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    Les MisÚrables

    Les MisÚrables (2012)

    I, personally haven't seen any of the pervious installments of Les Miserables, I also haven't read the book, or seen any of the plays, so pretty much I was going into this movie without knowing anything about it. The good thing about this film is, it doesn't matter if you read the book or seen the older movie versions of it becuase when you watch the movie, the story is pretty simple to follow, yes the story is long and has a lot going on, but if you really pay attention, then I think you can understand it well. Alright, first I have to say that this movie is a pure musical and I mean pretty much every word that is spoken in this movie is pretty much in song, yes there's some brief dialogue that's spoken normal, but bascially everything in this film is all music, which personally, I found really cool. I thought, Tom Hooper directed the movie pretty well, he gave the film some great camera shots and he made the pacing of the film flow really good. Now, for the flaws in this movie, which there were a few of. The first flaw in the movie was some of the acting performances, like Russell Crowe. I have no idea why they put Russell Crowe in this movie, like what the hell where they thinking, his voice sounded awful and he doesn't sing just once in this film, he sings throughout the whole movie and man oh man is it ever annoying. I am a huge Russell Crowe fan, I think he's a terrific actor, but him singing was just hard to hear and even his acting in general in this film was kind of off. He was basically the weakest actor in this whole movie and I was very disappointed seeing him in this film. Now, Russell Crowe wasn't the only weak actor in this film, I thought Sacha Baron Cohen was weak as well, along with Amanda Seyfried and Helena Bonham Carter. Now those actors/actresses weren't terrible like Russell Crowe because they could actually sing, but at the same time all three of those characters were very annoying and really uninteresting. Now, another flaw in this movie was the cinematography, yes the movie was beautfully shot, but all the shots showing the scenery was very blurry, which was another annoying thing that was in this movie. Now, for the good stuff! This movie had a lot of good stuff, like the most obvious thing, which was the music, the music in this movie was very well done, sometimes it was a little too much, but all in all I thought the music was really well done. The best songs in the movie were, I Dreamed a Dream and Look Down, those songs had such strong lyrics and there were both just beautful to listen too. I don't think all the songs were great, but I think most of them fit the tone of the film really well and I think all the songs made the movie more different, which was pretty cool. Another good thing in this movie was the strong performance Anne Hathaway gives, like holy crap was she ever amazing as the role of Fantine, she sang beautfully and her acting was top notch, I really wish she was more in the movie, but still she was terrific and she hands down gave the best performance. Hugh Jackman, also gives a great performance, he sang very well and his character was really interesting. So, all in all I did enjoy myself when I saw this film, yes it has it's flaws, but it's a good time and a pretty enjoyable flick.

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