's what Damon tells Elena...)
  • MiFi is a wireless router released by Verizon in 2009. Because so many viewers are now skipping or fast forwarding commercial breaks they need to use product placement to have the sponsors in context, as part of the story. This MiFi was one of the clunkier and more obvious ones.
  • The Last Dance may also refer to: 
  • Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 2.81 million viewers in USA which was 0.08 million more than the previous episode.

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