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  • Zoom

    Zoom (2006)

    May 13, 2014

    This movie was kind of a tremendous time waster. Somewhat redeemed by the glorious presence of Kate Mara.

  • Lucky Town

    Lucky Town (2001)

    May 13, 2014

    Pretty good movie.

  • This is 40

    This is 40 (2012)

    January 31, 2013

    Judd Apatow adds another vulgar but surprisingly pleasing comedy to his credential list with This is 40. The supposed sequel to the 2007 hit Knocked Up with several recycled cast members, fans of his earlier films (which include the 40-Year-Old Virgin and Funny people) may take a particular liking here...especially if they have a high tolerance for extreme bathroom humor and language!
    The term "middle age" gets a new meaning here as the story focuses on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann (who reprise their roles from Knocked Up) who find themselves searching for ways to justify their marriage more than ever when the first 40th birthday comes about. What comes next is a downhill spiral with one fighting match after the next as the couple goes at it constantly in addition to their teenage daughter. Both adults start to then question if the passion in their marriage will ever return.
    Like most of Apatow's films, this one is long in the extreme and covers more ground than it needs to (with some odd subplots including a random pregnancy!). Yet, the good performances all around (especially by Iris Apatow, the real life daughter of Apatow and Mann) make it watchable in addition to a flavorful supporting cast which includes Megan Fox, Charlene Yi, Albert Brooks and John Lithgow. Perhaps a bit excessive in the "family drama" department, but still not far from the truth. Just try not to get too used to the F-bomb after seeing this one.
    Those dreading the thought of reaching the "over the hill" age may especially get a rise out of this one in addition to those who like to "have at it" with certain family members. As always, some may look on their life values differently after seeing a film like this and appreciate everything they have more every day.

  • Underworld Awakening

    Underworld Awakening (2012)

    January 31, 2013

    Vampire fans, we know many of you cannot wait until the next Twilight movie comes out. Luckily, Underworld has another installment called Underworld: Awakening. Recycling many elements from the first three films yet adding new material in addition, this franchise proves to be another one we may never see the end of.
    The fourth film in the Underworld series finds Selene (Kate Beckinsale still holding the lead role strongly) showing humans who is the boss when they discover the existence of the Lycan clan and war breaks out in no time flat. Salvaging the battle between mortals vs. immortals seems like an easy task for her, but other baggage emerges regarding her long lost daughter and everything she gave up when turning to the dark side.
    Though not much different than most would expect, this installment proves to be another one with some elements worth waiting for (a few decent action scenes, appropriate filming locations and a quick pace). But like most other films of the genre, it clearly is aimed at devout franchise fans more forgiving than most.
    Feminists may appreciate another film with the lead character being a female (especially in an action movie), but would they approve of them going on killing sprees with innocent civilians (or perhaps not so innocent)? This one should please most fans, though it also seems to come off as strictly a continuation of the story, which some may be tired of following nearly a decade after the beginning of the series. This one, however is the first to be released theatrically in 3D and IMAX. Coincidentally, it also shares a release date with Underworld: Evolution. Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy decided not to reprise their roles in this one, which may indicate something in addition to the film not being screened by critics in advance.

  • Magic in the Water

    Magic in the Water (1995)

    January 15, 2013

    A family flick mostly forgotten by today (and mostly for good reason); Magic in the Water was made seemingly to take up space in theatres until better films were released. Combining intriguing elements like a rumored sea creature living in the nearby lake with other components like father and child relationships, one may have high hopes for this one. Sadly, most will be disappointed by the long stretches of boringness leading to the dull conclusion.
    This promising yet dismal premise finds young Ashley (played by a charmingly cute Sarah Wayne in her only film to date) joining her brother and father on a vacation to a lake near British Columbia where legend has it that a sea creature named "Orky" inhabits the water. The young girl becomes officially convinced this legend is true when she leaves some cookies on a doc and they are magically eaten the next day. Coincidence???
    Whether this premise may be considered fascinating or entirely too corny will depend on the viewer's tolerance for straight up absurdity. Yes it is a fantasy, but this seemingly is just a copycat job of earlier (and better) Steven Spielberg movies. Some viewers may look deeper into the fact that the father and daughter relationship factor seems to be the prime focus, but the job does not quite get done here. An appealing cast does its best, but they've all surely done better projects before and after (save for Wayne).
    Though some sentimental viewers may remember this one fondly (if they were a VERY undemanding youngster), few will argue that there is nothing here that has not been done better in other family/fantasy films. One would think that a film with a good cast, attractive filming locations and overall good intentions would produce better results. Don't get your hopes up, folks!

