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Favorite Movies:
Serenity, Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf), Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor), The Fall, Strictly Ballroom, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Dish, Moulin Rouge!, Amélie, Army of Darkness, Jurassic Park, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Fifth Element, Returner (Ritana), Gwoemul (The Host), Interview with the Vampire, A Life Less Ordinary, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Plunkett & Macleane, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Labyrinth, Ed Wood, Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys), The City of Lost Children (La Cité des Enfants Perdus), Delicatessen, The Neverending Story, Singin' in the Rain, Tremors, The Spirit
Favorite Actors:
Bruce Campbell, Nathan Fillion, Richard Dean Anderson, Ewan McGregor, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Aidan Turner, Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping, Misha Collins, Gene Kelly, Rufus Sewell, James Nesbitt, Simon Pegg, James Purefoy, Jeremy Northam, Jonas Armstrong, Rupert Penry-Jones, Matthew MacFadyen, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, James McAvoy, Jason Isaacs, Eddie Izzard, Robert Carlyle, Toby Stephens, Christopher Eccleston, Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tautou, Gillian Anderson, Sarah Polley, Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving, Eric Bana, Marton Csokas, Alex O'Loughlin, James Marsters, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anthony Head, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Summer Glau, David Hewlett, Paul Blackthorne, Scott Bakula, Callum Blue, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Jeremy Renner, Paul Gross, Ian Tracey, Callum Keith Rennie, Thomas Kretschmann, Gael García Bernal, Konstantin Khabensky, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Aamir Khan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joaquin Phoenix, Jim Henson, Robert Redford, Steve Buscemi, Michael Landes, Jensen Ackles, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Karl Urban, Luke Goss, Paul Mercurio, Thomas Jane
My favorite genre is SciFi/Fantasy. I also have a soft spot for 'foriegn' and independent films. But in general I'll watch pretty much anything. Yeah, I'm a nerd, so what? In addition to watching a lot of movies, I also watch a lot of TV. <br>Some TV shows I love are Firefly, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heroes, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, The X-Files and Farscape. That's my very short list (I have a much longer one).<br><br><br> <b>I'm here for movies and movie discussion only. Do NOT send me your email!</b><br><br> Please don't post skin requests on my profile. If you have a skin request there's a <a href="" target="new" alt="skin requests">thread</a> in the forums for that. If you need help making skins feel free to ask me. I'm by no means an expert but I'll help you where I can and if I don't have the answer I may be able to point in the direction of someone who does.

Movie Ratings and Reviews

Copying Beethoven, (Klang der Stille)

Trite, trite, trite!!! And some of the camerawork made me want to scream. Shaking the camera does NOT add drama, it's just annoying.

Unborn but Forgotten

Creepy but not that good. I'm not sure I really understood the very end. Has weird anti-choice vibe to it as well.

Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot)

Beautiful and unique like most of Jean-Pierre Jeunet films.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Very cute but pretty boring.

The Woods
The Woods (2006)

A good old school style horror flick. And it gets bonus points for having Bruce Campbell in it.

My Name Is Bruce

This one is strictly for the Bruce fans. If you're not a Bruce Cambell fan the good stuff is gonna go right over your head.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

Let me put it this way - It's not a haunting.

Salt (2010)

Not as much fun as the trailer and ironically enough, the 'big twist' is actually IN the trailer.

The Crazies
The Crazies (2010)

I don't really know why but I really enjoyed this movie. If you like zombie or post-disaster or horror films you should definitely check out The Crazies.

Splice (2010)

Ick, ick, ick. Thanks Splice now I need a burning hot shower to get the ick off and NOT the fun kind of ick.

Red (2010)

A fun and smart action film. Highly recommend.

Sex and the City 2

There is NO excuse for how bad this movie was. It's so out of touch with the world that it's actually offensive and not in a sexual like the title might lead you to believe.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I have to assume the original was better because this was seriously dull.

The Resident
The Resident (2012)

Lee Pace and Jeffery Dean Morgan in the same movie :D But other than the eye candy not much going on.

The King's Speech

For once a film is actually as brilliant as everyone says.

The Tourist
The Tourist (2010)

Great ending, but getting there was tough.

The Proposal
The Proposal (2009)

For a chick flick I think it's fairly decent and not as mushy as most. Other than the ending seeming a little slap-dash and cliche an A-OK movie.

Death Race
Death Race (2008)

It's really stupid but it's also really fun. If you want to watch a pointless movie with a lot fast paced and seriously violent action Death Race is a good choice.

The Spirit
The Spirit (2008)

First of all, I know nothing about the source material/comic. Of the recent crop of comic based movies this is by and far my favorite. Wildly entertaining, visually stunning and surprisingly funny. Unlike fellow comic based movies like Watchmen and SIn City, The Spirit doesn't take itself so serisously which I find refreshing. If you like your comics with that attached to reality feeling you probably won't enjoy The Spirit because it takes everything to a comic extreme. I think it fabulous but apparently I'm in the minority.

