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20,000 Days on Earth
36 days ago via Flixster

Nick Cave often produces music or books that end up being complete rubbish but you have to give him credit for trying and sometimes he succeeds in very interesting ways. Thankfully not a typical doc, this is a unique and fascinating look back at one man's life.

Amreeka (2009)
37 days ago via Movies on iPad

A middling film about the trials and tribulations of a Palestinian family and their new home in America. When things are bad, they are truly bad and when they are good, things are perfect. Unfortunately that loses reality in a film.

65_RedRoses (2009)
37 days ago via Movies on iPad

Unfortunately the DVD version forces you to hear an intro from Oprah which detracts from a truly touching story of a young woman seeking a double lung transplant. A wonderful showcase of a truly wonderful person.

American Movie
42 days ago via Flixster

There is a particular bent in documentaries lately to take the oddest people in society and make them think that they are being filmed for a serious purpose when in actuality, you are filming them to be mocked by broader society. In this case we get our laughs in at the moronic Borchardt and later feel equally annoyed and wanting some pity to a person who will clearly never make it.

Alexandra (2007)
42 days ago via Flixster

Sokurov was a genius in his pieces on the Hermitage and the Japanese emperor. Here he takes us on a slow journey to prove that the Russians shouldn't be in Grozny. For once the master storytelling seems unable to make the compelling case.