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LeAnn Jones 3 years ago

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Susan Female 5 years ago

Susan Female 5 years ago

Hello friend! I recently posted a message in the conversation section regarding a video we are going to post on You Tube. Not knowing whether anyone saw my bulletin I thought I would let ya know about it. The video will contain comments from fans about what the film means to them. This is only for those who have seen this magnificent film. A brief but thorough message about the film will suffice. Get as creative as you want. And mention a specific scene or Raphael if you'd like. This video will run on You Tube in hopes of gaining the attention of more fans who might be interested in helping us out with the letter writing. But to also make them aware the film exists. If you are interested in participating please send your message to: bravecampaign@yahoo.com

Thank you and GOD bless~Susan

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i not sure at the moment
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The Eye

The Eye

6 years ago via Flixster

omg go get this moive now it is such a good moive! it wil scary u so much but it so good!

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