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esther mabou 5 years ago

I wish you best Compliment of the day,with hope that you are physically and healthly alright,l do believe that this mail will reach in good condition.
My name is nancy i saw your profile on this site and i think to correspond with you, hope we can make it together,in love, sincerity and understanding. please i would like you to contact me through my email address: ( i will tell you more about myself, also send to my photo,as soon as you contact me back, hopping for your lovely reply soonest

lea chua 5 years ago

hi im lea i feel hot tonight wana have some fun with me baby add me

Adara D Baraka 5 years ago

Demark street,
95030 Kuching
Sarawak Malaysia.

Beloved Friend,

Although we have never met before but looking at your profile gives me a good reason to contact you.I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears in my eyes and great sorrow in my heart because I may die in three months time due to cancer.

Based on this development I want to will my money which is deposited in a security company. I am in search of a reliable person who will use the Money to build charity organization for the saints and the person will take 20% of the total sum. While 80% of the money will go to charity organization and helping the orphanage. I grew up as an Orphan and i don't have anybody/family member to take care of my wealth. The total money in question is 3.5million dollars. I will provide you with other information's once you indicate your willingness. Please write me on my personal email on:

{ } I find it difficult using this site.

Yours sincerely.

Mrs Adara Dahab Baraka

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Behemoth, the Sea Monster

Behemoth, the Sea Monster

4 months ago via Flixster

Sweet water monster flic in black and white
Atomic testing has awaken a big angry waterlivin' dinosaur and it's also made him electric. He destroys a ferry and gives people damage of burn from far away distances. He takes a walk in the dock areas of London and it seems that he's particularly angry with power lines and houses built out of bricks.

Only the professor and the other guy can save the world

Warlords of Atlantis (Warlords of the Deep)

Warlords of Atlantis (Warlords of the Deep)

2 years ago via Flixster

Underwater action featuring stop motion monsters, Atlantis aliens, one squid the size of Sidney Opera house and parts of the ensamble of "Cheers" and "The Onedin Line"? Count me in.

Like an old time matiné but a slightly more dirty och violent story. Slightly.

It's so fun to see captain Onedin clearing out things down below. The evil Atlantians/Aliens even try to transform him to a future nazi with the help of a diomond helmet, but his friends who sometimes perform mutiny and sometimes help out, do help out at times of need.

Rediculous and wonderful at the same time

The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes

2 years ago via Flixster

A lot of things going on at the same time here, and what time it is, it's the glorious time of 1971!

We get a crime story and a dystopic taste of the surveillance society to come. That is a society with cameras all over the place and you have to show ID everywhere not to mention the ability to end up in punch cards in the computer systems of this age.

We also get a very young Christopher Walken and a dizzy Sean Connery doing his best to keep his gang together.

Maybe not the best of movie scripts and performances, but how good it looks and sounds!

Iron Sky

Iron Sky

2 years ago via Flixster

This has to be watched for what it is. A low budget movie written by amateurs based upon a idea created drunk in a sauna.

And I don't mind these conditions at all. The acting capabilities together with surpringly good looking space ships and moon bases and flying tea sauser attacks on New York works very well. There are no flaws in the techniques of the movie, just the script.

The first part and the last part of the film is actually really good, but then there's a part in the middle that's just wasted. We get some mainstream action comedy , that's about it. Sad. This could reallt have been something

+ to the end though, not your average happy sentimental american ending, and with the spectacular music of Laibach of course

The Ice Pirates

The Ice Pirates

2 years ago via Flixster

Pirates of the space raving about, copying Star Wars, Monty Python and occasionally some own invented fun.

This is nothing that goes down in movie history, but if you team up this with some alcohol you could be far worse off.

And if you don't watch this you will never learn of the hazards of Space Herpes or what a fightning scene in time-warp look like

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