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Southeast, Pa
Favorite Movies:
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 300, King Kong, The Prestige, Fight Club, Underworld, The Invisible, Unbreakable, Blood Diamond, V for Vendetta, The Village, The Day After Tomorrow, Pay It Forward, Braveheart, The Patriot, Dances With Wolves, Signs, The Sixth Sense, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hidalgo, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pride and Prejudice, American Beauty, Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella), Singin' in the Rain, The Quiet Man
Favorite Actors:
Henry Ian Cusick, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Colin Firth, Kevin Costner, Clive Owen, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Hugh Grant, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, James McAvoy, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Keanu Reeves, Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Elijah Wood, Emile Hirsch, Justin Chatwin, Jack Black, Sean Astin, Jim Carrey, Heath Ledger, Hugo Weaving, Adrien Brody, Paul Bettany, Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom, John Corbett, Hugh Laurie, Meg Ryan, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Will Poulter, Dakota Fanning, Javier Bardem, Brian Regan, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Giamatti
Lol, love this site and am totally obsessed with movies. I am forever getting them, wanting to get them, or waiting to get them. Like I said obessive. But I love them. Can't wait to see all of the great ones coming out. My rating system: hated * star incredibly stupid or bad * 1/2 stars below average ** stars ok/average or pretty good *** stars better than average *** 1/2 stars really good **** stars really good but not mind-blowing **** 1/2 stars amazing aka all-time favorite ***** stars ( I know I skipped 2 1/2 stars but I rarely give that rating because for me something is usually average or below average so I geuss 2 1/2 would be somewhere in between.) A Tribute to My [Current] Favorite Actor, Henry Ian Cusick: <embed src="" quality="high" wmode="transparent" width="426" height="320" flashvars="appWidth=325&appHeight=244" name="slideshowpreview" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""/><br><img src=""><a target="_BLANK" href=""><img title="RockYou slideshow" src="" border="0"></a> <a target="_BLANK" href="">Create Your Own</a> I take adding someone as my friend seriously, so I probably won't add you if your profile is blank or only partially filled out. Sorry if that seems a bit harsh, but I'm on here for movies not networking. Also, do not add me if you are the type of friend who constantly sends out quizes that are not at least movie-related. Otherwise, I will delete you. I find it incredibly annoying to be constantly sent the same message to try a quiz about the Jonas brothers (or something equally stupid like what color I am, ect). Thank you.

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