The Informant!

I was really excited to see this film, it looked quirky and funny (with the added bonus of Scott Bakula and Joel McHale). Turns out it's not especially quirky and almost completely lacking in laughs. All of the funny bit are in the trailer and are funnier in the trailer than in the film. At least the acting was good, really good.

Moon (2009)

Moon is fine example of how good a scifi can be, I'm fairly confident that even if you don't generally like scifi you will like Moon none the less. Technically there's real only one character and his robot but there's a whole lot of story and whole lot of relationship and whole lot of heart. I really think Sam Rockwell should have gotten more attention for his great performance(s). A fascinating look at isolation and the meaning of life without ever seeming preachy or pretenious. CHECK IT OUT!

Pandorum (2009)

What can I say? There is just something about a ship-based scifi, that I love and Pandorum is no exception. If the story weren't based on a spaceship it would pretty much just be a cheesy creature feature with a dash of psycho drama thrown in for 'depth.' However it is set on a spaceship which for some reason makes it more interesting, more engrossing and just plaining fun to watch. If you like ship-based scifi's, creature features or thought the trailers looked good I say good ahead and check it out.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

I figured My Bloody Valentine would be bad going into it so I can't exactly fault it for being exactly what I expected. You may ask, if I thought it was going to be bad why see it? Simple - Jensen Ackles and as expected he was gorgious and that's pretty much all I expected from this film. The only up side of Valentine is that Ackle's character survived far deeper into the film than I expected. You can fairly accuratly judge the quality of this film from its trailer - so make your own call from there ;)

Drag Me to Hell

Other than no Bruce Campbell - Classic Raimi! It is so nice to see Raimi return to his over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek horror roots of years past; even though it's been a while he certainly hasn't lost his touch. I was surprised by just how much I got sucked into the story.

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

This movie is just so painful. If you were a fan of the show you may actually want to skip this movie - no Rube and a new and significantly crapified Daisy (I think the writers/actress just had NO clue about who Daisy was in the show - they turned her into a vacant bimbo). And if you weren't a fan of the show I can't see any reason to start with this movie - if you are curious about the film, start with the TV show - I would say the show is 100 times better than the film but 100 times zero is zero.

Monsters vs. Aliens

Pretty decent for a kids film. The fast pace and creatures were fun. I really liked Insectasourus.

Twelve and Holding (12 and Holding)

I'm generally not found of films with kids at the center of them, but 12 and Holding is really good. It tackles some really big issues without ever coming off preachy or overbearing. The young actors to a great job (as do the adults). I aspecially liked the storyline around Jeremy Renner's character and the young girl who falls so very hard for him.

Paranormal Activity

Scary in that suspenseful way. Paranormal Activity has a very real feel about it and the interactions betweens the characters feel real as well which I think add to the scary factor. For my money the scene with the baby powder was the scariest.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It felt more like a bridge to the next story than a movie/story in its own right.

Easy Virtue
Easy Virtue (2009)

I think I would have really liked this film if it weren't for Jessica Biel (and honestly I can't tell you if it's her or her character) who was just endlessly irratating and self obessessed. On the other hand Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas were brilliant as always. Other than Biel a good movie about an upper class English family that is beginning to loose it's shine.

Land of the Lost

Great visuals, great settings - just soooo very sick of Ferrell style humor and this film is overflowing with it. The T-Rex was fun though.

Watchmen (2009)

Wow after all the buzz I have to say I was expecting a lot more. Watchmen is a bit slow and seriously too long but on the other hand it's certainly different and grittier than most comic/graphic novel films. Perhaps not the most entertaining comic based films but certainly one of the more serious and broad sweeping.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Meh. Better than X-Men 3 but that's not saying a whole lot. I think they tried to do too much and include too many characters which just meant they wound up watering down and rushing through everything.

Star Trek
Star Trek (2009)

As cheesey as it may sound - Star Trek is a fast-paced and action packed fun ride. For me Zachary Quinto, Sim Pegg and Karl Urban were the stand out performances. Overall I really liked the film but rewriting almost all of Trek history by messing so deeply with the Volcans seems serisously illogical and just doesn't sit well with me. None the less I'm certainly looking forward to the next installment.

District 9
District 9 (2009)

I'm not sure it's quite as awsome as the buzz would lead you to believe. While there is certainly some fresh air in it there is also a lot of familar scifi ground in it (which by no means is a bad thing). Great effects, great acting, great story. Certainly worth watching.

Cloverfield (2008)

I really thought I was going to hate this film but I actually found it really fun. I think most of my enjoyment came from the critters themselves. I generally don't like the 'character are holding the camera themselves' or as I see it 'we're too good for a steadycam' technique but Cloverfield pulls it off or at least I got involved enough in the film to forget how irratating the whole shakey camera thing it.

