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Craig Sutcliffe 2 years ago

Hey all. Thanks for checking out this comment. I used to be a regular on here for years but in the past couple, I haven't passed...mainly because I don't review films much anymore. But I thought I'd come back and say hi to some of you that I've talked to in the past and see if you might like to check out my Youtube channel. I know, it horrible to just start spamming peoples comments with links asking them to check things out, but I've just started to pick up doing the things I plan on doing for the rest of my life and would love people to see what I've done so far and receive the views and the comments. My goal is to be an editor and I also love to direct, but thats something I'd do in my own time. Recently I edited a music video with Inception footage which some of you may like (which can be found on the channel) and the only other thing on there at the moment is an old music video I edited back in Film School (Deftones) which is poor quality, but it was fun to make. As time goes on I hope to add more to this channel (I have a documentary I just recently shot which I will hopefully add within a couple of months once edited...and I do have a short film, but its too long for Youtube). Sorry for the long comment but thanks again :)

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Cancelled User 3 years ago

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Battle in Seattle

Battle in Seattle

4 years ago via Flixster

It's quite hard to write a review on a movie that covers issues so close to my heart, but I think it did a fairly good job. To my shame I have to admit I don't know as much as I probably should, and certainly could about the WTO protests in 1999 (I was only 9 at the time), but the little I did know was reflected in the film, and I'm hoping that the rest that I didn't, and was covered by the film, will be proven to be accurate after further reserch.

On the downside I feel while the portrayl of what being in a protest, and the police tactics used to both disperse and divert attention away from the issues are very accurate, believe me I've been there, I know, they could have done with making the script a little less hollywoodized, the main characters (specifically the activists) come off a little too much as "perfect little protestors". Also I feel lengethening the movie by say thirty minutes through extending the scenes where protestors and police clashed would have far improved the accuracy (and ok, also the spectacle). I say this not because I felt there wasn't enough "action", but more because they felt very fleeting, which really is not the reality, quite often police will charge blocks of protestors over and over again, and even end up backing them into a position where they can neither disperse or avoid confrontation even if they wanted to (and believe me by that point a large section of that block usually woild be more than happy to do both of those things), I doubt seattle was much different in that regard so I was a little dissapointed that wasn't reflected in the movie. Again it just made the clashes a little glorified and hollywoodised where as the reality is that they're almost always drawn out and grueling experiances, not all that fun at all... well unless you enjoy that kind of thing, which many people do.

But those are the only downsides to the film, and on the whole as a piece of entertainment, and for educational value, I can only give this movie a firm reccomendation to anybody who is yet to watch it.

The Shining

The Shining

4 years ago via Flixster

Enoyable at times but certainly not all that scary or horrific, and in the end kind of pointless in my opinion, plus at just under two and a half hours, it outstays it's welcome.

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

4 years ago via Flixster

I have actually seen this, It's just I saw it in Portugal, and therefore all of the subs were in Portuguese, and while my Portuguese is OK, it got a bit confusing at times. So review pending atm...

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