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  • 7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes
    Man of Steel

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Man of Steel is a good, but complicated film. It is without a doubt the most visually striking and well put together Superman film in ages, certainly the most action packed. And while using the "gritty and realistic" theme in its marketing, it is also the most comic book and sci fi influenced Superman film ever. Whereas past movies about the Last Son of Krypton seemed to be made "in spite" of the comics, this feels like it was inspired by them.
    Zack Snyder can direct action very well. The action scenes in MOS surprised and delighted me, even if they were over the top at times. (If you thought Avengers depicted incredible destruction, you haven't seen anything yet). And there are a ton of great money shots that honestly look like live action comic book panels.

    Henry Cavill is awesome as Clark Kent and Superman. He looks the part, but more importantly, has a pensive, introverted and contemplative essence about him that fits this "emo Superman" quite well. He wears his emotions and love for humanity on his sleeve, which was appropriate for this interpretation. Amy Adams is a fine Lois Lane, Kevin Kostner and Russell Crowe are fantastic as Johnathan Kent and Jor El, the two men with the most impact on Superman's life. And, just to mention, Faora, played by German actress Antje Traue, one of Zod's Kryptonian allies, steals the show.

    I have to say Diane Lane was a "meh" Martha Kent and Michael Shannon clearly had a passion for General Zod, but I never felt he owned the role. Overall though, he was a fine adversary for Superman.

    The film has brilliant ideas and themes, and I left the theater feeling this Superman could work as the Superman for our time. Then again, there were a lot of ideas and characters who were never fully fleshed out, and this did annoy me by the end. Having so many things going on, I wished there could be a slow down for some more character development.

    Still, I'm happy with Man of Steel, and can't wait to see what happens next.

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