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Lina ... 2 years ago, what have I missed :)?

Lina ... 3 years ago

Things are off to a shaky start for the new year...but I'm trying to be more of an optimist this year...
Christmas just kinda flew by really :*
It wasn't really festive, just kinda came and went, would have missed it if you blinked, it was was yours?
News in is the same ol' drawl, school is a pain, never did like school :~, got exams in March though, haven't studied shite lol...there's a few other tibits; fill you in on the details laterzzz :)
What's going on with your side of the spinning ball..?

Lina ... 3 years ago

Ello stranger...just sending you a little luv and my best wishes for this new year, warmest regards... Halciann
*cheers xxxxx*

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Lately I?ve been rather pessimistic.... But I?m trying to change that... :) I'm no longer 21, nope ?I?m now 22 (argh!) and if I don't look out I?ll soon be 23! (Damn! When did I grow up?) I miss the "one-off" recommendations to see movies that were genuine. I don't miss the wigits.

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