Sex and Lucia (Lucía y el sexo)

A seriously sexy movie; but in a classy way.


Personally I found Happy-Go-Lucky sort of pointless and a bit annoying. But I guess it's an alright version of a slice-of-life drama.

Pathology (2008)

I got about half an hour in and thought to myself 'Maybe I should just give up on this film' what a shame I didn't take my own advice. Actually felt guilty for having watched the whole thing when I finished and not in good way. This film is without a single redeeming quality. No matter how mych you like any of the actors or the the concept SKIP this film! Seriously do yourself a favor and don't watch it - it's just ishy.

The Ugly Truth

Even more insulting than most chick flicks. But what can I say - there's just something about Gerard Butler.

The Hurt Locker

I don't like war movies in general, but I got Hurt Locker because I'll watch basically anything with Jeremy Renner in it (he's such a seriously talented actor). I couldn't get this movie out of head for weeks after I saw and I mean that as a compliment. Lets just say - for a change - this movie actually really deserved all the awards it won. Whether you think it looks good or not you really should check it out.

Hunger (2009)

Gut wrenching and often hard to watch at times, but certainly worth watching. I've been a fan of Michael Fassbender for some time now but I think this is by far his most powerful performance so far.

Gamer (2009)

From the trailers I thought this film would completely suck but I checked it out anyways because... well... Gerard Butler. Turns out it actually pretty good with a surprisingly impressive class. For a scifi that's mostly action it had a fairly well thought out concept and was put together well. If you like Gerard or like scifis or like video games; I'd say check it out.

Whiteout (2009)

The film is just unbelievably dull and trite. While the trailer implies at least a touch of scifi the film itself is just a poorly conceived and poorly exicuted thriller. Really bad.

Zombieland (2009)

I thought the trailers looked great - funny and fast paced. But overall I found the movie a bit slow and not particularly funny. If you want an off the wall zombie flick I recommend the Australian flim UNDEAD

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

To me not as great as Oldboy but better than Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Not for the skeamish or faint of heart, personally, after seeing how the object of her vengeance treated women I was ready for the violence. If you like Chan-Wook Park's other films I have no doubt you will enjoy this one as well.

The Gathering

Basically a lower quality, pseudo-religious Mothman Prophecy. Not especially good, not especially bad.

Black Sheep
Black Sheep (2006)

LOL! Only from New Zealand could you get such a completely crazy and funny genetic engineered zombie sheep horror/black comedy film. If you liked UNDEAD! (like me) or Peter Jackson's early horror films you should probably check out BLACK SHEEP.

Atonement (2007)

I got half way through and just sort of lost interest. Maybe I'll go back and finish it but I doubt it. Interesting soundtrack, but beyond that and some really nice cinematography, nothing special, at least not in the first half.

Burn After Reading

Meh. Certainly not the Coen brother's finest moment. After watching them talk about how they had characters in mind that they wanted to see certain people play them and then built a story around those characters the movie makes more sense (I don't mean the movie's hard to follow I just mean it's hard to follow why the movie was made). Burn After Reading is basically a bunch of goofy characters thrown together in a silly story. If you're fan of any of the actors or the Coens see it, if not skip it.

Appaloosa (2008)

A very quiet Western with really classic cowboys. I really wish it had been just about anyone but Zellweger she kind of threw it off a bit for me.

Wristcutters - A Love Story

Great off beat road trip movie.

The American Astronaut

Increditablly weird and wonderful. If you like your movies normal and mainstream skip this one but if you like your movies quirky and off the wall you'll LOVE The American Astronaut (or at least I did). Sort of a wacky, black and white, outter space Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

This movie made me really sad, because I really wanted it be good and it just wasn't it.If you're an old X-Phile such as myself you will want to check it out, not because a good story or a well made movie, but because it's just really nice to see Mulder, Scully and Skinner again.On its own merits I Want to Believe has no merits. The plot is scattered and under thought. The new characters are empty and a waist of time. The prodict placement is unbelievable ("Let me see if I can google it"). Scully has morphed into a annoying and weak character.Bottom line if you're an X-Phile check it out if not skip it.

Love and Other Disasters

Skip it. Only really clever films can get away with that many "If we were in a movie..." lines, and this by no means a clever film. This chick flick gives chick flicks a bad name. And who exactly where they trying to please by making Murphy run around in her underwear so much? Isn't the target audience women and gay men? Bottom line really is skip it.

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

Extremely impressive. Unique animation style (sort of a mix between James and the Giant Peach and The Adventures of Prince Achmed) and a really interesting story. I loved the look of the creature and the plague. If you get the chance check it out.

Jojo in the Stars

A gothic rabbit horror circus with a tragic love story at the center. A wonderful short film.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Saibogujiman kwenchana)

Surreal, quirky and sweet! I'm a Cyborg but That's OK, is an absolutely delightful film. If you like your films a off beat with a great visual style and fun characters you have got to check this film out.

