Gustavo Bernal's Rating of Hitchcock

Gustavo's Review of Hitchcock

2 years ago via Flixster

Hitchcock (2012)

Behind the scenes are always been a treat for audience, but never are the actual information behind the creation of a piece of work. Film that explore the making of a movie represents an interesting documentation, that shows the creator and the collaborators. Many films have been made to show the story behind the story of a important film. Clint Eastwood made "White Hunter Black Heart", which tells the story of John Huston making of "The African Queen", Tim Burton made "Edwood" the story of the worst filmmaker in history and how he made Planet 9 of Out of Space, Elias Merhigue "Shadow of the Vampire" about the making of "Nosferatu" by F.W.Murnau even Federico Fellini made "8 1/2" about the filmmaker Guido Anselmi and his 8 and a half films.

Sacha Gervasi brings the film "Hitchock" the story of this famous filmmaker and the creation of his masterpiece "Psycho" Honestly the movie is Anthony Hopkins persona and character, perhaps Hellen Mirren as Alma Reville have a good performance, as Hitchcock wife. Gervasi creates a great environment for the film, but it doesn't bring something new to the table, even the amazing ensemble cast that goes from Scarlet Johannson playing Janet Leigh, Toni Collette playing Hitch secretary, Jessica Biel playing Viera Miles and James D'Arcy playing Anthony Perkins is enough to impress. This is the kind of experiment about the making of a film, that is entertaining but doesn't work all the time.

The movie entertain and show you interesting passage of the story behind Psycho, but is not strong enough to connects with all the audiences and become a great film, some scenes that doesn't make sense and you end up with strange flavor in your mouth.