  • House at the End of the Street

    House at the End of the Street (2012)

    January 14, 2013

    With Halloween 2012 in the works, Hollywood decided to prepare appropriately with the release of the chiller, the House at the End of the Street. What many viewers may consider to be another cheesy thriller to satisfy the cinema gap until other better films hit the big screen, this one may appeal to a bigger crowd, especially with watchable Jennifer Lawrence in the lead (or is she simply killing time before filming the next Hunger Games movie?). Though this one follows the tracks of many other flicks of the genre, it manages to hold the interest of the viewer better than expected.
    Starting with a spooky flashback of a creepy girl named "Carrie Anne" slaughtering her parents and fleeing the family nest, we fast-forward four years to meet a high school girl and her mother who prove to be unfortunate enough to move into a house just down the street from the house in which the murders took place (hence the film's title). After befriending the family's seemingly normal son (who still lives in the house), this na´ve girl fails to foresee the terror that lurks just around the corner while she tries to mend his mostly permanent scars.
    A somewhat predictable film (which seems to follow themes from numerous Alfred Hitchcock films) that may leave viewers guessing the whole way through, this one leads to a cheesy outcome that many may be disappointed with. Yet, the cast (especially Lawrence) still makes it watchable and the plot twist near the conclusion will surely throw many for a loop. The end credits are surely the spookiest part of all, so stay tuned. After an initial viewing, some skeptical viewers may never look at their neighbors the same way again! Shockingly, the film reportedly started production almost a decade before its completion.

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear (1991)

    January 14, 2013

    A thriller to blow most other thrillers out of the ballpark, Cape Fear sizzles on screen and delivers a top-notch cast to match its deliciously malicious script. Updating the story form the early 1960s version, most viewers today will find it solid entertainment, depending upon their tolerance for an incredibly overblown story and enough unpleasantness to make even the strongest viewers wince on a consistent basis.
    Robert DeNiro puts on his gritty face once again to play Max Cady in this gruesome yet entertaining flick. A psychic rapist recently released after fourteen years behind bars, he can think of nothing he would rather do than seek revenge on the lawyer (Nick Nolte) who failed to get him off the hook. Now traveling with his wife and teenage daughter to Cape Fear, he (along with many unfortunate others) is in to realize this place was not given its name by coincidence.
    Martin Scorcese directs yet another turgid film and once again casts DeNiro (who previously acted for him in Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas) who plays his part to perfection and brings a new meaning to the term "unsettling" among others. Additionally, Bernard Herrmann's composing talents fit in here just as well as they did in Psycho. But considering the excellent production unit, it's too bad they had to loose some of their credibility when the story goes so far into absurdity that some could swear they are watching a typical horror flick. Could we not rise above this, Martin?
    Of all Scorcese films, this one is bound to produce the most thrills and chills which last from start to finish. Though it never wants to end (especially the climax part), it's pretty solidly entertaining above all and is worth a view for all movie buffs. Watch for some cameos including Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Martin Balsam who all appeared in the 1962 original.

  • Capitalism: A Love Story

    Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

    January 14, 2013

    Michael Moore makes a return to making controversial documentaries in Capitalism: A Love Story. He dedicates this film to America's falling economy and how the impact of corporate dominance leading to families losing their jobs, homes and everything their daily lives revolve around decomposes society. With interviews, news footage and overall pathos up the wazoo to convince each viewer of how unfair America can be, no doubt remains that this film has a few things to influence our view on the country and the disastrous turns our country has taken, as well as what may lay ahead.
    First is an interview with a family kicked out of their disclosed home. But this is not just a house to this family; it is a heritage as the family had lived on the property for multiple generations. But due to the American economy's failure to supply its citizens with jobs and finances, this family is just one of thousands suffering losing the roof over their heads. This is just one of many examples Moore elaborates on as he throws us more examples to prove his point that America does not take proper care of those who deserve better. Especially pilots that make less income than a fast food employee.
    Like most of Moore's films, he tests the highest limits of messing with our emotions to prove his point. But for the most part, it works. As he backs up his findings with historical news footage (most notably of Jonas Salk selling his polio vaccine for free and FDR's astonishing efforts at ending World War II), most should be impressed and will decide his findings have proven worthwhile. Conservative viewers may not go for his George W. Bush bashings (which come about in nearly all his films), but his message certainly gets by effectively.

  • Insidious

    Insidious (2011)

    January 14, 2013

    Perhaps the creepiest demon film since The Exorcist, Insidious takes a corny yet haunting story and elaborates on it with some of the most chilling elements in film noir to date. Though hard to take seriously, this one still is highly recommended for fans of its genre and anyone who enjoys being disturbed out of their mind.
    The premise takes off with a start similar to 2009's Paranormal Activity with mysterious forces seeming to possess a young family's home. Then their son has an accident and eventually falls into a deep coma (or so they think) and even the doctors cannot explain his failure to awaken. And these utterly demonic creatures still lurk around the house, even after the family moves across town. When the grandmother calls upon a specialist in the paranormal to come over and cleanse the boy and the home of these evil forces, the family learns more haunting secrets and that they may be doomed eternally. But could a horrifying ritual entering the darkest world of the unknown be the answer to defeating this unspeakably evil force?
    Petrifying from the opening credits until the conclusion, this one is quite effective at scaring the pants off nearly any viewer. Borrowing themes from other horror films including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, Paranormal Activity and Silence of the Lambs, this one may come off as silly and redundant. But the scare tactics are first rate and may create nightmares for the viewer for who knows how long. Good performances all around also help. Leigh Whannell also returns to horror after a break in his appearances in a couple of the Saw movies. This one is only recommended for those with extreme tolerance to pure terror and they may want to stay through the end credits for one last scare.

  • Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

    Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

    January 14, 2013

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