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Leonardo DiCaprio
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Queen Latifah
Greetings fellow reviewers! While I'm not exactly a movie buff, I've seen my fair share of films during my short life span. Overall, I enjoy the general movie-watching experience though I do not consider all movies to be great. There's always some good, some bad, a few noteworthy films, and there's also unsurprisingly just a whole lot of garbage out there too. I'm critical when it comes to movies (or at least I think I am) and don't usually hand out 4 to a 5 star ratings unless the movie moves my soul, changes my way or perspective of looking at life, has a new/different philosophy of life, there's nothing like it that has ever been captured in film before, and is downright groundbreaking. The only movies I rarely watch are horror films unless it's with friends (yes, I am a scaredy-cat). I'm also particularly peeved with comedies that aren't funny (which happens more often than not) as well as plot-less, mindless action/which-ever genre movies that come out every once in a while (even though you inevitably run into them from time to time). My reviews may tend to be a little short (one word is the minimum, I promise) and others I've put some more thought into reviewing it. I've seen so many movies, want to review them all but it's a bit hard to remember everything in it (especially if I haven't watched it recently) and come up with a general opinion of it. But if I ever get paid for reviewing them, I would have no problem dishing out essay-long analyses of films. I have rated hundreds of movies but I have not reviewed them all (have reviewed around 600). According to my ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, I have watched at least 1,300 movies and counting. This could very well be a whole lot more since I haven't tracked (as in rated or reviewed them here on Rotten Tomatoes) all the films I have ever watched.