The Savages
The Savages (2007)

A really good slice of life movie. I not too long ago went through a similar situation with my Grandma and found this film very true to life.

Kabluey (2007)

One of those goes no where, slice of life, funny in a depressing sort of way independent films. Good really good and in its own off-beat way very true to life. I would definately recommend.

Deception (2008)

I love Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman but this movie had no sparkle. Just dull, slow and predictable.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

I love the giant lizards as dinosaurs and the duck.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Considering it was a kid movie and a 3D movie, it was really quite nice. If I had kids I would definately feel alright watching this and even without kids it's a fairly decent version of Journey to the Center of the Earth.

P2 (2007)

It was alright until the dog was killed, it just kept going downhill from there.

Doctor Who: Time Crash

Two Doctors in one TARDIS I love it. It's fun to see the 10th Doctor meet his favorite Doctor, a real fan moment.

Blood and Chocolate

I'll start by saying I haven't read the books. I thought the trailers looked really cheesey and teen oriented. The movie was a bit better than I expected. A decent if a bit stale, werewolf movie.

Hitman (2007)

Exactly what you would expect from the trailers and the fact it's based on a videogame.

Run Fatboy Run

A decent comdey. Wouldn't exactly recommend it, but I certainly wouldn't discourage you if you were interested. A few really good belly laughs. Had that sweetness that most Adam Sandler films have, which is nice.

Iron Man
Iron Man (2008)

A good comicbook movie. Good origins story. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully it a bit more will actually happen in it. I really liked the dynamic between Stark and Penny.

The Happening

I LOVE the premise. The acting, the music and the overall storytelling HORRIABLE! It was incrediably melodramatic and really don't think it was on purpose. Normally I don't mind Mark Wahlberg but he was just unbelieveably bad. SPOILER AHEAD I really do like the premise though. Killer plants brilliant. Finally the planet starts to get even I LOVE it, it's the only reason The Happening got more than half a star.

The Fall
The Fall (2006)

See this movie!!!

I love, love, love this movie! A visually remarkable film with actual characters and storylines, I was begining to faith that they could be made, but The Fall renewed my faith. The Fall is visually stunning and has not only one fully developed story with fully developed characters but two fully developed stories with fully developed characters. Catinca Untaru, the little girl in the film, gives the greatest and most geniune performance I have ever seen from a child actor. She's the first kid I have honestly really liked in a film.

Niagara Motel

The poster says "extremely funny," I guess I must have missed that part, even though I watched the whole thing. It's one of those depressing doesn't really go anywhere, but it doesn't matter that it doesn't go anywhere, independent films.

CJ7 (2008)

I was expecting a cute and sweet kid film centered on an adorable little creature; turns out to be a really mean film about abusing an adorable little creature. Very disappointing.

Spirit Trap
Spirit Trap (2006)

Run of the mill haunted house story. Nothing particuallary new or fresh but not a bad version of something familiar.

Youth Without Youth

Youth Without Youth is a weird slightly incoherent melding of Faust and Dorian Gray. I think to fully get this film I would have had to watch it a second time but it seemed to take soooo long to watch the first time through that I didn't have the patients to watch it a second time.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Cute but empty, all the charm, character development and storyline are in the preview. If you like the preview watch the preview again. Pettigrew is not that bad but it certainly not good either.

Bone Dry
Bone Dry (2007)

Bone Dry is basically Gerry meets Saw.

I heard this film was under rated; I heard wrong. You can't just stick two people in a life and death battle and expect me to care about either one of them without ANY character development at all.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

A nice wrap up the Ori storyline.

Stargate: Continuum

I liked Continuum a lot more than The Ark of Truth. It was really nice to Jack again even if it was relatively briefly. Continuum would have made a great 2-parter of SG1. If you're a Gater Continuum is a must see!

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory (2008)

An alright dramadey. Not especially good but not bad by any means.

The Bank Job
The Bank Job (2008)

A well done action-comedy.

Cold and Dark

Really quite bad. So bad in fact it's actually kinda' fun. And if you're a Luke Goss fan it's a must see, lots and lots of close ups. lol

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

This is the first film I've seen in the theater in years and I think it was good choice.

The thing I really love about Hellboy 2 is that there are virtually no humans in it, it's almost exclusively creatures and to be honest that's what I was hoping for. Personally I sort of wish Hellboy had chosen the other side, you'll see what I mean when you see it. Prince Nuada was a great character, definately my favorite in the film. Krauss is also a fun new character.

However, if you're looking for character development and emphasis on story go with the first film. Hellboy 2 really relys on the fact that you've already seen the first film as far as the characters are concerned. And it's clear that they spent more thought on the creatures than ondeveloping the story. Don't get me wrong the characters and story are there, they're just not as detailed and full as the first film.

Hellboy (2004)

Visually gorgeous and an actual story to boot!

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

Decent kid film with nice special effects.

Romulus, My Father

A nice movie, but a little slow for me.

