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AndY BEEVER 4 years ago

Hey there :)
I am completely with you on Avatar! i just don't understand why everybody thought it was so wonderful!
Utter garbage!!

Majbritt Ware 4 years ago

Am completely with you on Avatar. There was no storyline and the dialogue left a lot to be desired.
I watched it in 3D and it did make me feel sick. Had a splitting headache when we left the cinema and felt like I was going to lose my dinner.
Even in 3D it couldn't capture this particular member of the audience, and if I hadn't been feeling sick, I am sure I would have fallen asleep 20 mins into it.
It is so refreshing seeing someone else not impressed as everyone else on my friends list loved it.
Thank you :)

EightThirty . 4 years ago

I agree, I prefer the "camera fusion sytem" enhances rather than that bullcrap 3-D they put on "Alice in wonderland" and "Clash of the Titans"..

Thanks for your review on "Avatar" its healthy to see a different opinion but you are right, 3-D will not save movies. I laughed when you said "Ohhh so pretty! Me like pretty things! What a good film because it is so pretty and the 3D is so cool!" cause I soooo said that in my review- ha ha ha anyway good one!

Keep it coming. \^_^/

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Ashes of Time Redux

Ashes of Time Redux

58 days ago via Flixster

Very interesting looking film but the plot was all over the place. It was cool to see all the Chinese actors when they were young and the film re-released however.

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