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She's the Man, Twilight, Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, A Walk to Remember, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, The Notebook, Aquamarine, High School Musical 2, RV, High School Musical, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Finding Nemo, Just My Luck, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, John Tucker Must Die, The Day After Tomorrow, Fantastic Four, Night at the Museum, Eight Below, Meet The Fockers, Save the Last Dance
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Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Joe Jonas, Orlando Bloom, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Bynes, Alex Pettyfer, Hilary Duff, Channing Tatum, Vanessa Hudgens, Shane West, Rachel Bilson, Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque, Chad Michael Murray, Hayden Christensen, Daniel Craig, Tom Welling, Jonathan Bennett, James McAvoy, Kristen Stewart, Demi Lovato, Eric Bana
As you can obviously see,im <b><u>Rachael</u></b>! <b>Basics:</b>17. 5"5/5"6. brown hair. hazel eyes. from UK. Im doing my A-levels at <u>college</u>, ive got less than a year until i go to uni! Studying Art. Graphics. Business studies applied. <b><u>I love my friends.</u></b> Life just wouldnt be the same without some of their crazy personalities!!! I couldnt get through life without my ipod.You can pretty much gaurantee Il be listening to music at any chance I get. <b>Paramore. Jonas Brothers. The Script. Demi Lovato</b> <br><u>Twilight</u> is my addiction. Anything and everything about it!</br>

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