Meet Bill
Meet Bill (2008)

Funny enough, but not funny enough to recommend

Penelope (2006)

A quirky modern fairy tale. If the trailers look good to you I would definately recommend you check out the movie.

Jumper (2008)

Not as bad as I'd heard it was. Interesting concept but a bit of an empty film. You can sure tell they were planning on making a sequel at the end of this one.

The Other Boleyn Girl

For my dramatized history of the King Henry, I prefer Showtime's The Tudors. Some of the acting is a bit stiff in this film but overall it's an OK movie.

Be Kind Rewind

Slow and boreing. All the best bits are in the trailers.

The Good Night

The description on the back of the box was a lot more interesting and quirky than the film itself.

In Bruges
In Bruges (2008)

A really good dark comedy. Very dark (and bloody) and very funny. Definately recommend.

Thunderpants (2001)

A charming childrens' movie about a boy with farting issues. If you have a problem with your kids hearing ass or damn you may want to skip it because both words are used frequently in this film.

Miss Potter
Miss Potter (2007)

Miss Potter does a great job of making the least out a very important life. The only time this film even begins to scratch the suffer of the great things Potter did was at the very end. And was the goal here to make everyone look as bad as possible?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

A decent Adam Sandler movie, but for my money I prefer the Australian film Strange Bedfellows, which I assume Chuck and Larry is a remake of.

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

A sweet story of a budding friendship between an old woman and a young man.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

I think I would have liked this film a lot more if they had told her life a littel more in order as it was I sort of lost track of when things happened. Overall, a fairly dull biography.

First Snow
First Snow (2007)

A nice indie movie. It's scary but not in a horror film way, in more subtle way.

Sip si 32 doe (Beyond Hypothermia)

This movie makes me want noodles really bad.

Rinne (Reincarnation)

Not great, not bad. Just sort of a run of the mill Japanese horror film.

There Will Be Blood

Far too long and never really goes anywhere. Basically it's just Daniel Day Lewis yeling or brooding for however many hours this film is.

The Andromeda Strain

Fairly decent for a TV movie. Probably two hours longer than it needed to be and a lot of unfinished/unexplained subplots. Even the actors seemed disintrested half the time. But some decent scifi stuff going on.

Angel-A (2005)

Delightfully wimsical! I loved this movie.

Gui si (Silk)

Really original and interesting. An interesting new take on a ghost story with a really strong scifi slant. Definately recommend!

Yôkai daisensô (The Great Yokai War)

Takashi Miike's version of a kids film. I think if I know the culture better I would have enjoyed this film even more. I finally understand the purpose of festivals thanks to this film.

Ginger Snaps Back - The Beginning

It really says something when a film manages to be interesting and not drag when there is a completely lack of music/soundtrack.

No Country for Old Men

Like watching a master film class. Finally a film that deserved the Oscars it won.

El Orfanato (The Orphanage)

A solid ghost story. Gorgeousvisuals. Solid ending. I would definetaly recommend to anyone looking for a ghost story.

P.S. I Love You

I rented PS I Love You solely because Gerard Butler and James Marsters. I really expected this film to be really awful but surprisingly enough it was actually all right. Very very romantic. It has some real flat and cheesey moments and the entire film basically rides on Butler's charm. If you're in the mood for a chick flick with LOTS of sexy men PS should be on your short list.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

All I was looking for was a stupid action film with monsters, and it failed, misserably. AVP2 spends the bulk of its time on flat, straight-out-of-the-can, poorly acted characters and very little time on the aliens or predator or the preda-alien. And sense when is it so easy to kill aliens? I swear but the third or fourth film all it's going to take to kill an alien is a fly swatter.

Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Don't be put off by the title, there is NO sex in the film. An interesting look at a wide variety of relationships, only not as boreing as I just made it sound.

Montenegro (1981)

Crazy, crazy, crazy lady, and based on a true story to boot.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

I laughed maybe twice and only because it was just sooo stupid. Stupid, stupid, obvious and crude; if that's your type of comedy go for it otherwise AVOID.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

One of Burton's best film sense Planet of the Apes. A good musical, beatuiful visuals, but somehow missing a spark. Good overall.

The Mist
The Mist (2007)

First off, I haven't read the book. It would have been a really decent monster/a bunch of people stuck in a small space movie (two of my favorite types of movies) if it weren't for Marcia Gay Harden's character. There would have been plenty of drama and friction between the characters without her character (don't get me wrong, Marcia does a great job but the character is just intolerable). GREAT ENDING!

Juno (2007)

It's a good movie but it just couldn't hold my interest. It struck me as trying way too hard to way too cool. However, J.K. Simmons was brilliant as Juno's father.

Love in the Time of Cholera

Basiclly romantic dribble, but decently made romantic dribble. If you're looking for a romantic film Love in the Time of Cholera would probably be a decent choice.

