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hi kelly,
how are you ?
can we be friends pls

Frank segun 5 years ago

Heay baby, I really appreciate your profile very beautiful and nice post, i believe it we ba my pleasure if you can accept my request to be a friend to know each other more. here is my email if you dont care to chart . Segun O.

ben smith 5 years ago

How are u doing....I am Mr Ben Smith, 38 Years Old from United state...and i work at united kingdom..and i see your profile you looking good....and i will like to know you more better...if you can come to yahoomessager so we can talk more is my address i will be wating for you there okay.. wating for you reply.

hoter man 5 years ago

how are you
plz can be friends
i have yahoo and msn
take care


hello have u smn?msn

aditya saputra 6 years ago

Hey - nice profile!

aditya saputra 6 years ago

Hi...... ^_^

audeen s...??. 6 years ago

hi how r u

taleb said 6 years ago

hi sweet how are u ? we can chat ?
said xxx

kunle adedeji 6 years ago

hello u care to cahrt at have a gud chart there.

Callie Haynes 6 years ago

erline cardoza 6 years ago

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Lee Kennedy 6 years ago

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steve stallion 7 years ago

how are you doing,,this is steve and am interested in ur profile and i will like to know you more if you dont mind...hope to hear from you very soon..

Je'Keitha Jones 7 years ago

Wats Up !!!

Aimee . 7 years ago

I've made a quiz! Come try it and see how you do.:: MondoTrasho's All Hail Mister Lynch! ::

Aimee . 7 years ago

I've made a quiz. Come try it and see how you do. I'll be impressed if you get over 60%.::MondoTrasho's John Waters Quiz::

Rory Burnell 7 years ago

hey, nice profile, you have good taste in movies!

@q! khan 7 years ago

hello how ru

JacK Daniels 7 years ago

hi, i guess v have simillar likes n dislikes.. can i have the pleasure of being ur friend?? please!!
my names Jay, m from india.. doing my masters in accounting at sydney..
what abt u??
waiting for ur reply..please do reply..
bye for now

Ronald Vik 7 years ago

How we can to be good friends howdy from texas

said cherqui 7 years ago

r u there

said cherqui 7 years ago

hi how are you

Death Warrior 7 years ago

i just wanted to say that you are fine and i know were a terrible match but if you give me your msn messenger addy im sure we'd have a good time

steve s 7 years ago

Just posted some comments on 'Salo', which I watched the other day. You ever seen it? God it was challenging viewing

steve s 7 years ago

Thank you too! I was drawn by your great taste in movies - battle royale & spirited away, both class films!

puggy brackett 7 years ago

hey just wanted to say hello and very nice layout,have a great day :)

bekham molier 7 years ago

hi bb how are u am here to meet friend from everywhere who knows that one day we could meet each other then we woould spend a good time anyway happy new year heh can u send me ur adress msn ? i know that u are elder than me lol but the friendship is over than that ?what do u say

ahmad hassan 7 years ago

i am ahmad
i want to reconise you
my massenger email is

cem hakan 7 years ago


Anthony C 7 years ago

Nice Taste!

Duncan Campbell 7 years ago

Oooh some great choices huni x x

emre cinar 7 years ago

how r u? i want to meet msn is .i will wait you

odda gogo 7 years ago

hi iwanna be friend if you like my email my site or send me your email

luis blanco 7 years ago

Kickass taste =P--- love the devil's rejects and all of Miyazaki's works (specially spirited away).. n of course the Lars Von Trier & Björk combo: dancer in the dark

Elaine McGovern 8 years ago

Oh you are do lucky to live in Orlando!!

mmm mmm 8 years ago


alone wollf 8 years ago

hi kelly how are you to be acquinted with other say?

Caitlin Plathe 8 years ago

Hi, wanna be my friend?

Jen Mackin 8 years ago

Infection was ok. The plot was a bit wacky but the gore and whatnot was sufficiant. I'd recommend it.

Jen Mackin 8 years ago

Sounds cool! I'll check it out.
I might watch Infection tonight. I found it on Demand so I can pretty much watch it whenever I want.
You should join bamboo_house. It's a really awesome LJ community where people post stills from Asian movies. I'm a member so just go to my userinfo and find it in my community list. <3

craig bell 8 years ago

hey yea u dont know me but am realy bored an dont realy come on this lol so wht u up to check my other site out thts wht am on most time
post a comment back thanks

huseyin ZINGIL 8 years ago

hey! are u lookin for god.i think he's busy right now.

Jackie Humphrey 8 years ago

okay, i did but they kept coming undone (the stars) i figured out how to work it now though

Jen Mackin 8 years ago

Yeah dude, I don't know. FGF isn't a movie I can watch like over and over because I'd get really sick of it. But whenever I watch it after not seeing it for a long time, I laugh so effing hard. It really is the most quoteable movie I can think of.

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