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Jason Voorhees 16 months ago


Dunno him!
Not at all since 2007?
I don't interact neither as almost nobody never write me and I don't do it 1st, but I log on almost every day to add movies I just saw (and of course rate them and sometimes write reviews) to my list of movies seen in the year. I do those list since 2011.
I never recommend movies nor share anything apart sometimes the quizzes I create; that I hope u'll try and share.
Horror list, ok!
Pretty long isn't it?
And I didn't seriously work on it since a veeery long time, so, it could be more complete with recent flicks.

Tty dude

Jason Voorhees 16 months ago

U're welcome!
That's the msg I sent to everyone that requested me since years.
I hate to send automatic impersonal messages.
But almost no 1 answered me, nor wrote me any time nor played my quizzes or commented my lists, making me ask myself why those assholes requested me if it's never to make anything concerning me, not even answering mywelcomme msg...
People are stupid bitches, that's my conclusion!
And nice to know that my lists made who wanna see some great movies.
Which one made u know about me, made u wanna request me?


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