Southland Tales

Trippy, trippy, trippy. Some really fun quirk but overall Richard Kelly tried to fit WAY too many issues into one film. If only he had picked one or two of the many issues he cramped into this mindbender it could have been delightful, unfortunately he tried to fit EVERY issue into one film creating a muttled mess. Some really fun trippy stuff though. lol

Lust, Caution

Caution= boreing and slow, a failed attemp at noir. Lust= violent and fairly sadistic sex. Overall just sort of ishy!

Kontroll (2005)

Very slick and stylish. An interesting and very well made film.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz (2007)

I think I would need to know a bit more about cop films to fully enjoy this film. But even without a vast knowledge of cop films, this one's still fun to watch. I hope Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg continue to make films together.

Enchanted (2007)

Silly me I thought Disney would actually take this chance to poke fun of and try to reverse some of the damage they do with their princess (role model) movies, but no they just further supported them. Silly, silly me. Just another stupid princess movie that tells girls they should love to cook, clean, sew and wait for their princess and of course if you're a strong powerful woman you must be evil. I love Amy Adams but I hated this movie.

30 Days of Night

One hell of a bloody ride! All the gore and blood the Saw films promise and never deliver on and a solid story too. These are some seriously scary vampires. If you like vampire films or horror films I highly, highly recommend this film.

White Noise 2: The Light

Honestly, White Noise: The Light, probably only deserves 2.5 or 3 stars but it gets the extra bump because of Nathan Fillion and the "Captain Tight Pants" reference. For a sequel it has a decent story (basically White Noise meet Final Destination 2) and visually has more than its share of style, but utimately it was a little too cheesey and little too heavey on the sudo-religious mumbojumbo for my taste.

Beowulf (2007)

I'm so sad this wasn't better. I wouldn't have particularly minded the changes they made to the legend itself if the film had been better overall. The animation (with the exception of the creatures) was stiff and surprisingly low quality. When you watch this film on DVD that they were really only conserned with making money at the box office not making a film that would stand the test of time; I say this because so much of the film really seemed to be set up simply to get the most bang for your buck out of the 3D. They're always shoving stuff into the front of the screen and setting up effects that would make the most out of the 3D not make the most of the story or the shot. Overall I was exteremly disappointed with this film.

Death at a Funeral

Finally a comedy worth watching!

The Lives of Others

Just brilliant and heartbreaking!

Michael Clayton

Honestly Clooney just keeps getting better and better. A really solid and important thriller.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

I was impressed by this film when I was younger. I'd like to see it again to see if I still think it's that good.

Update: Just rewatched it and was still impressed. Fun in that campy, scary way.

The Painted Veil

Romantic, pretty and really boreing.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up (2007)

I really didn't want to see this film but I finally broke down and watched it. It is surprising good but I found it boreing I guess I just don't give a sh*t about the subject matter.

Perfect Creature

Cheesey production quality but an interesting and fresh take on vampires. If you like vampire movies you should check this one out for a really interesting take on the mythology.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Not nearly as good as the first one, but still quite good. It has some very trite and almost romance novel cover moments but other than those most a solid film. Personally Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh made the film for me. Wow!

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Gorgious and stylish with an actual story and characters. If you have two and half hours to spare I would definately recommend. Casey Affleck definately deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance in this film.

Mansfield Park

Like watching cliffnotes. Honestly if I hadn't seen the 1999 version wouldn't have had much of clue of why things were happening or who the characters were. The characters were very empty. I really think it was meant to be a refresher course for people who have read the book instead of a movie all on its on.

The Invasion
The Invasion (2007)

Decently creepy and scary, but it totally wimps out at the end.

Mississippi Mermaid (La Sirène du Mississipi)

I'm not sure sure, but I pretty confident that Original Sin (2001) was remake of this film. Original Sin sucked but Mississippi Mermaid is a solid film.

Shi gan (Time)

A truel bizzar and wonderfully twisted cautionary tale about plastic surgery.

Norbit (2007)

Could they have managed to squeeze just a little bit more offensive stuff in? Just horrible!

Persuasion (2008)

Sort of like watching cliffnotes. The characters were lacking and empty. Normally by the end of an Austen movie you grow attached to the leads but in this film unless you go in with an affection for someone there is little chance you'll develop it. They completely under used Ruper Penry-Jones!!!

Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call)

A run of the mill asian horror film. No where near as creepy or extreme as most Takashi Miike films. If you liked The Ring you'll probably like this one.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma (2007)

Solid western, with classic western style characters and storyline. I was really digging this movie until it completely cheesed out toward the end. I can completely understand why Ben Foster got so much positive buzz for his performance in this movie. Foster plays the evil twisted bastard to perfection, but he really stands out because, unlike the other actors/characters, he takes it beyond the traditional character and adds a little more to it. Foster not only plays the twisted psycho to perfection, he adds a level of loyality and love for the 'boss' that's wonderful. You can almost see his heart breaking when he thinks some harm will come to his beloved 'boss.'

