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Halloween II

Halloween II (1981)

This is one of a very few decent follow-ups to a successful horror movie. It is a noticeable step down from the original but it is still good. One thing that I particularly like is that this movie picks up immediately where the previous movie left off, on the same Halloween night. That smooth transition was perfect; there was no forcing of the story or any inconsistencies with the first movie. The setting of the low staffed night shift in a small town hospital was superb for making the viewer feel uncomfortable. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Lori but this time is sedated as is dealing with a severely injured leg from the first movie. This makes her even more helpless and sets up some intense scenes. Myers wreaks havoc on the low-level night shift staff and continues up his suspenseful pursuit to kill his sister Lori. Curtis is great, the setting is great, Myers is a classic villain, and Director Rick Rosenthal sets the right mood and makes it all come together, though he is not John Carpenter. There is a slight issue with some of the hospital staff being a bit cheesy, but the action and tone more than compensate.