Sean's Review of Splice

  • 3 years ago via Flixster

    Splice (2010)

    This movie goes to some really messed up places. The marketing which sells this as a conventional monster movie is almost completely false. This is a small art-house genre movie unleashed upon unsuspecting masses. They will either laugh at it or feel incredibly uncomfortable, maybe even both. It is definitely not for everyone. It is for people who want smart, original sci fi/horror, and don't mind feeling a little repulsed. In other words, its for me.
    There are certain things which I don't think are debatable when it comes to this movie. The performances are good, and the characters are well developed. They make some poor decisions throughout the course of the story, but I never had a problem believing that they would make those decisions when they made them. The film is well made. The cinematography lends to the atmosphere without calling attention to itself. I also believe that any reasonable person can look at it and admit that at the very least, the film is intelligent and original.
    I loved the pace of the movie. It unfolds slowly, without ever stumbling over itself. There is a steady build of tension, and we are allowed to take the journey with the characters. Some have complained about the "generic" ending, but I felt it was totally earned by the build up we had sat through before. Besides, anyone who called the ending "generic" wasn't watching very closely.
    I'm more against CGI every day, but I felt that this movie, like The Mist, used its limited budget well, and created effects that were unique and had character. Character makes up for effects that aren't quite perfect. I'll take the Cronenberg-esque slug creatures in this movie over anything in that Prince of Persia trailer.
    The ultimate question of whether or not you like the film, is really up to you. If you are willing to accept the film on its own terms, I think you will see that it does what it sets out to do very well. If you saw the trailer for Avatar and thought that the big blue monkey people looked stupid and terrible, you probably would never give that movie a fair chance, regardless of its quality. If you think the story of Splice is dumb, that is a problem YOU have with the movie, its not a problem with the movie. The people who made the film knew what they were doing, and if you are willing to take the ride, you will probably get something out of it.
    It is out there, but fans of David Cronenberg and other masters of cringe-worthy intelligent horror should find enough to enjoy. For the ballsiness and originality alone, it deserves support. Luckily, it is also a good film, unlike certain other original fucked up movies out right now coughhumancentipedecough.

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