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Trevor Cyphers
Trevor Cyphers 2 years ago

Great reviews on Alien and Prometheus, very insightful! I have to say I enjoyed Prometheus a bit more than you. I didn't care that there were so many loose end, added to the mystery that is the Alien series. I'd give it between a 3.5-4, largely because the visuals had my jaw to the floor!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

4 days ago via Movies on iPad

As a child growing up, "TMNT" was my favorite Saturday morning cartoon. So, despite the awful reviews from critics, but indifferent reviews from fans, I had to see it, it would be wrong of myself if I didn't, and I have to say I think it deserves more praise than it's receiving. It's hard to live up to expectations of such a highly anticipated and loved franchise. But, overall I think the crew did well. It hits home with all the things you know about the teenage mutants, but it also throws in new facts about them. Also, the action is pretty entertaining, a tad over the top, but that is expected with a comic book film. The humor is there, especially from Mikey as to be expected. The only issues I really have is that they didn't do a very good job with the plot, I feel like it was thrown together quickly, could've had a bit more added to it, it was a pretty short film. Also, Megan Fox is an awful actress, and she isn't a red head like April was in the tv show. Other than that, not many complaints, it's what I wanted for the most part in a "TMNT" movie dude. So grab a pizza, do a front flip onto your couch, and enjoy a ride on the turtle van, cowabunga! 3.5/5 JD

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

23 days ago via Movies on iPad

I don't give out perfect ratings, but if there was ever a movie that deserved it, it would be this one. "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a breath of fresh air into the box office this summer, and into the Marvel Universe. It has everything you could ever want in a blockbuster; action, comedy, drama, incredible special effects, and a great origin story. The cast is damn near perfect, you couldn't have picked better actors and actresses for their roles. The characters themselves are enticing, and you grow to love every single one that they introduce. I must say though, that the two main characters that are CGI creatures and are just actors voices, and one only says 3 different words, are the two that stole every single scene in the 2 hour film. You'll love them, and you should, the characters are a lot deeper then just some super heroes, there's a backstory that is heart breaking for nearly all of them. Put together all the action, the tons of laughs you'll catch yourself doing, the plot, and the jaw dropping special effects, and you have the best movie of the summer, and quite possibly of 2014. 4.5/5 JD



29 days ago via Movies on iPad

Not a bad take on the Greek Demigod, "Hercules" stands pretty tall and strong as Dwayne Johnson takes on the role of the iconic hero. The story is pretty straight to the point, and the action is decent, but I was disappointed that you didn't get more monster battles like in the mythology. Dwayne does a good job as the badass, and the supporting cast isn't bad, but I just felt that the story, the CGI, and the acting was sub par. It's a good popcorn movie, but it want as good as I was hoping it would've and could've been. 3/5 JD

Metallica Through the Never

Metallica Through the Never

30 days ago via Movies on iPad

I didn't know what the idea would consume of when you mix a live concert with a movie that is plotted. You get a kickass 90 minutes of your life is what you get. The concert part is obviously the highlight, because you probably only get 15-20 minutes of plotted filming. I've seen many live concerts, and many live concert DVD's, this one takes the cake on how fun it is. The footage makes you feel like you're there, the sound is unreal, and the set Metallica puts on is one for the ages. This film would suit any hard rock/metal/hard core Metallica fan, and every other rock fan. Watch it and rock out! 4/5 JD

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