Severance (2006)

Decent horror comedy but it never quite pushes the horror or the comedy far enough, it never quite hits its stride. Most of the laughs go to Toby Stephens who perfectly plays the cocky and egocentric Harris.

Once (2007)

A little boreing and sort of pointless; solid characters though. Really nice music which counts for a lot since after all it is a musical.

Sunshine (2007)

Reminds me of Solaris, only far more linear, less romantic, more horrific and more focused on the sci-fi. Danny Boyle meets straight up sci-fi is it any real surprise that's it fantastic? This is the first film where I've actually liked Chris Evans, what a fantastically heroic character he plays and he plays it well. The film also features a wonderful ship. If you like scifi you have to see this film!

Dreamgirls (2006)

So very very shallow; just a bunch of music videos strung together with a very weak story and empty characters. How any awards came out of this film is completely beyond me.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, hillariously over-the-top action and a dash of sex. What's not to love? Honestly, I think they could have picked up the pace just a little bit.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Meh. Not horrible but not good. Overall slow and surprisingly lacking in action and the final showdown was very lackluster. I do like the fact that the female characters have the powerful, good and leadership roles in the film. As with the other two Resident Evil films this one ends with a cliffhanger even though Extinction is supposedly the last in the line; but honestly if they make another live action RE film I will watch it.

Amazing Grace

I expected this film to be fairly boreing and preaching but surprising it was neither. William Wilberforce was a truely amazing man (or at least he is in this film). This film packs quiet an emotion puch too.

Eastern Promises

A high quality film but I found it boreing, I guess I'm just not into mob films. It gets an extra half star for Viggo's buck naked fight.

Perfect Stranger

Ugggh. Just sort of an average mainstream 'thriller.'

Balls of Fury

Just another stupid comedy.

Fido (2007)

I little stiff but overall BRILLANT! If you like zombie movie, cult movies, quircky movies or Billy Connolly, you should really see this movie.

Stardust (2007)

No The Princess Bride but a fantastic fairy taie no the less. It's a family friendly movie but not a kiddie movie by any means. I would definately recommend.

Live Free or Die Hard

Far better than I expected. Kick ass action and a decent storyline (sort of). If you want a fun action film that won't kill your brain with stupidity Live Free or Die Hard is probably a good choice.

The Simpsons Movie

If you're a fan of the show you'll love the movie.

Underdog (2007)

Maybe if I was kid I would have enjoyed this film.

Lonesome Jim
Lonesome Jim (2006)

A very real and depressing slice of life film.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Of all the big sequels of 2007 I'd say this is by far the best. Yet another solid installment in the Bourne franchise.

Waitress (2007)

A delightful and charming film. Highly recommend!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

While Order of the Phoenix is a well made film it has the feeling of being simiply a transitional film, taking us from the end of the last film and getting us ready for the next film without really having much story of its own. I think some elements toward the end of the film were seriously under played. But over all a quality installment in th Potter franchise. And I abosultely loved Luna Lovegood and the Thestrals.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

About an hour and a half in I was really ready for it to end but of course there was still about an hour and a half left. It felt like they ran out of story before it even began. It seemed like they tried to throw in something for everyone which course means they increase the chances that there will be stuff you find unnecessary and stupid (or at least I did); for example the big ship fight in the giant whirlpool and I'm suppose to care about Will and Elizabeth getting married, umm sorry I think there are far more important things going on at that point. If they do make another one I hope they drop Elizabeth and to some extent Will out of the films all together, it would significantly improve the films.

The Namesake
The Namesake (2006)

Another outstanding movie from Mira Nair. Very touching and so very sad.

Skinwalkers (2007)

Complete trash. Just really lame.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

A decent kid flick, helped me get into the Holiday spirit. If you're one of those people who gripes about Christmas being too commercial, big surprise: You'll like the message in this film.

Bug (2006)

I'm not really sure what to say about this film. I don't hate it but I don't like it either. I think in general it would be better as a play.

The Secret of NIMH

As with most adapations the book's better.

Sorority Boys

Not exactly a classy film but it was surprising how good it actually was. I didn't want to see it but just watched it because there was nothing else and was pleasantly surprised.

Next (2007)

Ugh! Mainstream action trying to pass off as scifi, that's so annoying.

Disturbia (2007)

I've heard only good things about this film. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention when it was on but it seemed like a fairly trash teen film for the bulk of the film and then a fairly run of the mill homocidal maniac film after that. But like I said before I really wasn't paying attention.

Ocean's Thirteen

Not quite as fun as 11 but way better than 12. It kept the two best parts of 12, Eddie Izzard and Vincent Cassel and brought most of the breezy charm and fun of 11's. If you liked the first one, see this one.

Ratatouille (2007)

Another quality film from Pixar, by far not my favorite however. If you rent the DVD make sure to watch the short film Lifted, it's fabulous (I liked it more than the movie).

