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The House Bunny

The House Bunny

5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

House Bunny is a silly movie about a Playboy Playmate who is suddenly given the "pink slip" and asked by Hugh Hefner to leave the mansion. Helpless and wandering aimlessly, she stumbled upon a few frat houses and gets accepted by the nerdy Zeta Tau Zeta sorority who accept her as a house mom.

I must admit, I wasn't expecting too much from this comedy but it was good enough to watch. It's silly, girly, chick flick humor similar to Romy and Michelle, Sixteen Candles.

The playboy bunny's "dumb blonde" dialogue was often silly and unbelieveable but there were a few funny lines.

This movie won me over when the sorority girls were singing "Like a Virgin" in a Karoake bar and the rival sorority girls altered the song lyrics to poke fun at their geekiness. What was funny was that one of the characters, the cute pregnant one, kept singing as if she was really impressed with how she was doing irrespective of the smudged up lyrics.

One thing that surprised me in the DVD were the deleted scenes. There were 3 extremely funny deleted scenes especially the scene where the pregnant one was in labor. That had me laughing pretty hard when she was spread out and Anna Faris asked some guy, "it would be so nice if you didn't stand at that spot..." and the other girls replied "SO NICE.."

'twas funny.

This is a brainless comedy. Nothing all that redeeming but I did laugh a few times.



5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Saw this movie yeseterday and I thought it was horrible. I hated Wil Smith's character and the dialogue so much that any sort of redeeming quality that probably could've come later seemed pointless for me to await.

I tried twice to watch it. First all, the quirky special effects were just dumb. Then to make matters worse, children swearing and the unnecessary dramatic close ups made me wonder if the director was deliberately trying to make Will Smith look ugly.

Didn't Will Smith read the dialogue of the script before accepting to act in this movie? I think I read somewhere that Will Smith is one of the wealthiest and most successful actors out there. I really feel sorry for the 15 million people who went to the theatre to watch this movie.

It was boring, one dimensional both literally and figuratively, and pointless. I read the movie description and that only made me realize how dubious this movie was from the get go. I didn't even want to watch this movie. It wasn't on my Netflix queue.

I'll give Hancock one star for at least curing me of my insomnia.

The humor was forced. Will Smith acting out of character wasn't convincing. The action filming wasn't even convincing.

There was nothing that "stuck" that could peak my interest. I wasn't too disappointed because I knew just from the trailer that this was a loser movie.

Will Smith, you've done it again. Made millions from a horrible movie (like Ali, Wild Wild West, and Pursuit of Happiness). I loved Will Smith in Independence Day and other movie he did with Gene Hackman.

This one wasn't impressive at all. It reminds me of how, just because of her name, Brittany Spears can make millions off of horrid music because of marketing.

It's shameful really.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is the story of two slacker college guys who, after sharing a bong, and with the assistance of their television, have an epiphany and decide to journey for the best meal possible, which, in their near-hallucinagenic state decide that "White Castle Burgers" is the mecca for their longing desire.

The movie turns from a simple idea of a few guys grabbing a few burgers and fries into a mind boggling and mystical journey into these two guys discovering themselves and the strengthening of their characters and friendship.

Kal Penn plays, Kumar, a very intelligent, sophisticated, yet slacker American Indian (from India) student who has a knack for medical studies but doesn't really care ("Just because I have a cock the size of a donkey, does that mean I have to be a porn star???"). Harold, played by John Cho, plays a disillusioned post graduate Korean American, who got a very good job in Investment Banking, but is still new and is taken advantage of by his Seniors.

The movie has quite a few funny skits including the "Battlesh---t" scene which had me rolling. I think the funniest scene was easily when Harold and Kumar arrived in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where they've been privy to information of where a White Castle establishment is only to discover that it has turned into a Burger Shack. While conversing with the employee, who has been an employee of Burger Shack for 3 years, he goes into the funniest aria about why they should go to White Castle instead of Burger Shack. It culminates when he tells informs them that not eating at Burger Shack would be a wise decision because of "what they put in the special sauce." What makes this scene complexingly hilarious is that they asked him "what did you put in the special sauce" to which he replied, "semen!" What's really kills me in hysterics is that they don't really over-react to that idea as if that's not so bad...but then the employee says, "and it's not human!" and then they scream and drive off into a frenzy. I laughed so hard, I nearly hemorrhaged.

Despite that hilarious comedic moment, they continue to find other super funny moments. I think the other moment that had me busting a gut was the "dank yoo cahm agahn!" skits and the bullies that they would run into.

Anyways, I could watch this movie over and over again. For some reason, I'm gonna keep it at 4 stars because of many borderline toilet humor tasteless moments. One or two toilet humor moments is ok but that should be the limit.

Dead Again

Dead Again

5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Dead Again is a fun sort of suspense/mystery movie about a woman (a young and very lovely Emma Thompson) struck with amnesia and a private investigator trying to help her find her identity.

In the process, more is discovered in a sort of Hitchcock/Twighlight zone-like twist of karma. I don't want to give much away here, but I enjoyed this fun, chilling movie. The cigarette smoking scene was surreal and priceless.

A must watch. I'm docking a star because after you've seen the movie, it's not as thrilling. But upon rewatching, there's still something sadistically fun in rewatching it.

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