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kansas city,kansas
Favorite Movies:
Home Alone 4, Freddy vs. Jason, 8 Mile, Night at the Museum, La Bamba, Halloween, Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6), Cartoon Network Halloween 2 - Grossest Halloween Ever, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween - Resurrection, Halloween H2O, Halloween II, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween III - Season of the Witch, Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 - The Dream Master, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors, Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 - The Dream Child, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge, Nightmare on the 13th Floor , Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th Part 3, Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives, Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood, Friday the 13th, Part V - A New Beginning, Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan, Friday the 13th Part 2, Friday the 13th - From Crystal Lake to Manhattan, Freaky Friday, Next Friday, Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday, Friday After Next, The Simpsons Movie
Favorite Actors:
Oscar Gutiérrez, John Cena, Eminem, Paris Hilton, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Al Pacino, Johnny Knoxville, Tupac Shakur, Brenda Song, Vin Diesel, 50 Cent, John Travolta, LL Cool J, Nelly, Ludacris, Usher Raymond, Snoop Dogg, Jessica Simpson, Mike Myers, Bow Wow, Vanessa Hudgens, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Lee, Will Smith, Avril Lavigne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, Eddie Guerrero, Brad Pitt, Ashley Tisdale, Matthew Perry, Jessica Alba, Emily Osment, Denzel Washington, Billy Ray Cyrus, Freddie Prinze Jr., Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Zac Efron, Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque, Emma Roberts, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tommy Lee Jones, Jack Nicholson, Kane Hodder, Tim Allen, Christian Bale, Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Rob Schneider, Lucas Grabeel, Martin Lawrence, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson, Shawn Wayans, Adam Sandler, Hugh Laurie, Chris Tucker, Alicia Keys, Ken Kirzinger, Tobey Maguire, Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, David Spade, Charlize Theron, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Dylan Sprouse, Drake Bell, Bam Margera, Tom Hanks, Wesley Snipes, Shawn Michaels, Criss Angel, Johnny Depp, Matt Hardy, Trish Stratus, Steve Austin, Jeff Hardy, Dave Batista, Randy Orton, Sylvester Stallone, Ciara, Hulk Hogan, Glen Jacobs, Ice Cube, Mark Calaway, Paul Levesque, Rowan Atkinson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, John Goodman, Mandy Moore, Lucy Liu, Nick Cannon, Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, Omarion Grandberry, Evan Ross, Pamela Anderson, Nicky Hilton, Kelly Brook, Gabrielle Union, Jason Dolley, Rupert Grint, Brittany Snow, R. Kelly, Katt Williams, Marley Shelton, Cameron Richardson, Donald Pleasence, Brad Dourif, Torrie Wilson, Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child, Taylor Swift, Gene Simmons, Adam Gontier, Chris Browne, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Stacey Ferguson
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