Darkon (2006)

A fasinating look inside LARPing (live action role playing). The film very adpetly shows reality and the reality that is Darkon. Highly recommend.

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

I was surprised by how much of a story this movie actually had, I was expecting a far lower quality film. This film is just too much fun!!! If you thought the previews looked at all enjoyable, I'd highly recommend you see the film. The missing reel stunt was funny for about 10 seconds until you realize it was just an excuse to skip the story ahead without having to bother to tell the story.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3 (2007)

I was really really disapointed by this film. The whole film was very cartoonish and cheesy (but not in a good way). The other Spiderman films were fairly classy films this one was barely above a mindless action flix. If you're a Bruce Campbell fan, you have to see this film! Bruce is wonderful in it!!!

A Mighty Heart

I rented it but I just couldn't pay attention to it. Personally I think the documentary about this event is all you really need to see.

Feed (2005)

A seriously disturbing movie (made all the more disturbing by the fact that it's based on real events). I know a lot of films claim to be disturbing and aren't but this one actually is. It's also the first film in a long time where the ending caught me completely by surprise.

28 Weeks Later...

I was fairly disappointed. I felt a lot of the film was there just to 'gross you out.' I mean honestly why would a zombie waist time jamming its thumbs into someone eyesockets? Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if the first one hadn't had a quality storeline and characters, two things this film is desperately missing.

Natural City
Natural City (2004)

A fantastic scifi film. This film made me realize how long it's been sense I've seen an actual SciFi movie. If you love scifi you have to see this film. It's similar to Blade Runner but not so close that it's a problem. It has a beautiful romantic story at the heart of it; but not a crappy chick flix romance, so don't worry this is very much a film a guy would enjoy.

Unrest (2006)

Fairly lack luster and cliche horror film. Not scary and not particularly original either.

Transformers (2007)

I wish I'd seen this movie in the theater. Fantastic action!!! It's a Micheal Bay film so no surprise that the action is more important than anything. In general the human characters were decent but Megan Fox's character and that whole storyline irritated me. The Transformers themselves are great. If you're looking for a movie that'll make you think, look elsewhere. If you're looking for action packed fun, you've come to the right place.

The Invisible

The trailers are a bit misleading. Over all a fairly slow, moralistic film, but not too bad. It has some interesting perspectives in it (what people really feel and think about you when you're not there) and a slick stylish look. But basically a teen film pretending to be a scifi. I would stil be interested in seeing the original.

The Gravedancers

Honestly I can't believe this film wasn't originally a scifi channel original movie, it's that bad.

The Reaping
The Reaping (2007)

Should have been creepy but never really manages to be. And it goes completely off the deep end at the end. And then it slaps on the super cheesey, we're counting on a sequel, standard horror film ending.

TimeQuest (2002)

Oh wow does this movie suck! Honestly I had to turn it off after about an hour, I just couldn't take it any more. Maybe eventually I'll go back and finish it. I love Bruce but even he can't save this movie.

The Holiday
The Holiday (2006)

Painfully sappy chick flix. To be fair I only made it about 30 minutes in before I couldn't take it any more.

Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny

I honestly couldn't make it past the first 30 minutes. Just dreadful. Ish.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu (2006)

There's nothing especially wrong with this film but there's nothing especially right about it either. Lots and lots of technobabble (didn't have trouble following it, just thought it was boreing and fairly inaccurate). They use all that technobabble and then they don't even touch on the massive paradoxes they're making. Just another mainstream action film pretending to be a scifi.

1408 (2007)

It has a fantastic start and is fairly creepy for a long time but it goes off the deep end towards the end.

Casanova (2005)

David Tennant is delightful as Casanova.

The Contract
The Contract (2006)

How did they get Cusack and Freeman to do this piece of crap?

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

An absolutely beautiful film, the whole thing looks like a piece of artwork. It's like watching a very dark and twisted fairy tale for adults. It was really good until the end but it kind of fell apart with the giant orgy, at least in my opinion. Dustin Hoffman also does a horrible job, completely overacted. Overall a good film and worth watching.

Vacancy (2007)

Starts out really solid, believable characters, relationships and dialogue. It's also quite scary for most of the film, but the ending falls very flat and cliche. The ending wrecks and otherwise quality horror film.

Neverwas (2005)

Don't be fooled by the box art, this is not a fairy tale or a kids movie. It is however a trite and nauseating film, with a very shallow look at mental illness at its core.

The Lookout
The Lookout (2007)

I'm not sure why, but I was expecting more from this film. It's a decent heist movie with an interesting take on the genre.

Fracture (2007)

Has a lovely visual style and a strong cast, however the story itself is relatively flat and I figured out how Hopkins' character got rid of the gun before they even pointed out that it was missing. Overall a fairly boreing film.

Venus Beauty Institute

How this film won any awards is beyond me. It's just a normal romantic comedy, but Samuel LeBihan sure is sexy.