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Mike S 14 months ago

Great review Jens! Look forward to seeing it at the cinema tonight.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

7 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Let's be honest. Less than a year ago there had not been much marketing for this film yet. And it seemed like a bold move by Marvel to take a lesser known comic including a talking raccoon and a walking tree as their big summer movie for 2014 without a full-blown A-list cast. People started fearing this could be Marvel's first financial flop. It's not gonna happen though, because word will travel fast. This is riot.
"Guardians" is the kind of lighthearted yet never superficial or even dumb Sci-Fi adventure people loved to watch in the 1980s. Director James Gunn pays homage to that era especially with his brilliant use of songs throughout the film yet propelling visual effects to a new level at the same time. While Gunn can rely on excellent CGI effects that make us care deeply about the creatures mentioned above, the human cast is delivering spot on performances, too. It's the characters' stories that ultimately make you click with this movie and make it so much more than a fast food adventure. It's fast, it's colorful, it's weird (but not as weird as feared) while being deeply satisfying and entertaining at all time. The amount of detail and depth that went into every frame of this packed universe is staggering. Funny yet touching it's hard not to come back from seeing this with a stupid grin on your face. Sure, the laws of physics have no real business in this film and the last act of the showdown maybe takes the craziness a few notches too high, but you'll be hard pressed to find a summer blockbuster with this much heart while being pushed into your cinema seat for two hours.

The Guard

The Guard

31 days ago via Flixster

Sometimes the politically most incorrect characters are the most fun, like Gleeson's Irish cop who takes pride in his prejudiced and racist attitudes. How he ends up working with a black FBI agent is a bit contrived but also hilariously funny at times. It helps that the villains are putting up a great fight as far as charisma goes, especially Mark Strong is a reliable force. A really dark sense of humor a midst sudden bursts of violence makes for an unpredictable and highly entertaining experience. Typically Irish, if you will.



31 days ago via Flixster

Just when you thought the found-footage-genre was dead and stuck in silly and predictable horror gear, there is something fresh and surprising. A super heroes and villains origin story, if you will. While it takes a bit to set up events, the second half is pretty spectacular, fun and surprising, ultimately culminating in an insane showdown that makes you wish you could have seen more of this. Well done.



31 days ago via Flixster

It starts out as a stupid dope and sex comedy for a while before things get uncomfortable and ultimately unbearably cruel. And for the longest time it's easy to keep your distance to the film, shake your head at the mediocre acting and unrealistic character decisions. In the last 30 minutes the film goes so batshit crazy, incredibly cruel and basically out of its way to give each character what they deserve that it's actually kinda fun. At least if you don't mind watching someone's eye hanging out of the socket getting cut off with a pair of scissors. Insane.

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